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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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 My name is ToonLance13, but you can call me either Toon or Lance for short. Anyways I decided to finally make an account here due to how much of an interest I have for this site and all the hackers both old and new who are here. I'm a noob hacking with little to no experience wo I came to with Romhacking to gain some knowledge on hacking and programming in ASM and C. As for some little fun facts about me my favorite consoles are from the 4th - 6th gen. I'm a huge Rareware fan and because of them I grew to love the Nintendo 64. I love Disney movies despite me being in my 20s. ;) 


Hey! I'm Ninety. I joined in order to find some resources on ROM hacking -- I'm primarily interested in GBA games, and it's my goal to be able to make some balance patches for some of my favorite games. I've a working knowledge of hexadecimal, RAM addresses and stuff like that. I program in Python, mainly. Nice to meet you!

John Enigma

Good afternoon, people. (It's 12:00 pm in here.)

My name is John Enigma. I'm a casual gamer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I started playing games when my bio dad introduced me to my first video game console ever: the Nintendo GameBoy plus the game Tetrix DX. (After that, the rest is history.)

The reason I started an account here, is because for some reason I enjoy playing ROM hacks, wether it be a translation, an uncensoring motive, or an improvement. I somehow liked this because I was playing for the first time a ROM hack called MaternalBound Omega by ShadowOne333 (from It's a patch that basically uncensores everything in EarthBound to a point of view between S. Itoi (the series creator), and Mato (the series unofficial translator). That and the Mother 25th Anniversary Edition by DragonDePlatino (also from, and here).

There is one hack that I seem to be interested in seen one day, though. Someday, I wanna see someone do a complete port of the patches that I mentioned above, (Mother 25th & MaternalBound) but for the GBA game Mother 1+2. I took noticed, because many people said that this compilation was horrible compared to their NES/Super NES counterparts. Their music and sounds got butchered down (especially Mother 2), the colors have been brightened (this was done during the time the first GameBoy Advance came out), some other things have been changed (like changing the order of the PSI's and character slots in Mother 1, fixing some bug/glitch exploits in both games, etc.), and finally censoring everything, despite the fact that this game was never released in Japan (although, this was done because Japan created their own game age rating system {CERO}, a year before the release of Mother 1+2; this was also done, to appeal children to play the two games for the first time).

So, like I said before, I've yet to see someone make ports of the two patches that I mentioned earlier. And at a good timing as well. The legendary Jeffman said that he is making, what appears to be, a VWF version of a translation of Mother 1+2. This was never done before, and Mato didn't wanted to do it because is too much work. I see that now. If I see that this project is done someday, and that this soon-to-be-made patch is united with Mato's Mother 1 (GBA) translation, I will wait to see if someone will make a direct port of DragonDePlatino's Mother 25th Anniversary Edition (NES) & ShadowOne333's MaternalBound Omega (Super NES) but for Mother 1+2 (GBA).

That is all.

Any comments?


Hiya all, my name is Cody and new here. What to say about me? I'm 22 years old and a boy, and I'm a brony. Don't know what that is? Where have you been the last few years? XD Google it if you don't tho, I'm a animator/drawer in Flash 8 and you can see my stuff here.

I'm also a writing in training you could say, getting better and working on a book. But I'm here to learn about hacking, not really much to say other than I do have OCD (Google it) so if I get confused or am slow, please forgive it. ^^; Also for my hack I posted this, hope it was in the right place.,19961.0.html

EDIT: Also how can I add a avatar and such? Can't find that option anyway.


Welcome, Cody! Just hover your mouse over Profile then Forum Profile


Quote from: Zynk Oxhyde on June 21, 2015, 12:03:43 AM
Welcome, Cody! Just hover your mouse over Profile then Forum Profile

Huh that option wasn't there the last 2 days only, odd. Thanks tho. ^^ Btw the girl in your avatar looks familiar.

Erdrick The Hero

Hello, I'm Erdrick The Hero! My usual online haunt is the Dragon Quest fan site and forums, The Dragon's Den. (I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan). I first learned of ROM hacks because of Dragon Quest V. Back when I was a mere child, finding translation patches seemed nearly impossible, but when I found the patches for DQV and DQVI (Super Famicom versions) I was amazed. I was instantly hooked on emulation. Even though I've since grown a huge moral distaste for piracy, I emulate most console games I play. I actually bought a Retron 5 and imported the Super Famicom Dragon Quest games so I could legally play them in English (my collection is still missing Dragon Quest I.II SFC, but I just got a new job, so I should be able to import it soon).

My fascination with Dragon Quest introduced me to the Itadaki Street series, years before Fortune Street was released in the US on the Wii. (Boom Street in PAL regions). I softmodded my PS2 just to play Itadaki Street Special when I found the incomplete translation patch here on RHDN. Only a few months later though, I enacted my self-imposed anti-piracy rule and destroyed the disk I had burned. Thankfully, Fortune Street came out on the Wii to tide me over until I had my first real job and could afford to import a legitimate copy. I of course made a copy of it with the translation patch to play, but the point was that I legally owned the game. Well, a few months ago I had to burn another copy because my burned/patched copy got scratched really badly. When I was patching a new ISO ( lost the old one in a hard drive wipe) I took a peek at the patch files and learned I could edit them. I had good luck at first, but after a while I learned that it was too limiting, so I diffed a patched copy of the game and a clean copy of the game to see what was being edited. With that knowledge, I figured out how to edit the text in Notepad++, and learned how the text formatting worked. I started my own patch project, but got distracted by life for a while. I just recently got started again though, and actually signed up here to ask a question regarding texture editing, as there is a lot of Japanese "text" that is part of the game's textures.
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Hello guys, I'm NEOCrimson but my real name is Diogo, I'm from Portugal and I've 25 years old, I'm a huge digimon fan, I'm an fan of other titles like final fantasy, dragon quest, tales of, grandia, suikoden, breath of fire, pokemon, shadow hearts and the list goes on, so I'm a rpg fan, but at this time I'm mainly focused in digimon games for wonderswan, but first I would like to start with Digital Monster Ver. S Digimon Tamers game for Sega Saturn  because it's the only digimon game for the saturn console and It's in Japanese. Nice to meet you all  :)


Hello, I'm tero. I'm in the U.S., 17 years old. I generally like older games as I don't like leaving my comfort zone; however, here I am! I'm just a student at a high school eager to learn more about programming and other things, I just seem to have found a new interesting project.

