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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Wow.. nobody is yelling at you. I don't really understand your repsonse. I don't even think we're in the same conversation... I give up.  :-\
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I'm completely new to emulation and hacking ROMs, though I have about 5 years of very very basic coding experience- basically, I kinda understand how the logic behind programming languages works, and I can generally pick things up. I"m mainly into NES Roms, though eventually working up to other systems would be cool.

I Go by Nico, Nico Coer, or Nico Lug, depending on what I'm doing. I'm a Leo, a female, and a History/Creative Writing major at a campus that is mainly engineers. I write fiction, and at some point would like to work that into ROM hacking- for my personal amusement. :) I also have some minor artistic talent. I like creating stuff, and really I'd rather play a game I'm working on or beta testing something for another person then just playing something without thinking. Growing up, I was the reference person for my brother- he needed something looked up on a game he was playing or if he was trying to use a guide while playing, I helped out. Maybe that's why?

I come here because, hey, I'm new, I know hardly anything, and I like playing with ROM hacking. So far, I've only got to Graphics editing and I'm trying to figure out text editing at the moment. Advice would be awesome. "N00bs suxxorz" comments are not quite so awesome, though highly amusing.

Any program recs or tutorial recs would be highly appreciated. Thanks!



You've seen the links to the left? ("documents", "utilities", "getting started")


Yes, our own Getting Started section is where you'll want to go. After that, you can delve into our Documents database with a few hundred more. ;) As for utilities, we've got a few hundred of those as well. Some basic recommendations are made in the Getting Started section for what to start with. Beyond that, it's up to you to pick and choose where you go and what you use from there. ;)
TransCorp - Over 20 years of community dedication.
Dual Orb 2, Wozz, Emerald Dragon, Tenshi No Uta, Glory of Heracles IV SFC/SNES Translations



I'm quite new to this whole idea of ROM hacking and to be honest I didn't even know you could do alot of the stuff you can do... anyway the main things I wish to hack in the future are the pokemon games... red/blue/yellow/gold/silver/crystal/ruby/sapphire/leaf green/fire red/emerald basically unless I find something else I would like to hack... I started playing pokemon brown aswell and I wanna see more hacks like this they would be good to play.
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Well, I just realized you had an intro forum, so I'll write myself a lil' intro:

I go my DarknessSavior or RazielDarkheart, but my real name is Matt, so feel free to call me Matt if you wish. I've been playing games for most of my life, starting in the NES era. In terms of hacking, I just started screwing around with things over the summer, having no previous experience in most things involving complex computer languages (unless HTML/CGI count). I haven't released anything yet, I'm trying to find a game that is fun and/or interesting to do my first NES translation hack with a friend or two of mine. However, everytime I find one, I find out later that most of them have already been done (or that I'll have my hands full with ASM problems).

My first pet project was editing Chrono Trigger, and I'll probably release a patch for it soon, once I try and work out a few of the bugs. It's nothing extravagant yet, but I hope it will be in the future.

In terms of anything else, I'm a music junkie (both videogame and otherwise, but more of the later). I go to University of Michigan - Dearborn, majoring in Psychology (though I plan on getting a BA in Music after I graduate). I play guitar and sing, as well as playing various brass instruments, and I can compose my own stuff (though not as well as some, =P). Been into anime/manga for about 8 years now, but nothing too extensive, many of the "popular" series: Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Escaflowne, and such. But I have picked up a few that many people don't know about: Record of Lodoss War, Guyver, etc.

Because of my interest in Videogames and Anime, I've found myself loving most things Japanese. So, over the summer I started teaching myself (through books I got at my local library) Japanese. That isn't going as fast as one would hope, but Niahak linked me to "Slime Forest", and now I can at least recognize most Kana and SOME Kanji. Translating them is another story.

I think thats plenty. =D

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Er, hi.  Intros are a bit awkward for me sometimes. :-[

My real name is Will.  I currently refer to my ROM hack endeavors as the work of the Nosuch Gaming Company (or just Nosuch for short), but I've actually been doing this on and off since the late '90s under other names.  If I can avoid it, I'd rather not admit which old hacks are mine since they're really bad.  I mean, yeah, in my defense, I was only about 14 or 15 at the time, but still, I'd like to distance myself from them.

