Can't seem to rip N64 models for the life of me.

Started by VanJJ, March 02, 2019, 02:33:16 PM

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Hello everyone! I've been trying for the last week to rip models from Ocarina of Time. I've tried all the different versions of Porject64, and 1964 with the LemD3D8 plugin and the tr64 plugin. When I try to do the export, nothing shows up in the VRML file I created.

There's only two hints I have at what might be going wrong.

First, I can't seem to get LemD3D9.dll to show up as an option in any of my emulators or any of their versions. Only LemD3D8.dll will show up for some reason. I don't know if whatever is preventing version 9 from showing up is also causing both LemD3D and TR64.

Second, I am running windows on a Mac installed Via Bootcamp. I don't know if this would maybe effect the output. Everything else seems to be working, DirectX is installed, the games run fine, and I would think that if there is some issue with the actual processing of the game it would show up as the game runs.

I would deeply appreciate any help I could get with this!


I don't know how helpful this will be, but I recall trying to get models from Bomberman 64 a little over 2 years ago (I ended up with stuff like in the VRML folder (.wrl + textures)) and those plugins definitely sound familiar. I remember having issues getting it to work on Windows 10 using the same emulators/tools, but it worked fine on Windows 7, so the OS / Bootcamp environment might have something to do with it.

Digging through the old SSD, I can't seem to find the exact tutorials or files I used, but took a quick look online and this tutorial seems similar to what I did (it's for N64 -> Source but the first half should still apply):

Maybe give Nemu64 a try if you haven't yet too.

Also for whatever this is worth, here are the n64 graphic plugins I found on the old SSD - you likely already have them and these are probably out of date by now, but maybe worth a shot? (don't remember if there was a reason for the duplicate ones)!fGhCzCZS!P0uyZVf3JGTgzd0RdyRhfubStr984F9bgr4b4vOCzyY


Yeah, I know how you guys feel. Back when I was younger, I tried to rip models of the other Conker characters back then with little sources and wasn't successful at all.