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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hi from Italy! :)

I'm translating some anime in my language ("Malice@Doll" for now) and I wanna explore videogames world too, so here I am. :)


Hello, I am a former software designer and programmer with specialization in testing and debugging. I wanted to make games since I was a child but due to my autism diagnosis I was prevented from pursuing my job right at the end of my education due to the fact I can't get along with bosses... though I have proven in school projects that I have a knack for leading teams... though noone was gonna hire a student as a leader.

I then attempted to create my own games but I always grew dissatisfied with the tools available (such as from RPG maker) or the way my project ended up looking, since I am not skilled in all forms of creation like Dean Doodrill. (creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail)

However, I think it is time to try something new and attempt to work on a romhack.


Hey y'all, I'm audiofeil.

I've just recently gotten an interest in rom hacking, and want to try my hand at some small projects before launching into anything larger. I'm a recent astrophysics grad who loves playing music, painting minifigures and talking to people about incredibly niche things. I'm hoping that by commenting here I can meet some new people who can help me along my way. :beer:



My name is MarioandSonic999. I'm a guy who loves playing video games, watching movies and TV shows, and lots more. I'm actually kinda new to this, but I also like having to translate some of the text to English from various Japanese ROMs. (Well, as long as they have the same titles as from its international releases.) Not to mention, I also do some other things in the world of ROM hacking too!  :)



I am raekuul.

I registered so that I can post a Modern Spell Names hack for Revelations: The Demon Slayer (and eventually post a "Better Monster Names" hack of the same), but now I'm bogged down in learning everything I need to post a hack. Turns out "upload the .bps" isn't all there is to it.


Hi, I'm Paul and I'm not really new to romhacking, but I'm not very good at it either...

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Hello! RetroPipes here. Mostly here to try other hacks. Might try my hand at hacking... keep in mind I'm completely new to it.


I'm Enchlore, also known as Geddy. I'm from Brazil and interested in making translations for ROMs. I've done a few for PC games but of course translating stuff from an old console game ROM is a whole different beast, so I hope to be able to learn.


Quote from: Quick Curly on February 16, 2022, 12:21:12 PMyou've been around for a few years

I joined forums in 2016 because around that time, the site had temporarily changed the download process so you had to log in with a forum account to download something. After I made an account, I noticed they switched to a system where you just had to copy and paste a code to start the download. So I kept the account, but didn't actively use the forums until recently.

On a recent boredom streak, I started responding to posts where it looks like I can help. I want to share knowledge and help other people learn, but I often find myself just continuing to investigate on my own and patching the code or generating a cheat code myself. It's difficult to share all of the required background knowledge in a single post (machine language knowledge, debugger usage, console memory maps and registers, cartridge memory banking, and so on). Or if I want to link to some other documents, I feel like I'd have to find and link to a lot of different documents and explain how to fit all the different concepts together. But I still try to share knowledge when I can.

Other selected hacking history, estimated dates:

  • 1989: I was gifted my own Commodore 64 for Christmas.
  • 1995: I began reading about the 6502 machine language and wrote small machine language programs for my Commodore 64.
  • 1999: The first time I saw an NES emulator, Nesticle.
  • 2004: I learned how to use the debugger in FCEUX to investigate the password encoding in the NES game Uforuia.
  • 2013: I became re-interested in learning how the Power Glove encodes its "programs". I found an interesting Power Glove thread on NESdev forums, registered an account there to reply, and continued reading those forums since then. I don't yet do any actual NES development, but I enjoy reading about how the NES works, because it's something I can understand.

Quote from: Quick Curly on February 16, 2022, 12:21:12 PMBavi_H, are you currently working on any projects of your own? [...] I would be curious and interested to see what you would enjoy working on and coming up with of your own, if creating was something that you would enjoy doing.

As a semi-project, I'm currently having fun helping Brutapode89 with code debugging and text enlarging parts for his Super Mario Bros. 2 French translation.

For something on my own:

I find NES music composition software like Ikinari Musician and Family Composer interesting. Or on SNES, the music part of Mario Paint.

I've recently been fiddling around with graphics hacks to Family Composer, I might submit one.

I sometimes plan some initial design thoughts about making a small music program for the NES. Like maybe something that lets you use the controller like a tiny keyboard, or a small music composer system, or a simple music matching game.

I got a wiki account here and posted some RAM notes I had gathered while investigating a game. I might review other game notes I have and see if there's anything else interesting I can add that's missing from the wiki.

I might clean up and release some lua scripts for FCEUX or Mesen I wrote for specific games.


Hello There Romhacking peeps - I am a new member who recently discovered this community - I have had dreams of altering console games for a while so finding this place is a dream come true.

First a bit about myself (I'll keep it short). Long time gamer (first console was an Atari 1600) I grew up in the 80's always in an arcade. been playing games all my life. Over the last 3 years I have gotten into the hobby of collecting and restoring arcade machines (of which I currently own over 40 machines - lost count - some are at my home and garage and some in storage units). My goal right now is to open an arcade/gaming center - hopefully this year.

SO where does rom hacking fit into my future plans - well one thing I have always wanted to do was create arcade machines for games that were released on console but should have seen an arcade release if arcades were more common today, I am actually working on creating a few custom cabinets as we speak - I'll share more on this at a later date.