Anyway, I'm a quasi-active hacker.  That is, I have a few pet projects, but I don't post about any of them that often.  Most of my projects are hacks of the Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun games, though I have given a fair amount of thought to possible hacks of other games for various reasons.  Those "various reasons" mostly boil down to wanting to do apology hacks to counter some of the crap I released when I was younger, but regardless of my reasons, I haven't formally taken any of them up yet.

To be honest, I have one new hack finished already (though I do keep going "well, maybe just one more small change").  I've kind of been debating whether or not I'd want to release it to the general public (if I can ever stop making small changes), though, since it was just something I did for my own personal enjoyment.

So, yeah.  Here I am, in case I ever start posting with any sort of frequency.


Welcome to the Forum, Nosuch.

Hope to see your hacks anytime soon! :)


Hello. M real name's Jordan. I'm a relatively new ROM hacker, but I've been using emulators and ROMS for the past couple of years.  For now, I've mostly been working with the Pokemon games, because they are some of the more popular games to emulate, thus they should be the most popular to hack.  I already know all about hex editors, table files, tile editors, and other tools.  I've already tried doing some hacks, with a good deal of success.  My main weaknesses are that I suck at graphics, do not know Assembler, and I have some problems understanding the pointers in the ROMS.  I am currently trying to hack Pokemon Green, but I do not fully understand how to edit the names of the Pokemon, since the names often have no terminating character between them, and most of the names in this version are only 5 characters long.

Anyway, I look forward to learning more on how to do a proper ROM hack, instead of just editing three lines of text and calling it a game.

Mew seeker

Hi. ^-^
I'm Mew seeker.
I'm not a hacker. Instead, I am interested in all kind of stuff
like differences between the U.S. and Japanese versions of games and animes,
games that didn't made it in America ans so on.
So basically, I'm a data gatherer and with all the translation stuff going on here,
I'm going to have a look. ^^

Also, I have written a couple of untranslated Japanese scripts for a couple of games.
If you're interested in having copies, contact me. ^^


I am a long-time emulation enthusiast.  I was floored when I discovered that long-inaccessible games like Final Fantasy V could be played and enjoyed by non-Japanese speakers through the efforts of fan-translation.

I remember reading about Star Ocean years ago in an old Nintendo Power feature on Japanese RPGs (Did they make that feature just to taunt us?).  I yearned to be able to play it  and was quite satisfied when it became playable as well.

A third highlight of my most enjoyed translated games is Front Mission.

I am not a romhacker by any stretch of the imagination, but I've always been interested in foreign languages.  I can read French, Spanish, and Korean to varying capacities.  I have never translated anything more lengthly than a news article, but maybe it would be a fun diversion to delve into dialogue and story translation.  I have noticed a growing interest among US gamers in Korean games, and a few sparks here and there on this site.


Gee, I seem to be posting here with Vague Frequency lately.  Perhaps it is time to make an introduction post.

You may remember me from such forums as Digital Press and Home of the Underdogs (and maybe ClassicGaming, though that's unlikely).  I've been a long-time fan of The Whirlpool, even though it seems like I never actually have time to play any of these fabulous games that get translated.  I've also taken some vague stabs at romhacking before, though they didn't lead to much in the end.
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I guess I'd better do this too.
My name's Sceeb-O though my real name's Scott so call me that if you wish. I'm also completely new to hacking as I'm still trying to figure out how to use Lunar Magic which I downloaded sometime last night. Erm, intros aren't my thing but if I keep posting you'll eventually get to know me  ;D

Dr. Floppy

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Dr. Floppy

Oh, yeah...

Dr. Floppy is a renegade ROM hacker currently residing in self-imposed desert exile. His only release to date is a spoof of the low-brow/I-Mockery-style hacks, which is rumored to be prepping for an enhanced re-release sometime soon. 

Despite his raunchy image, Dr. Floppy is actually quite affable and eager to help when a worthy project beckons. He especially enjoys reaching out to beginners, giving them the guidance and instruction to stick with it.

