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Author Topic: Pokemon Crystal - Help editing Indoor Object Tiles/Sprites  (Read 2724 times)


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Hi to all who aren't as busy as me and still have time to hack roms!

I managed to find and edit most of the overworld map tiles as well as the character sprites to make it look similar to the ones seen in the GBA Pokemon games. Now all that is left are the objects that can be found inside buildings such as computers, fridge, tables, the floor, stairs, etc. For some reason, I can't find it but just two. I found the very first tile for the bed and managed to change it but the tile next to it seems to be something else, most likely the data for pointers because when I tried to change it, all the said objects became random pixels when I played on VBA. Since I found one of the tiles, I doubt that the images are compressed.

I'd really like some help about this. Below is the method on how I easily found the main sprites:

1. Open VBA's (Visual Boy Advance) Map and Tile Viewer.
2. Change the appropriate settings on the Map and Tile Viewer until the tile is properly shown (not the garbled images). I then select the tile of which I'd like to find in the ROM (I'm using Tile Layer Pro btw) so that the Tile Viewer will display the Address.
3. I then take note of the Address indicated on the Tile Viewer, open VBA's Memory Viewer and go to the said Address.
4. I take note of 4 - 6 bytes on the address shown on the Memory Viewer,
5. I will then search for those bytes in the ROM using a Hex Editor (I'm using VI32) and then if the string is found, I take note of the Offset and use the "Go To" Function in Tile Layer Pro.

That method above worked for the Map tiles such as the grass, trees, roofs, etc as well as the menu images, fonts, sprites but just not those objects. The fourth and fifth steps I mentioned above don't work because the Hex Editor can't seem to find such strings found on the address indicated for those tiles (but it found the strings to locate the bed as well as a part of the radio in the rom). I also remember a tile for the stairs with bytes I can locate on the Hex Editor, it leads me near the bed tile that I edited but the one it lead me to was what you would call a "snow?" and not an image, changing it would just mess up all of the images for the objects when I play the game (what I said above). I wouldn't mind if the tiles are just scattered all over but it seems that it's not.

I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me what's wrong, give me advice and/or point me to the right direction. I've read that there's very little info about a Pokemon Crystal Hack and that there are very few well hidden tools for it. I can't give up now and hack a different Gameboy Color ROM instead! I'm almost done with this little project!


Thanks in advance!!!