That brings me full circle to the project I want to start here in this thread. I am looking to translate the PS2 game Choujikuu Yousai Macross or Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. I have already done some testing running the game on a PS2 emulator on my PC and playing it on a flight stick. I also have the perfect arcade cabinet for the game (sit-down cockpit type). There are are two things I would love to change in this game - one - I want to translate it to English and - two - I want to change the functionality of how you transform the Valkyrie - instead of scrolling through the modes I would like to have dedicated buttons for each mode(however I want to stick to the translation first). I haven't found any open projects to translate this game and I have been reading up on Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal systems and tables. I got a bit of a way to go but I hope to get some help along the way. If you are aware of someone that is translating this game let me know so the efforts aren't doubled but if nobody is actively translating this game feel free to let me know where you think I should begin. Currently I am still reading up on all the beginner Guides but I wanted to introduce myself and the project I want to undertake.

Thanks for reading!



Greetings, fellow ROM Hackers. I am DeviFoxx.

I've been around for a good while, and I'm one of the original translators for Transgen's Japanese-to-English patch for Namco X Capcom on the Sony PlayStation 2 back in 2008, and later I wrote an English Translation guide for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity for the Sony PSP back in 2011 which was later used as a basis for a full-fledged translation patch over on GBAtemp.

I didn't find out until a few years ago that someone on this site had made a profile about me:

So after a few years, and more studying Japanese as a second language, I decided to finally join the Romhacking forum so I can talk to you folks and learn more about hopefully developing patches for other games. I have no real expertise in programming or hacking---just as a freelance artist, writer, and translator---but I figured I could learn a lot here.

Anyway, I'm glad to meet you all!


Hi from Italy, nice to meet you!


Hi guys!!! I'm a Brazilian girl who's tired to see friends who doesn't speak english in trouble during the gameplay (specially RPG games), so I decided help the lusophan community translating games. I honestly don't know proggramming, but, I can help programmers translating their material, so if you're a pro in romhacking but you don't have time to translate, send me the text to be translated and I will help you...



hey I want to make a romhack of Plok the snes game but don't know where to start I'm a complete novice so can anybody guide me or give me some tips to help me.


Hi all, :woot!:
Well I'm joining this forum because I've always been a fan of retrogaming hacks and I've always been inspired by your site to take tools and try a lot of things on roms or iso.
I play on no modded consoles, here is a brief summary:
- Neo Geo CD
- 3DO Panasonic JAP
- Amiga CD32
- NEC : IFU (Grafx + CDRom2) (mod RGB)
- CDI Philips 470 (Mod S-Video)
- Playdia (Mod S-Video)
- Jaguar (Swith 60Hz)
- NES (dézonné)
- Mini- Snes
- N64 Fra (Mod RGB)
- Wii (Hack présent + Disque Dur)
- Wii-U (Hack)
- Gamecube (Xeno + SD Gecko)
- Pico by Sega
- Master System Grise with white button (Switchless)
- Mégadrive 2 (Switchless)
- 32X (Switchless)
- Méga-CD 2 (Freebios)
- Saturn Grise JAP (Puce Phantom + Freebios)
- Dreamcast (GDEMU)
- PS1 mini
- PSOne (Puce OneChip)
- PS2 Fat (with DD Hack FreeMcBoot)
- PS3 (Hack)
- XBOX (faut que je lui trouve une place aussi :D )
- XBOX 360 (XKEY V3 avec télécommande + Disque Dur)
- XBOX One
- Xbox Series X
Et les portables :
- Game Gear Edition Blue US
- Game Gear Micro (Black Edition)
- Game Color (Screen IPS)
- PSP (Hack)
- PsVita (SD2VITA)
- 3DS (Hack)
- NDS (Hack)
Thank you for your welcome and I will share with you my first project with a well-supported team.
EDIT: By the way, I'm French so thanks to google translate  ;D
My Gaming Room[/url][/size][size=150]


Hello, I'm new in this community. I have little knowlegde about romhacking, but I want to learn.


Hi y'all :) I don't do ROM hacks seeing is how i don't have a computer or phone, but i have a few online friends that do it! i like forums so that's one reason i'm here, i'd like to post in the ''General Gaming'' area alot, and that's about all i have to say right now.


My name is Jack. I am entering the romhacking space in an effort to personally tinker with some of my favorite video games. I have browsed casually for a few years now, and I felt it was time to experiment directly as there are seldom any mods for some of the games I enjoy. Why not give it a try and expand my knowledge? This work also fits with my interest as a general researcher!

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Quote from: cadohegu on April 05, 2022, 03:02:32 AM
My name is Jack. I am entering the romhacking space in an effort to personally tinker with some of my favorite video games. I have browsed casually for a few years now, and I felt it was time to experiment directly as there are seldom any mods for some of the games I enjoy. Why not give it a try and expand my knowledge? This work also fits with my interest as a general researcher!
Welcome Jack  :D What are some of your favorite video games?
What kind of researcher are you?


Hello, first time writing here. My name is Elieder, and I'm here to learn more of Assembly language. I started using IDA and reverse enginnering a racing PC game called Revolt, and now I want to expand my horizons to new (old) technologies just for fun.