Future Floppy projects include theme-hacks of SMB1 and 2, Zelda 1 and 2, and Metroid. The first of these is tentatively scheduled for an Xmas '07 execution.


Welllllllly well well well! I'm not going to read this topic and I doubt too many others are given its size but I thought I would just type a few things here. what can I say I feel like typing.

My name comes from quest for glory 4, my avatar is explained in the avatar thread and I never give out my real name on the internet.

I am 21, been playing video games since I Was 3, I first owned an atari, I now own all older game systems through emulations as well as a saturn ps2 dreamcast nintendo wii and xbox360 (Will add ps3 when price drops!). I own 2 computers and my friends don't know when to go the heck home! I swear at 3 am they are still here and I quietly await them to leave... Blah.

I have no romhacking skills but am extremely intrested in what comes of it, I am always up to help but sadly lack any skills to do so.

Anything else? No??? Ok then bye.


I am vectorman. You can call me VM for short. The name comes from the classic SEGA Genesis game of the same name.

I am a computer science student from Ohio. I enjoy playing PC and video games, writing, programming apps, working on my web site, and composing music with FL Studio.

I use XHTML, CSS, C, a little Pascal, a small bit of x86 assembly, Visaul BASIC, Free BASIC, and I'm trying to learn PHP. I have been programming for about 5 years. Most of what I know about programming I have learned on my own
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Here I go, spotting this after already posting (but relevantly, dammit!) several times in other threads, buuuuut, here I am.

I go by Deuce, and have done for many years... 'twas a character in an unfinished story I wrote some fifteen years ago, with the name inspired by a line from Clive Barker's The Damnation Game.  In some circles, I'm also known as MoriyaMug.  Short story, but one I doubt you care about.

I live in South Carolina, much to my own chagrin from time to time... trapped in a world I never made... Jew by birth, raised Southern Baptist, staunch atheist in my adult years.  A liberal in a ferociously red state.  Help me.

I've flitted from obsession to obsession, invariably game-related.  I created the Ninja Gaiden Homepage and Legacy of Ys page.  I used to create characters for M.U.G.E.N. back when Elecbyte was still around.  This is how I came to know Kitsune Sniper, way back when.

I got involved in game translating because of my well-established Ys obsession, dating back to 1989.  I wound up doing Ys I Complete for Nightwolve on a lark, since he made the script file openly editable. Since then, we've worked together multiple other times, and I've also gotten involved with the estimable Gideon Zhi.  My translation credits, in case you care...

Ys I Complete (PC)completeWith Nightwolve
Ys II Complete (PC)completeWith Nightwolve
Ys III (Famicom)completeWith Kitsune Sniper
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (PC Engine)completeWith Nightwolve
Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (Super Famicom)completeWith Gideon Zhi... more of a retranslation of the original atrocity of an English script than an original work, but I'm proud of it anyhow.
Ys V (Super Famicom)WIPWith Gideon Zhi... Waiting for one of his cohorts to finish up some utils to allow me to get the item/magic/etc. text. Primary script is 100% done.
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (PC)unreleasedWith Nightwolve.  Unreleased to avoid legal troubles when Konami licensed the game for US release on the PS2 and PSP.
Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PC)completeWith Nightwolve.  95% beta leaked to the public (>:(), but the proper finished product is on the way.
Ys Origin (PC)WIPWith Nightwolve.  NW's done all of the work needed for me to handle this one almost completely on my own.  Roughly 66% complete, because I don't like Yunica and I'm having difficulty getting up the motivation to work on her script. :P
Cyber Knight 2 (Super Famicom)completeWith Gideon Zhi. He talked me into this, and I did a quickie job on it... something like 21 days, which is about average for me.
Samurai Shodown RPG (Neo*Geo CD)WIPCompleted the Kanji table, got a full script dump, but I need an ASM hacker to put in an 8x16 font.

Yes, Ys is my focus, but I'm branching out here and there.  And yes, I really do talk like this. ;)  Nicetameetya and all that.
It's a shame.  I kind of liked this place.

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I loved your work on Cyber Knight 2 and Ys 1/2 Complete! :D
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P