Extract .xa, .str and rebuild PSOne image from .bin .cue

Started by TiCo.KH, March 22, 2013, 01:21:36 PM

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A have a question about PSOne ISO romhacking. I planed new project (full english translation from japanese Playstation Wizardry 1-3, 4-5 and 7 games)
I can not extract the .xa and .str files from the .bin or mounted cue, with right size.
I tried many way... if I just mount the image .xa and .str unreadable, if try extract with Isobuster with raw, mode file sizes is didnt same with the mounted image (and not just these file, all). Ok I can extract in user mode any other files with same size, but I can not the .xa and .str (unreadable or not the right size).
I want to rebuild the image with modified files,  (I dont want modify the .xa and .str, just the text data and .exe) but I cannot rebuild the correct iso without these.


The usual method is to just dump the raw sector data with a tool that can handle that.  I'm not sure if ISO Buster fits the bill, but if I remember right, it always shows the file sizes as though the sectors are Mode 1 (Windows Explorer will do the same when you mount the image, or read a CD).  XA and STR data aren't Mode 1, and the sectors store more data.  If you do a raw extraction, you're also getting the sector header and whatever else that sector has besides the user data, so it'll show up larger on your hard disc.

This guide might be a little outdated, but it covers the basics:  http://www.tales-cless.org/docs/thepsxdoc2.txt.

Personally, I use CD-Tool, but it botches the CD-XA data on the game I needed it for unless I have it pull Mode 2 data by raw sectors, and write it back the same way.  Mostly because the company did a poor job of mastering their disc, and I don't think CD-Tool could keep up with their blundering.  You can probably just copy the data normally using a simple call for MODE2.  The URL in the document above doesn't exist any more, so here's one place you can find it:




Unless you are expanding almost EVERY file in the game, you don't really need to rebuild your ISO image. Just extract files that need editing and then reinsert them back with CDMage.
For XA/STR editing use Xtractor.net to extract and reinsert your movie+audio/audio files.