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FF6 Improvement

Started by darkmage, February 21, 2013, 05:21:29 PM

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I attempted to submit this mod directly to RHDN, but I couldn't figure out the image submission requirements. I suck. Therefore, to raise awareness of the project, I just wanted to throw out a quick summary of the project, as well as a link to the current discussion about the project.

From the homepage:

QuoteThe game released on the SNES as Final Fantasy III, and now known commonly as Final Fantasy VI, is a stunning game with a great plot and innovative gameplay and scripting which pushed the series forward. Having said that, it in its original form is a steaming pile of rushed code and translation, which tarnishes its value.

Final Fantasy 6 Improvement is an attempt to present this game the way it should have been released. There are over 100 bugfixes implemented in this patch from the hacking community, as well as some tweaks to gameplay features that were better in theory than in implementation, or were introduced in later games and backported.

The title screen from the Japanese Final Fantasy VI SNES release has been included, the fixed-width and variable-width fonts have been replaced, and graphics censored during the translation have been restored.

The dialogue has been (lightly) edited to lowercase character names, add NPC speaker names for clarification, and correct item text where the item received was different from the item described.

The optional full-translation patch is a complete overhaul of the dialogue, drawing from the GBA FF6 release as well as the fan-driven Lina Darkstar translation of the original Japanese.

The mod includes 3 files: a base hack which has all of the bugfixes and tweaks minus some for compatibility issues for those wanting to use this as a starting point for their own hacks; the complete hack with all changes included, except the translation; and the complete hack and translation combined. Be sure to read the included readme for details.

This mod is based on a headered FF3us version 1.0 ROM.

Beta-testing is currently in progress, and several intended features are currently missing - as of 1.07, the timing for the Opera scene needs to be optimized both in the base mod and the translation mod.

You can grab the latest version here.

Any comments, questions or bug reports are welcome.


I'll totally have to check this out when it's out of beta! I take it some of the improvements hosted here are implemented in this patch?


I only got as far getting Sabin, but I play this whole game under a flashcart, so no problems so far. But I think overall I this is probably my favorite FF6 patch, seems to take the best of all the versions and slap it together.


I have a request. I was wondering if you could code a compromise between having the gauge and not. For example, like what Final Fantasy 4 Advance does:

When selecting commands like normal, it shows the gauge. But when you select an item or a spell to cast, it shows the characters' max HP. Would that be something you would consider coding?
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That's not something I have the ability to do as of now - I'm just starting to look at how events are edited, and though ASM doesn't look like complete gibberish any more, I have next to no experience in programming.

My contributions to the improvement have been to gather the bugfix and tweak patches together, pull the new dialogue script together, and add some personal touches. The main work that has gone into this mod has been done by people who understand ASM far better than I do. It would be more worthwhile to ask the FF6 modding community whether this can be done.


I've found a glitch in the re-translation patch. In Zozo, if you try to jump across the building right next to the guy who says the seconds are divisible by 20, the game freezes. You can't move or open the menu or anything, you're just stuck standing there. My guess is that the event is screwed up.

I can probably get around this by transferring my save to a clean copy, getting past all this, and then transferring it back after the next save, but that really bugs me.

EDIT: One more bug and another game-breaking glitch. During the opera scene, Cele's lines are screwed up. Entire lines are skipped, causing the script to get all wacky.

For the game-breaking glitch, after the opera scene, when you talk to Setzer aboard his airship to enlist his aid, the party selection menu for the final battle pops up, and once you accept, the game freezes on a black screen.  In the improved patch, the game just outright freezes. I'm beginning to think that the patch wasn't even playtested, or if it was, it was a shitty playtesting job.

I'm sorry for the language, but seriously. What good is a patch if I have to keep switching back and forth between it and a clean game just to progress? (Also I have to start the whole freaking opera sequence over, mind you. The whole thing, from first entering the opera house all the way until Setzer kidnaps Celes)
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This project looked like it was making progress until this past year.  And now for the last week or so seems to be down.

