Mizuki Shigeru Youkai Shashin Kan Translation - Neo Geo Pocket Color

Started by wyndcrosser, February 06, 2013, 09:09:09 PM

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I am looking into doing a translation for this title as well. However, I think it uses compressed graphics. I made two topics, as I don't plan on having anymore time to do other NGPC titles, so I don't need a "project thread". Just wanted to mention that so you know i read the rules.

The graphics for the text are causing me grief, outside of the main menu. I can't seem to change or modify them, so this was just me translating and messing around for now.

Title Screen

Untranslated Selection Screen

Translated Selection Screen

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Can anyone explain the action/capture/shooting part of this game, I don't quite know what do to just yet.