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Ninja Gaiden 1 Remix

Started by Pikachumanson, December 21, 2012, 11:36:41 PM

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I am making a full on remake of Ninja Gaiden. Everything except for Ryu is getting changed. Cutscenes, music, enemies and levels will be overhauled. Text has been expanded so I can make my own story.
Here are three screenshot of my preliminary work:

Trees need work but whatever, level 1 has been reworked.

Intro text has been changed

Basaquer sux as a first boss.

I'll post an update on my progress as I go along.


Ah, someone else has picked up my favorite game. The user neverobsolete created a wonderful editor for it called NinJax, which you probably have used. He modified it so that you could change the physics properties of different tiles (i.e., whether the player passes through, can cling or climb, stand on, etc.). I don't know if that version was released publicly, but I could probably send it to you if you're interested. He was a very helpful and knowledgeable fellow.

I had planned on making the game much more difficult, with more sophisticated and dangerous AI, and greatly expanded player abilities. I also wanted to make the level progression non-linear, where the player can choose which level to play next, and completing a level unlocks some new ability. This isn't hard to do with the "warp" tiles that move you between screens. I got it to the point where pushing select chooses different Ninpo (shuriken, firewheel or windmill star), and reaching certain score thresholds allows you to heal yourself, temporarily run faster, or become invisible. I was just moving into level design and AI when life overtook me.

I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us posted about your progress. Your hack sounds ambitious.


Ambitious it is, my friend. I've read your posts on ninja gaiden and was wondering how your project was doing. Yes I am using ninjax. Great program and i hope it gets updated. Right now, i am finishing up changing the character sprites in level one. What I have completed is level 1 all new graphics and i have expanded my pointers for more text. So all the dialog is redone for a new story. Also i have begun work on changing the cutscene graphics. Work is slow but steady. I want to change the music when i am done changing the rest of the game up. I am interested in knowing how you made it so that the player can select to choose the special weapons. Yes i would love to have that version of ninjax! I'll pm you my email!


Alright, here is an update on my hack! First level is finished, I've decided to leave the rocket ninjas and bats alone. Though I may replace the bats with the ones from Castlevania 2.

Here are some screenshots, tell me what you think!

The boxer dude is now a lion man and the knife dude is now crazy backwoods red beard guy

Sword guy is now a flaming reaper

You can cling to those gray fungus rock things.

Dogman is now a leopard

Thrower is now a... uh, masked thower who needs new clothes

The first boss, formerly Basaqer, is a mutant human/gator/velociratpor hybrid
I call him Ripkill.


Quick update on my project in case someone other than Polished Turd cares. I have figured out how to change the palletes in the cutscenes. Ugh... Mind numbingly simple! I will start work on the second level tomorrow.

Kanji is dark green instead white

It's now Ryu getting his butt kicked instead his dad.

cool pic

I will fix the blue on his arm. I'm mulling over how I wanna do it.


I love the idea of remixing one of my favorite NES games. However, there's one big problem: the graphics.

No offense, but the level tiles look bad. There's constant cutoff and it's really hard to tell what's there and what's not there. For example, take the third screenshot in the post before last. Everything is too clustered together and too undetailed, and its hard to tell what's what. It looks to me like whoever drew the graphics isn't a good artist.
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I agree the tiles look a little funky, but I say kudos for really trying to make it different. If it is Ninja Gaiden, I will play it. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

LMAO at Ripkill! :D


They look that way because they are metatiles and connected to other tiles with the same graphic like that in the ninjax editor. Naturally they won't stay like that. I plan on going inside the hex editor and see if can't change a few things around to make the background look nice. M_tee gave me some cool sites to look at on sprite editing. Especially the trees. So if things go right in my next update the first level should look a hell of a lot better. It is going to stay a ninja gaiden game and I want it so ryu can climb on any wall like the sequels. Also I want to fix the enemy respawning, Because of ninjax i got monsters respawning out of nowhere like nobody's business! Needless to say it's a work in Progress! Thank you for your comments!


I'm not big on NES hacking, so I don't exactly understand what you mean by metatiles and such, but I'll roll with it. I just wanted to mention the graphics, even though it's pretty obvious they needed work. :P
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I have begun reworking the graphics. It's good to get acquainted with the level data in the hex editor because there are some parts in levels five and six that ninjax doesn't touch.


Yes, I'm not sure why Ninjax doesn't edit those levels, but what I was planning to do was to copy the level geometry data from them into the first two levels, edit the data in the editor there, then paste it back where it belongs.


Nice, that might actually work! Thanks for the idea!


Well i redid the background graphics in level and finished the act 1 cutscenes and now level 2 is underway. Pics later