Need help with Earthworm Jim 2 Editor (Extracting RNC Data)

Started by chickenhen34, February 23, 2013, 02:00:02 PM

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I need help with this Earthworm Jim 2 Editor:,14658.0.html
Even with the developer's fully fledged manual, I can't figure out how to extract RNC data like it says. :'(
I followed what the manual said: I loaded the ROM in WinHex (called Earthworm Jim 2.2.bin)and went to the offset I wanted (in this case Anything
But Tangerines enemies OBJ.RNC: 1ecd7e), but when I went to there, it only went to 1ecd70, and in the E section, I could only see two numbers (in this
case two 3s), and not any of the bytes described, so I couldn't copy them. I need help! You could tell me what to do, or make a Youtube video about
extracting RNC data. Or, easier, you can upload pre-extracted versions of all the RNC files in the game. I tried asking for help on the original page, but nobody responded, even when I added more to the page, so I made this one instead.
Also, might be good for someone to make an object listing for all objects in the first Earthworm Jim and Aladdin. PLEASE HELP!
Here's a picture of what I see in WinHex:

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Sorry, I'm new at images, so I can't show it. But, here's a text interpretation of it:
                   0   1   2   3   4  5    6   7    8   9   A   B   C   D    E    F
001ECD70 | F0 00 00 00 00 22  00 33  06  83 63 33  23  38  33  88

There's many more lines of text on the screen, and buttons at the top, but this shows what's important.


The file might have a header.  Look at 0x1ECF7E, and if that reads RNC then the file has a header attached to it.

If it does, you have to add 0x200 to all the addresses, or delete the first 0x200 bytes of data.  It's no problem to remove the header; it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  There's even tools here to do it for you, and it's trivial to do it by hand.

RNC, unless they did something really weird, stands for Rob Northern Compression.  There's a lot of tools to extract those, and I wrote a full documentation of the known formats that should be in the database.  It's an older (and weird) format, but there's decompressors for virtually every computer you'll ever run into--including obscure ones.


Thank you so much! :) I see the problem now-mine doesn't have a header. I will look for one with a header. Now I also know there's also an easier way, and use a program to extract the data-including the RNC files! Now, I am on my next problem-with ROMulan, to learn how to make a proper batch file to extract data from a game-even though I have the documentation, it doesn't give any examples. But I will solve it at another thread, if I choose to do it that way.

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I don't think I will do the hard way, with extracting the data manually, but I will do it the easy way-by using an extraction program, in this case ROMulan-as it actually works with
my computer and is easy to use.

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Never mind! I still can't do it with ROMulan, because when I told it to extract the offset I wanted, it extracted all data up to 1ed7e
and still can't get to that offset, not because of the header, but because most hex editors only counts 0 at the end, and even when it is at 1ecd7e it only shows TWO numbers, even when I changed the settings. And NO RNC numbers. It's like I can't find a way to view the offsets IN BETWEEN the 0s at the end. Please help! I have been tired of this whole RNC block and am starting to think that one of you should extract those files like the manual of the editor (EWJ2Edit) says, in BIN files, and not only for Earthworm Jim 2, but also for Earthworm Jim 1 and Aladdin. I'm feeling hopeless.  :'(  :banghead: It didn't help, and I can't find a single RNC editor that (a) works with Windows 8 (No, I don't want to switch to Windows XP to fix the problem) or (b) is easy enough to use. For the previous person who commented, you should have been more specific about HOW TO GET TO those offsets, or an example of an up-to-date and easy to use editor. Please help in any of the following ways:
*Extract all the RNC files of EWJ2, and optionally, EWJ1 and Aladdin. (Recommended)
*In a picture or video tutorial, specifically show how to copy those RNC files and get to the offsets (No, it's not a header problem).
* Show me a link to download a decent RNC file extractor that is compatible with Windows 8, doesn't require an install, and isn't a command line.
Sorry it's so long. But PLEASE HELP!!!