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Gradius NES 5 loop challenge

Started by Yoshistar95, April 19, 2013, 03:09:00 PM

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I've managed to do some challenges of this game some time ago, like No Miss Runs (no death) and no shield.

But now I'm trying to survive for 5 loops long. My most longest survival so far is loop 4 stage 2, I got killed by a turret right after I lost the shield.
I survived for more than a hour in the insane high difficulty :) except loop 1 and 2 are easy to do.

Also got proof that I survived it that long, I always record my gameplay with Jnes which is in .jmv, I love the way how it's done with it. It saves a lot of space.
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I got to like 4-6 before dying and my lives left was like 90+.  I played it on the japanese famicom though.  I didn't think I could have finished 4-6 even by using all my lives since ny famicom did not have an autofire and doibg the autofire trick on 4-6 would be quite hard and would waste lots of powerups.

1st loop - kangeki
2nd loop - ogamoto
3rd loop - nikui nikui

Those are the congratulatory texts you get upon finishing the loops.  I don't know if the us ver changes messeges per loop.


The US version only has 'Congratulations!' as far I know, at least the first 3 loops for sure.
Getting 10 million sounds like an impossible job, game gets intense after 2 loops and you really don't want to die in the final stage. You're doomed if you die near the end :o
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Maker of Super Mario Bros. The New Super Adventure. (SMB 1 level hack)