The most recent official release is here:

But there's also an unofficial release v1.07a that I can throw up for download somewhere if anyone's interested.


What's different in the unofficial one?


Quote from: Vanya on January 24, 2015, 11:31:20 AM
What's different in the unofficial one?

There's a bug in 1.07 that supposedly breaks the game at certain points.  A poster on the forum named General Public thinks he fixed the bug for "base" and "complete" versions of the patch but unfortunately was unable to correct the problem in the "translation" version of the patch.  Here's General Public's notes from the FIX section of the 1.07a readme:

Fix Notes (by General Public)

FF6 Improvement v1.07 by DarkMage had several REALLY MAJOR bugs in it, related to 6 patches. I'm
talking, bugs that make the game totally crash, that block you from continuing on with the game.
This version probably fixes all of them if you are using the Base or Complete edition, but only
fixes some but not others if you are using the Translation edition. Here is a list of those 6
patches which caused problems (don't blame it on mblock129, not his fault... he even came up
with a Patch Conflict Finder to help people use his patches correctly, see for details):

Duncan Stays Put (mblock129)
Edgar Revealed (mblock129)
Shadow Leaves One-man Party (Imzogelmo)
Shadow is NOT a Girl! fix (mblock129)
King of Vanity (mblock129)
They Only Jump Left in Zozo! (mblock129)

Those 6 patches have been combined together into a single patch, with the filename 6_patches.ips.
Antipatches to remove them have been combined together into a single antipatch, with the filename
6_antipatches.ips. All 3 editions of FF6 Improvement v1.07 had bugs relating to at least some of
the game events which those 6 patches address. The base edition is not supposed to have any of
those patches applied, whereas the complete edition and translation edition are supposed to have
all 6 of them applied. Therefore, the 6 antipatches were applied to the base edition, to clear out
any possible remnants of these 6 troublesome patches, and the 6 patches were re-applied to the
complete and translation editions, to make sure they would work correctly and not be overwritten.

What are the results of this? It appears as if the bugs related to those 6 patches no longer
affect the base edition or the complete edition. The translation edition does still appear to be
somewhat affected by those bugs, but not as badly as before. Further testing is necessary. The
following 6 events must be tested thoroughly in all 3 versions of the patch (they have been put
into chronological order based on the game's storyline):

1) Shadow Leaves One-man Party
To test this one, in the World of Balance, after the 3 scenarios are completed and you
successfully defend Narshe from Kefka and then Terra turns into an esper and flies off, have
a party consisting only of Gau leave Narshe, then go to Kohlingen using Figaro Castle, then
hire Shadow, and then make your way all the way to the Veldt, through Figaro Castle, Figaro
Cave, Mt. Kolts, the Returner Hideout, the Lete River, the Phantom Forest, and the waterfalls.
Once you get to the Veldt, with your party still consisting of Gau and Shadow and nobody else,
have Gau Leap onto monsters so your only party member is Shadow. Now leave the Veldt via the
Cave in the Veldt, the Serpent Trench to Nikeah, the ferry from Nikeah to South Figaro, and the
Figaro Cave, going back into Narshe. If the bug is in effect, the game will crash. If the game
doesn't crash when Shadow tries to enter Narshe, you're fine. Note that unlike the other 5 bugs,
this bug actually SHOULD crash the game if you are using the BASE edition of FF6 Improvement,
because this bug crashes the game in the original unpatched game, and the base edition does not
include a fix for this one. However, it should NOT occur in the complete or the translation
editions of the game.

