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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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QuoteWho? lol

Tharthan is here often. That quote reminded me of him (and only him). :)
Cigarettes, ice-cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary...


Quote from: SunGodPortal on February 06, 2016, 05:19:08 PM
Tharthan is here often. That quote reminded me of him (and only him). :)

I see. Nope! I guess that makes two people here who use modern slang words as they were originally defined.


Hi all! Old emulator user! Started with the old neo geo emulator for DOS (wich and cant remember its name lol)

I found this site recently because i wanna play some games that have something new to them (hacks)!

Really like your site and the community in here!

Keep the amazing job guys! and thx to all who make this amazing games!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I'm paulo, and I've been following the emulation scene for a few years now.
I just appreciate all the work people do. So, thanks to the hard workers!


Hello all, I'm ZXNova and I don't really know much about romhacking other than people who know how to do it. I like playing romhacks though if it counts.


Hello everyone! I´m Mikes, I´m from Spain and I´m here trying to learn interesting things
PD: Sorry for my english! :P



My name is Diego (or at least... ShyTreecko on the web)... and along with another friend, we are trying to create a Pokemon ROM Hack in the least amount of time.
We´ve just recently graduated from High School, and as a result we have a lot of free time before University life starts. But you know... So much free time can be a little bit boring, so we decided to make this as a personal project. We know nothing about the world of ROM Hacking or programming yet, but we are willing to learn as much as we can. Anyways... Hope to get your support and maybe make new friends along the way (I guess...)  ;) . Thanks!

Extra Info. about Us.
-We are both from Peru
-Favorite games: Pokemon and LoL
-Architect and System Engineer (in the making)
- :cookie:


Hi everyone! Well i'm Vulpgamer, i'm a 3D CG student.
I want to get started in rom hacking. The problem is i don't know anything about scripts or codes :P. So i made some research and many forums say to go here.
Can someone be my guide in GBA romhacking? Like, what software do i use or what i need to know about script and codes.  :)
I had in mind for my first project to change "Advance wars 2 Black Hole rising" but i don't know how to start.

Well it's a little bit short but that's it for me  :D


Hi, I'm Berkian! I started hacking the Lunar Magic since 2016, I made levels and overworlds are cool. Our friends from the ROMHacking are good! It is important too hack into all day. I hope you enjoy you!


Hi, I'm TLinkan! :D

I've played a few romhacks from this site before, more notably, the Pokemon Yellow NES English Translation hack. I don't really have that much experience in romhacking, I used to experiment on SMW hacking nearly 9 years ago, but I pretty much forgot almost everything I learned from then! But I'll be glad to learn from here if I have the itch to make a romhack!  :)

PS: I wonder who else from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums is over here too...


Hi, I'm Chiche, I made a post and talked a bit on IRC already, I'm a 25 years old videogame lover, studied programming on a university(? (here it's actually a "facultad", sorry, my native tongue is spanish, I'm from Argentina), I've been playing emulated games since I was a child (first ones were from Genesys), then moved to playing SNES, GameBoy, Playstation and more emulated systems.

I love RPG games, but I enjoy most games genres. I'm actually here trying to learn to make an small translation patch for Super Robot Wars Alpha.

If anyone's interested, I know the JAVA, JavaScript and PHP programming languages but I've also played around with others, especially when programming videogames (a bit of ActionScript, or also Unity's Boo language)


Sup boys n' gals, I'm Kunzel.
Haven't really done much in the area of ROM hacking, even though I'm always trying to. Never works too well, though.

Just the feeling of posting in a forum again makes me feel nostalgic, jeez...

I'm from Brazil (huehue br) and I'm 19. I've been trying to learn about how to change sprites and texts, etc. on Mega Man X for the SNES — occasionally, I do try to learn about hacking Sonic games as well.
And as for my abilities with ROM hacking, well, I really don't know much. However, if anyone is in need of a sprite artist, you can call me! Though I'm still not *that* great just yet, tbh...

Anyway, good to be here. Hope I can have a great time.


Hello, I'm ScissorsCutsRock. I'm currently in my first year of college studying Computer Science to be a Game Programmer and hopefully become a director. Being that I'm into game design and want to make games, I thought that getting into ROM hacking would be a great avenue to explore! Hope to learn a lot and make friends here.


I go by the username Ryan914

And yes, I am THAT Ryan914 if you are curious. Been registered to post on this site for a while, just didn't get around to it.


Quote from: Ryan914 on February 22, 2016, 03:23:19 PM
I go by the username Ryan914

And yes, I am THAT Ryan914 if you are curious. Been registered to post on this site for a while, just didn't get around to it.
Does this mean that sprites and graphics edition is what you like and want to do? ;D


Hey everyone! Longtime visitor here. Finally decided to register and post in the forums!

I'm a longtime Moderator of the site, a in-browser plug-in site that allows people to emulate games right from their web browser. We are always looking for new hacks and translations, and this site is basically the best to get them from!

I've dabbled in Romhacking in the past. Mainly NES, SNES and the occasional Genesis/MegaDrive games. These days I've wanted to get into it more, so here I am!  :banghead:


Hi! I am somerandomdude312, I know how to make (not well made) levels the following games:

-Super Mario Bros 3
-Super Mario World
-New Super Mario Bros Wii

(I'm very nervous  :-X :-\)


Hello everyone, I go by the name of "fusaru".

I'm still quite new to this as I've only done some Sega Megadrive/Genesis color hacks so far and been tinkering with action replay codes/IPS patches to make PAL region games NTSC region compatible. I've  joined here to:
- publish color hacks
- gain more knowledge regarding rom hacks
- discuss and leave some feedback
Really appreciating all the people posting their work and knowledge here.
(MD hacks):
Complete --> see contributions page
Twin Hawk (arcade graphics), Toki


Hello, im new here..  i just register to download some translation for my rom..

im not good in english so i end my introduction here.. :-D



I used to be a long time lurker of the site and others some years back when I had the time to play through translated games I never got the chance to play as a kid. I fell out of that pattern when I went to university, but here I am again, now an MA student looking for inspiration for my translation thesis project.

T'is a pleasure!