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M-Tee's NES Graphics Projects

Started by M-Tee, March 23, 2013, 12:14:43 PM

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Yeah, man. It was obviously designed to be a coin gobbler. 60 stages. Each has a different task to accomplish. Most so arbitrary and obscure that it would take countless trial and error attempts to locate. Were I so skilled, I'd try to hack in a reasonable combat system at least.

The NES rom is actually very impressive for some of the things it does to make use of the limited space. It's 8x16 sprites, using some graphics as both sprite and background depending on the situation, overlays a second layer of sprites for equipment upgrades to the character, and uses overlapping graphics and matching palettes for most of its bg graphics that are single color.

The only real problem is that it's simply not fun to play. A new combat system and simpler treasure tasks could have brought it stateside easily IMO.


Tower of Druaga is a candidate for a remake based on my Lolo engine for GameMaker Studio because of the atrocious combat mechanics in the original. It's not a huge leap for it to be adapted to my Lolo engine either.


You already know my opinion of fan games and remakes. I think the effort is better suited to original titles, even if they are similar in feel to classic games, such as those by Locomalito. In fact, his recent Verminian Trap is a simple overhead arcade maze game.

Such as that, all of the graphics I produce are unique enough that they could be repurposed for original games without infringement. By principle,  I don't do sprite edits, and by preference, I work with original character designs. Gilgamesh is historical and Even the "Druaga" I posted has very little in common visually with his 8-armed namesake. Maybe one day I'll stop being lazy and will actually learn to use that gamemaker license I paid for.


That was the thought I had immediately after adding Tower of Druaga to my notes. And under that I placed a note to remind me to ask you if you want to use those graphics for fairly quick project using my engine.

Thanks for pointing out Locomalito's new game. I am a fan of his work.


Once I get caught up on some of the projects I'm backed up on, I'd love to do something along those lines. A 2-player co-op version with Enkidu would be boss.
Have you finished the engine? Released any games or demos?


An early demo that isn't up to date. The movement engine itself was simple and is finished. Which is fine since if I had added anything else I'd have had to scrap it all anyway. SO it's in a ripe condition to be turned into anything I please and is flexible enough to be used for just about any kind of overhead view project.


Been mulling around the idea of doing a 2.0 update to my Box-Art Bomberman hack. Now, with the help of Optomon, it's coming to fruition.

It's got some minor sprite updates, but the biggest improvements are four cycling palettes representing Day, Sunset, Night, and Dawn accompanied by completely original music by Optomon.

He worked out the palette changing and composed and entered the music. I put together the palettes and have been doing some upgrades to the sprites and backgrounds.

Check out the excellent new music here.

I've got a few other things I'm working on for it before it's release, but it'll be coming soon.


I saw a video up on Optomon's YouTube. Can't wait to try it for myself.


Yeah, same video. He really knocked it out of the park on that, especially the theme for the dawn stages. It totally adds an extra initiative to keep playing through the levels.



So, in a discussion recently, the concept came up of how I would design a Mario game.

This is not a project, just a mock-up. In fact, it'd require a larger Mario sprite. However, I definitely want to use those turtles somewhere.


Beautiful! Looks like Bob Hoskins playing Mario! :)


Thanks, man.

Yeah, heavily inspired by the Hoskins movie, especially in choosing the cabbie-style cap instead of a baseball cap. I actually would do a totally different sprite for Luigi. I may keep these going for fun, to break up longer stretches of work on other projects.