2) They Only Jump Left in Zozo!
To test this one, enter the building in the southwest corner of Zozo, and get to the point where
you are jumping between buildings. If this bug is not in effect, you should be able to jump
between buildings going both left and right. If this bug is in effect, you should be able to jump
between buildings going left, but if you try to jump between buildings going right, the game

3) King of Vanity
To test this one, have Celes perform the opera and Locke and 2 other characters defeat Ultros in
the Opera House. After you defeat Ultros, Setzer will show up and abduct Celes, and then Celes
will bring your other party members onto his airship. Then there is a scene where your party
talks to Setzer. If you get through this scene OK and end up having Setzer join and having an
airship, this bug is not a problem. If the game crashes during this scene, this bug is affecting
you, big time. If you are ambitious, try this out with neither Edgar nor Sabin in your party
(instead using other characters), try it out with Edgar but not Sabin, try it out with Sabin
but not Edgar, and try it out with both Edgar and Sabin, and see if the results are different in
any of those 4 cases.

4) Edgar Revealed
To test this one, have Celes and Sabin follow Gerad (Edgar in disguise) and the Crimson Robbers
all the way to the Figaro Castle basement in the World of Ruin. The bug is triggered when you walk
up to Gerad/Edgar and talk to him, during that conversation, before the fight with the Tentacles
happens. If the game crashes before the fight with the Tentacles, this bug is in effect. If you
get to fight the Tentacles and then Gerad finally reveals he's Edgar and joins your party without
the game crashing, this bug is fixed. If you are ambitious, you can also try testing this one out
with ONLY Celes in your party, without having recruited Sabin yet, to see if the results are any

5) Duncan stays put
To test this one, after you get the airship in the World of Ruin, visit Duncan's house north of
Narshe where the trees are arranged like a plus sign on the world map, and go inside his house
(try this out before Sabin learns his final technique from Duncan, and also try it out again
afterwards, too, since both cases need to be tested). If the bug is in effect, the game will
crash. If not, it won't.

6) Shadow is NOT a Girl!
To test this one, visit the Cave in the Veldt in the World of Ruin and navigate to where Shadow
is, then defeat the SrBehemoth that attacks you. If this bug is in effect, the game will freeze
right there in the cave after that fight. If this bug is not in effect, you'll be able to rescue
Shadow and you'll all end up in Thamasa with him resting in bed. If you are ambitious, try
letting Shadow die on the Floating Continent by leaving for the airship without him, earlier in
the game. Then instead of Shadow, you'll find Relm there in the Cave in the Veldt in the World
of Ruin instead. See whether or not the game crashes in that situation, too.

All 6 of these bugs need to be thoroughly tested to see whether or not they occur, in all 3
editions of this FF6 Improvement Project Fix: Base, Complete, and Translation. Optimally, none of
the bugs would lead to the game crashing, except for "Shadow Leaves One-man Party" crashing the
Base edition of this patch (but not the Complete or Translation editions). However, some of these
bugs might still cause game crashes in the 6 situations listed above. My initial testing has
led me to conclude that, most likely, the Base and Complete versions of the patch are now
fixed, and the only one of these bugs you will find in them is "Shadow Leaves One-man Party"
happening in the Base version. However, the Translation version seems to still be somewhat
buggy, although much less so than before. It seems some of these bugs may still happen in the
Translation version, while others do not. This is most likely caused by the Translation using
some of the same parts of the ROM that are also used by some of these patches, or something
like that. This means it is actually possible that the Translation version included here might
have unexpected bugs which I did not list above, which you should also be on the lookout for.
However, the Base and Complete versions should both be fine... probably. I'm not 100% sure yet.

Please test all 6 of these bugs in both FF6 Improvement Project v1.07 by DarkMage, available at , and in the version you
have here, which is called FF6 Improvement FIX v1.07a, in all 3 editions of both (Base, Complete,
and Translation). Then post results about which bugs occur with which patches here to this online
thread about the FF6 Improvement Project:

Hopefully, once FF6 Improvement Project v1.08 eventually comes out, DarkMage will have all 6
of these bugs fixed in all 3 editions of the patch. Until then, the versions here will probably
work better than FF6 Improvement Project v1.07, but no guarantees! This FIX has received very
little testing and that is why you are encouraged to test it and report back your results!

