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Tingle Translation Help

Started by joesteve1914, July 31, 2012, 05:21:28 PM

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Well, you can sure search the ram with a "relative searcher" but there is not only 1 way to program a game so it's not said that you will find the decompressed text somewhere in the ram.
Anyway it's usually a good method with good chances of success.
As soon as you have the right place in the ram you can change the ram to see what happen on screen exactly how I explained in my post.

You can take a look at and there should be at least 2 useful tutorials for your problem.

I will answer here for your other little problem.
If i am not wrong, there are some "standart" compression on the MD and you can find some tools online.
If they not work for you, you probably need to trace asm way the game to find the compression routine and then you have to reverse engenering it and build a personalized de-compression tool.


OK, while I wait for a translator, I decided to look into the title screen. I can't seem to find it. I suspect it's in either title.olz, demo_title.olz, or demo_ura_title.olz. I've decompressed them all and I still can't find it.

I've been following this tutorial-


I'm not sure if this project is still alive, but I'd like to help. This is my favorite ds game.

Also, Auryn, how did you get the olz files to correctly show up? I was just wondering because when I open it it looks screwed up.


Sure, you can help, but for now I am only planning on doing the text. The graphics, as you read on Auryn's post, are custom archives so I won't be able to help here.

(This is directed to anyone who wants to answer it)-

Say I did figure out the graphic archives, would you need a custom tool to edit/view them?