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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Howdy! Just a guy interested in romhacking. That's all :)


Hello! Just a 30+ year old Mega Man fan trying to rom hack and come up with new ideas for fellow mega man lovers. Hopefully get some fun and fresh new rom hack msg going :)


Quote from: hidralisco on June 13, 2022, 07:28:13 PMHowdy! Just a guy interested in romhacking. That's all :)
Welcome to RHDN. :) :thumbsup: 


Quote from: radicaldreamerr on June 10, 2022, 03:16:19 AMHello!
My name's Adrian but I go by "radicaldreamerr" online.
I'm a huge fan of SNES/PS1/Saturn RPGs and series like DQ, Lunar, Tengai Makyou, SaGa, Sakura Wars, Grandia... you name it.

I made an account on here because I decided to take on a personal project, to make a translation of Tengai Makyou IV for Saturn/PSP.
I have absolutely zero hacking/editing skills but I do know some Japanese (JLPT N3, kiiiinda toward N2) so I'm willing to offer my help on that front.

I hope I'll be able to find some partner in crime  :happy: and maybe even some friends, who knows!
Welcome to RHDN, I hope your translation goes well and you find someone to help you with the hacking.  :thumbsup: 


Hello forum, Ive been into romhacking for about 10 years now, tried doing my own work with smile but I need more time to design.  One hack I want to do is zombies ate my neighbors, and make the SNES version look like genesis with the black side strip to display all the info, effectively cloning the Genesis version, but with the superior sound of the SNES.  You can see that the SNES version looks stretched out.  All they basically did was stretch the existing aspect ratio to get more screen space but it looks horrible imo


Hi, my name is Raphael Gama. Indieatom, as in the user name, is my YouTube channel. And no, I'm not saying for you to go to YT and follow, because my content is all in portuguese. XD Just pointing this because I'm registering to ROM hacking to find translation on games I want to review there.

Also, I'm a big fan on the preservation side and have been doing emulation tutorials for some time, also in portuguese for my brazilian folks.

Besides this YT fact, have been gaming for 32 years now. Love indie games and manga. And I work with narration, video making and translation. Never translated a game, but have done so with books, manga and a few comics. English to portuguese. Would love to know french and japanese, but I didn't had time yet to do so.


Sup? It's been one heck of long time since I've stepped into this place.
My previous account was RhysOwens101.
I lost all details due to A. a completely unexpected PC crash back in 2018, B. lacking the need to backup my account details.

It's okay now since I am more prepared this time around and I'm ready to finally, and hopefully, release something. :beer:


I've been modding for some years now. My first mods where event mods for FF9 and the previous Zodiac Trilogy. I'm a writer by day and I do enjoy writing scenarios for my own content.
I enjoy event programming, though I've never been able to grasp other aspects of reversing.


Hello! I am new here. I am here because I saw that there is a tool for stracting the ROMs from MegaMan x legacy collection and I wanted to make a translatiin of megaman x 1 to spanish (there is already 1 but is not for the Steam version)