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Pokemon Red/Blue/Green text editor?

Started by earlynovfan, April 16, 2013, 12:17:43 PM

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Hi everyone. I posted on the newcomer's board about wanting some help making an english patch for Tokimeki Memorial.
But I've been looking for a script editor to use with Pokemon Green.
As far as I could find, there is only 1 "ENGLISH" patch for Green...(And I'd hardly call it English). So me and a friend of mine were planning on rewriting the script to the best of our abilities using only our memory of Red and Blue.
If anyone can find anything to help me, please PM or leave a reply.


We don't have an English translation of Green (well, not a good one), but we do have this. It takes Green's Pokemon sprites and graphic style (as well as the trades that were altered for Red and Blue IIRC) and imports them into a ROM of Pokemon Blue, to try and give that "authentic" English Green experience without having to get into the tangled spaghetti that is the game's code.


Due to the limitations of the Japanese versions, your best bet would be to work off of an existing English version, otherwise, you're stuck with limited character and item names, which is why there is no "complete" translation of Green. People realize how hard it is. Your best bet, like the hack linked above, is to work off of Red or Blue and just import the tilesets from Green into it (and change the layout of the Cerulean Cave). I'm sure there are plenty of tools for Red and Blue.

Also, rewriting the script based on the English translation isn't really faithful to the Japanese text, so I'm not really sure what your goal is for it. It kind of defeats the purpose of a translation to just play the Red/Blue script with Green's graphics.


I thought the western Blue WAS Green with JP Blue's graphics.
(and that JP Blue was the actual Japanese-exclusive version)
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False. Western Red/Blue were the Japanese Blue version. It featured bug fixes, improved balance, and, most importantly, improved graphics. The Japanese Red/Green never made it over. But everyone focuses on Green because it's the only title 'color' we didn't get.


From what I played, I'm sure it's a false rumor the JP Blue could be 100% soloed.
But doesn't JP Blue have a different mix of catchable Pokemon? Such as I see from my save I have Oddish (west Red only) and Meowth (west Blue only).
(and the Mew glitch definitely works)
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They altered the trades and the available Pokemon to match Red/Green, oddly enough. And there were bug fixes, but the game is hardly bug-free by any stretch of the imagine. But Red/Green were even glitchier and buggier than the Western Red/Blue. Kind of scary to think about.