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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hello My Name is Zikotik but you can find me in other places by Zikotik Caballo. I usually tend to download ROM's and proceed to never touch them again
I'm going to be honest I wanted to download a hack for FF3/FFVI and was forced to make an account but, no big deal.
Hope we can all get along. :)


Hello! I'm DarkBowser64; someone who is madly in love with all sorts of varieties of games regardless of console--I really appreciate hacks, translation patches, and all sorts of technical curiosities and the like. To tell the truth I had to create an account because I couldn't download a patch, but I may as well make myself known anyways.

I like covering interesting hacks and patches on my YouTube channel in hopes of spreading the word and letting more people know about what great things have been made by the hacking community. These things should be more well known than they are, and if at least one person benefits from knowing about something thanks to me, I'm happy with that. I mostly just appreciate things from afar though.



I'm KingMob4313, formerly Shortstop4313 elsewhere and now a host of other names. 

A long time game hacker, I first cut my teeth on hex editing games back in the 286 days and then quickly progressed to other systems.  I've produced published mods for probably a dozen games, starting with BBS door games and culminating in my OpenXcom megamods. But somehow I never published any of my romhacks for NES and SNES.

I've turned that love of hacking games back in the early 90s into a half a lifetime of professional programming.

I also am a former Amateur MMA fighter, Judoka, shootstyle wrestling fan and tabletop roleplayer.

Charlotte Cavatica

Hi! :)

I'm new here. I don't have any ROM-hacking experience, but I recently discovered that a game I played back in college has a brand-new translation, so I decided to join in order to download the patch.

I hope to become more involved with the translation side of things. See you around!


Hey there! I'm accidental boar I also go by Dante. I'm a hobbyist who likes to dabble I have a pretty active tiktok and facebook. This is something I'm interested in trying so gonna give it a go 😁


Hey all! I like to tinker with stuff. I want to make a translation mod for a japan-only PS2 game (a Rurouni Kenshin fighting game). I'll be around trying to not bother with newbie stuff :D and learning a lot!



I'm Maria Korney.
I work as a Executive Manager.


Hi everyone!
Im Erik. The first time I knew about this community was when I downloaded mod for SMT 3 Nocturne (which is extremely awesome by the way).
Eventually I'm pretty surprised to see so many mods here so I figured it should be fun to join in.


Hi my name is CassandraGeisha and I joined to get all kinds of cool new games!  :)


Hello, I'm MadkaT and I'm here to post some of my works in a near future.  :angel:


Hello all my name is Jinkies. I love retro RPG's and look forward to discussing them with you all.


Hi there, I'm XMy66p.
(Certain people will notice
that my username is a cheatcode for 'nukes attacks'
on an old pc game)  ;D
I just want to thank to all people behind this,
they are great, they do good work,
that in the old times seems impossible,
I'm very happy that I'm here now,
I love you guys already.


Hello everyone. I'm here to learn a little bit about GBA hacking, i'm just curious to see if i can modify some games i like  ;D
If you'll have me, I will be asking some questions in this forum.
I have plenty of programming experience in C/C++ in desktop environment and lately a little bit for embedded dev.


Hey everyone,
I'm Thanatosius

I guess I joined as I visit here quite often but never interact, so looks like I am now  :crazy:

I'm actually thankful for all you guys have done over the years and so wanted to help out a bit, although I suck at hacking and stuff, so that's going to be just a fun time

I don't think I have a preferred favourite game, as I play enough that limiting it to one would be really difficult

Anyway tl;dr Thanks for everything you guys have done  ;D

MajorTom 2417

Long-time downloader, first-time forum poster.  Love the effort and time that goes into everything done here. 


Hello everyone! I'm a long-time fan and downloader here, but first-time poster. I have some minimal experience in Game Boy hacking (graphics and hex editing) from trying (and failing) to hack old Pokemon games back in the day. It's difficult, and I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into the hacks and translations on this site.


Quote from: SlapsCode on October 19, 2021, 12:48:08 PM
Hello everyone. I'm here to learn a little bit about GBA hacking, i'm just curious to see if i can modify some games i like  ;D
If you'll have me, I will be asking some questions in this forum.
I have plenty of programming experience in C/C++ in desktop environment and lately a little bit for embedded dev.
Good for you there, I do hope you succeed.
I'm a bit curious myself, do we have forum/subforum
where we can put aour request for certain game hacks?
I really want to request certain hack for certain GBA games.


In case my username did not give it away. I'm a complete novice. My plan is to become intermediate. Everything about hacking I have learned from the internet. Tony Hedstrom was a big help. Google his name. He has done hacks for sega snes. I have a fulltime job. It's not my passion. my passion is to hack games or at least understand more about graphics. Maybe when I get good I can complete unfinished projects. But maybe I might become bored and frustrated like any hacker.

As far as music goes I like mostly 90s rock. Papa Roach's infest, Linkin Park, My Most favorite game is Turtles In Time For The SNES. Modifying any game for any system sounds interesting to me. Feel like I've come to the right place :)


Hello, I didn't want to sign up to download a mod, but, I guess I had to since the guest password verification is broke, I entered in everything correctly and it still gave me an error. Oh well...


 :beer: Hey there guys.

Nice to meet you all. Thanks for allowing me to register, post, and download here. I'm planning on getting some english translations for some Japanese import games. Thanks again for having them available here.