One last thing! Did you know that SRAM files, which have the .srm extension, hold your saved
games? And that they are compatible with both patched and unpatched versions of Final Fantasy 3/6?
You can switch between patched and unpatched versions, or between different patched versions,
and still keep all your saved progress, by keeping the same .srm file and changing which ROM
you are using. Just remember, your .srm file and your ROM should have the same name, before
the file extension. This works across all major emulators (ZSNES, Snes9x, bsnes, etc.) Now you
don't have to worry about losing your progress if you run into a bug that crashes the game at a
certain point in the storyline. If you are testing these patches, it is crucial to understand this.
Remember that the original unpatched ROM only crashes in one of the 6 situations listed above:
the one where Shadow is part of a one-man party and he enters Narshe. If you get stuck in any
of the other 5 situations listed above, the original unpatched ROM can be used to load your last
saved game (saved at a Save Point or on the world map), and then you can play through until after
the buggy part is over, and save again, and then you can switch back to whichever patched version
of the game you were playing before and continue on with the game.

And if you want to completely avoid any bugs that crash the game, avoid using the Translation
edition of FF6 Improvement FIX. Use the Base or Complete edition instead. That will PROBABLY
work... but no guarantees! It needs more testing! And testing is easy, just play the game and see
whether it works or whether it crashes. The only version that doesn't need any more testing is the
original unpatched ROM. Although the original unpatched ROM has many many bugs, you can play it
all the way through, since although it's chock full of bugs, hardly any of them are bad enough
to crash your game outright, and even the bugs that do crash your game outright in the original
unpatched ROM are all easily avoidable.

One last note: SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN! That way, in case a bug occurs and the game crashes, you
won't lose all your progress. And I'm not talking about emulator save states, I'm talking about
using the in-game save feature that saves your game to an SRAM (.srm) file.

- General Public

And now back to your regularly scheduled readme.txt file written by DarkMage (with a few more
changes here and there by me, General Public)"

Rodimus Primal

I've been following this and many other FFVI projects for quite some time. My bugfix add-on patch to my project was inspired by your work darkmage. I chose NOT to add many of the bugfixes to prevent any lock ups from happening. However, I still commend a LOT of the footwork you've done with this game.


Well, then I wouldn't mind having the 1.07a patch then.


Okay, here's v1.07a:

This is the patch as posted by General Public on the forum.  A readme is included along with his modified version of all three patches.

January 28, 2015, 06:09:05 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Looks like the slickproductions forum is back up now.


Yeah actually I was the one who made the unofficial FF6 Improvement Patch FIX version 1.07a. Both General Public and yetisyny are common names I use online on many websites, I use yetisyny on and General Public on Slick Productions. Although I haven't been able to use Slick Productions for several years since every time I tried it was offline unfortunately. I only recently joined, a site that has the advantage of staying online.

So anyway I just uploaded the latest official FF6 Improvement patch by DarkMage to this site, which is still apparently at version 1.07 after all this time. I forgot that version had bugs in it but it still ought to be on here because there are other patches made since then that are addendum patches to it. Like, well, the one I made that I numbered at 1.07a. I kinda forgot I made that but just remembered it after seeing it here. I DID remember DarkMage's patch and how great I thought it was, which is why I just uploaded it.

Yeah, from what I am remembering now, I put a letter after the version number because I did not want to conflict with the version numbering scheme used by the official DarkMage patches, like if I released it as 1.08 and DarkMage also released a 1.08 that would have been a version number conflict. I used a because it was the first letter. If any problem was found I would then go to b, and then c, and so on. At least until an official version 1.08 came out, then my work would be done. But apparently after I released the unofficial version 1.07a neither I nor DarkMage released any subsequent versions, I kinda forgot about it until now, not sure what happened with DarkMage, I kinda just assumed DarkMage would keep working on it and incorporate all my fixes.