My end goal is to be able to modify PS2 game ISOs / 'ROMs' and be able to add content and other things to them, and to start on the path to do that I need to learn basic assembly concepts, which I'm learning from the 6502 (NES). I'm just studying as much as I can before really posting anything here because I don't want to look like a complete idiot, and I'm kind of shy.

Nice to meet you all, also, Erdrick The Hero, I like your name and your passion. :)



I'm Benclaff. Old RPG fan, formed during the holy period of the SNES/megadrive and ps1/saturn. ;)
I'm working as a bioinformatician, and since some time I started to look at rom hacking.
Raised in France, I currently live in UK.
I know quite a bit about programming, but generally for high level languages (Java).
Now, I have in my head an idea to attempt my 1st rom translation.
And here I am, new member of the forum.

I'm sure we will have some fruitful discussions about my projects.
See you soon in my future posts.



Hello, I'm MithrandirOlorin

I'm very new the world of Rom Hacking.  I still haven't played one yet but I will soon, I'm getting used to how Emulators work via the Games I already know first.

I'm more interested in Hacks that try to tell new stories using the same sprites and mechanics of existing games, as opposed to just harder versions of games.  I'm most interested in classic NES and SENES Nintendo games, but (also Game Boy and GBA) and hacks based on them.  Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Castlvania, Zoda's Revenge, the NES Batman 89 game, ect.

I don't have the technical talent to make a hack myself.  But as an aspiring writer I have some potential story ideas that I wouldn't mind letting someone else use.

Update Question: Which board would be the idea one to post story ideas I'm not going to develop myself?



Post ideas to the Romhacking board under the thread "Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas." -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES


Folken Fanel

Hello everyone.

I've arrived to ROMhacking in order to ask for some help concerning the process of unofficial game translation.

I've been a Japanese language self-learning autodidact for almost a year. I'm confident in my reading skill (not so much in my production/writing/speaking side of the ordeal) and due to focusing in the grammar and vocabulary aspects of the language, I've reached a solid stage of learning, in wich I've already played and finished some ntsc-j only games  :woot!: Gathering kanji compounds is a vital part of this process but it is a very time-consuming and tedious process, specially jrpg titles.

I hope I will be able to learn how to extract text dumps, since it would make my "job" easier and faster.

I love reading tutorials and articles that help you to acquire new skills. I don't think I'll ever reach the poit where I could edit/modify game textures, models and files, but at least I have the motivation to learn how to look into rom's iso's etc. Maybe I'm just a peeping Tom  >:D

By the way, if some mod could show me where to start a thread about my doubts (how to get scripts from the files of a game, for example a ps2 game) I would appreciate it  :)


Hey there, I've been a lurker for almost a decade on many a ROM hacking website and I finally decided to try my hand at it a few years ago and got nowhere.  I'm ready to jump in all the way, but I have no idea where to begin and I'm just baffled by all the tools at my disposal.  I always wanted to remake the Mega Man X games as Game Boy Advance ports with extra content, like the Super Mario Advance games and after someone else successfully hacked X3 making Zero fully playable, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making X1 into the game I always wanted.  I know my ASM and I've hacked a few NES games in very basic ways, but SNES is a much bigger project to tackle and I need  A TON of help with the SNEX 9X Geiger Debugger.  So, wish me luck?


Hi romhackers around the world, my name is Luis, im from Argentina, i join romhacking because i got some ideas for the king of fighter saga, and want to translate some games of sega megadrive, and going to need a lot of your help, because i got 0,01% of romhaking DNA only.
Well, cheers to all, and thanks in advance.


Hi everyone! I'm snifit. I'm Italian, and I just finished an Italian translation of MOTHER 3. :)
I always had a great interest in romhacking, so having an occasion to write on this board is a great honor.


So hey. I'm CornyFlakes. Some of you guys may know me as Nin or Corny. I'm glad to be here and stuff!


Greetings friends!

I'm ArkthePieKing, and I was introduced to hacking in a manner of sorts from a very young age. Back in the late 90's a friend of my mother's gave me a CD with an NES emulator and a ton of games on there, among them were a translation for Final Fantasy 3, and a broken translation fro Fire Emblem Gaiden. From that point I became hopelessly hooked on fan translations. I haven't played many full games hacks aside from some that piqued my interest such as some Final Fantasy Tactics hacks, and the recent fully playable Zero hack in Mega Man X3, but I've dabbled in hackery before. I've fiddled with Final Fantasy Tactics myself a number of times, creating a Red Mage and even managed to program a brand new cutscene with it's own battle in just to see if I could.

I'm mostly here to show support for projects that I'm excited about, like the Princess Crown or Summon Night Swordcraft Story 3 translations.However I also want to start taking some baby steps into completing a hack myself. I think it's fascinating, really. I have an idea for a story I really want to tell, but I haven't found the right platform to tell it in. I tried Final Fantasy Tactics, but I ran into so many technical limitations. I tried Final Fantasy 6, but that turned out to be a nightmare to change cutscenes with. So at this point, I'm going to start slow and work my way up to my swan song. I look forward to working with all of you!