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Princess Crown (Saturn) English Translation

Started by CyberWarriorX, February 27, 2013, 09:44:36 AM

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> A sega saturn 2 moded, + joypad 2 + rgb + mem cartridge, here they sell the pack around 150-200 bucks

That's even cheaper than I thought! For those still just messing with emulation, now is definitely the time to get a real setup.


Wow, that's great that this is still moving along and always happy to see the new updates! I checked out the updates at the Guthub and was wondering what the situation was with the graphics? Is that still a piece that needs attention at all? I've got several project I'm currently working on graphics-wise, but what's one more? lol I've wanted to play through this for a long time and would be happy to help where I can if it is needed. I also own a copy of the game for Saturn if any scans are needed?



Honestly bought a saturn for this and the sakura wars fan translation. Thanks so much for your hard work! Really looking forward to finally being able to play this in english!


Looking over the progress report on page one shows that this project is virtually complete. In that, I am crossing my fingers and beyond enthralled with all your hard work.

I am also looking to learn how to manage things like this myself (translation, hex editing, debugging, script dumping and insertion, custom decompression, etc).

The kind folks here have already nudged me into the direction of assisting or picking up projects that have already begun and were abandoned, or assisting very basic work in projects already underway to help the main programmers save time.

I'm uncertain how much work left is needed, or what exactly must be done. But if you have any basic tasks you'd like worked on while you refocus efforts elsewhere I would love to help. I'd only need to be pointed in the direction to begin and given a basic explanation on what to do.

Time is not an issue, nor is the language.

Again. You guys have done wonderful work here and words alone cannot express my gratitude.


So there is no english translation for the PSP version? It would be great to play this on Vita or PPSSPP.


Quote from: 1simpleman on April 04, 2020, 06:52:20 PM
So there is no english translation for the PSP version? It would be great to play this on Vita or PPSSPP.

There isn't even a translation for the Saturn version.


Quote from: 1simpleman on April 04, 2020, 06:52:20 PM
So there is no english translation for the PSP version? It would be great to play this on Vita or PPSSPP.

The translation for Saturn was not released yet, check the github page. With that said from what I heard the PSP version is just the Saturn version running on a custom emulator so carrying over the translation from Saturn to PSP should not be much of a problem.


Is there any way to use the github project from yabause with the original iso? or is there any way to patch the iso with the data in github?


It's buried somewhere in this thread, but I think the answer is no if I remember correctly. The patch on github is currently broken and can't be compiled properly.


So is the patch still on its way or is it officially dead?


I don't think it is. I've been following this for a while and he doesn't update very often but he's been steadily plunking away at it. If I were going to guess I'd say we're getting it sometime in 2021 but that's total speculation.


Definitely not dead. Just no particularly interesting developments in the past few months.



Hey, I made an account here just to say it makes me so proud to see people so committed to a project! Your perseverance is inspiring, and I can't wait for all your hard work to pay off. You go, guys!


Cant wait to play it I hope it is released until the end of the yar that would be cool.


Just registered to say I've been following this for a while and am super exited ! :)

Also, "Saturnin" ?! Are you French or is that the actual translation ? xD


I'm glad that Saturn games we never got in the west are getting translated.


Hello good peoples. I just registered to let you know I've been following this project for a while, and I periodically stop by this thread to see if there's any updates. I along with many other people are extremely grateful for all your work, and I absolutely can't wait for this to be released. Know that you are bringing many people a lot of happiness with this project!


Almost been a year since a team member posted on this. Is this dead? I really hope not. :(