Anyway seeing as I just submitted the FF6 Improvement Patch version 1.07 here to RHDN to add to their database, it seems I ought to revive this thread. And also perhaps I should submit my own unofficial FF6 Improvement Patch FIX version 1.07a to their database next, after the official one is approved, as an addendum patch. Since this site is good at remaining online and Slick Productions has some trouble with that, we should probably try to transfer over everything from that site that is not on here yet, which meets the inclusion requirements of this site.

But I am yetisyny and General Public, both are names I use, the unofficial FF6 Improvement Patch FIX v1.07a is something I managed to put together. I was kinda hoping DarkMage would continue their work on the FF6 Improvement Patch with a 1.08, 1.09, etc. after that and incorporate those fixes. I was hoping my unofficial version would only be temporary because it seemed like DarkMage was for the most part doing a very good job other than allowing a few bugs to slip in that I managed to catch and figure out how to fix. But, I mean, once I documented how to fix them and what the problem was, I think, DarkMage and/or other people ought to have been able to continue working on their projects unimpeded once they knew what was wrong and got it all fixed. If I in any way contributed to that project coming to a premature end by documenting bugs in it I am very sorry and that was not at all my intention, I was just trying to help improve it.

Not like that was the end of things for mega-bugfix patches, there are a ton of bugfixes in Rodimus Primal's Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition patch at, and there are even more bugfixes in C.V. Reynolds's C.V. Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix patch at But, at the time, DarkMage had what I think was the biggest and best compilation of bugfix patches which helped pave the way for those later projects and personally I thought it was very impressive work, I was just frustrated by a few bugs but I managed to get things working again. I really ought to get ALL of these different patches onto

From the README for my unofficial patch of this, version 1.07a, I kinda remember that I didn't really consider this patch to be fully tested and wanted other people to test it out and I see the different suggestions I put there on things people could test out. As I recall, I thought that once this was tested it would become incorporated into the next official version of DarkMage's patch.

Since I did not have the complete setup DarkMage did for making the different versions of the patch, and kinda had to reverse-engineer the patch, and only managed to get 2 of the 3 versions of it to work correctly instead of all 3 because the version with the fan translation was too much for me to figure out. Since the fan translation moved around text in the game, being a translation.

And some of the bugs involved text in the game, and so the bugfix patches were at different offsets or whatever compared to the official Ted Woolsey translation, and I didn't know where or how to fix it, because I am an amateur who, then and now, is kinda clueless and just trying to do my best with my limited skills. Which do not include anything about understanding offsets or ASM hacking or pointers in ROMs, all I know is basic stuff involving checksums, internal ROM names, adding or removing headers, combining patches, and using a tile editor. Plus my skill at finding bugs and debugging them. But really my skill level is quite low, that is why I wanted someone more expert than me to help out. And I definitely thought of DarkMage as WAY more expert than me. A shame this patch did not continue to be updated, it is really quite good once you include my bugfix to undo the few bugfixes that broke things instead of fixing them.

So anyway, Rodimus Primal's Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is already on this site, and I just uploaded the official FF6 Improvement version 1.07 by DarkMage and it is in the Queue awaiting approval. So the 2 that are left to upload are the FF6 Improvement FIX version 1.07a by me (General Public a.k.a. yetisyny), which I originally uploaded to the forums on Slick Productions which are currently offline but thankfully someone posted a link in this thread, and the C.V. Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix patch version 1.14 by C.V. Reynolds which is also mainly on Slick Productions but there is also a link in a thread on, a site I am not a member of. Regardless, the point is, I just uploaded the official patch that is the subject of this thread, while the unofficial patch also mentioned here, which would be classified as an addendum patch to the official one, I cannot really upload until the first one is approved so that I can link to it in the description of my patch to say which patch it is an addendum to.

EDIT: Gah, my submission was rejected since I didn't include 4 screenshots of the hack. OK I guess I have to make 4 screenshots and do them properly and have them be 256x224. I will re-submit it once it is ready.