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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Yo, I'm GreenFlames and I'm from Portugal, I'm kinda of a noob at rom hacking, but I hope to learn a lot of stuff on this forum, I'm a big anime fan, My favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2

I'm not good at introducting myself =P


hey names zemedy nice to meet you all


Hi everyone! I'm MegaManX411, I'm new to the site. I don't have any experience in romhacking, but I'd like to learn. I'm interested in translation and have studied Japanese language for about 6 years. I'd love to contribute to fan translations of the Rockman/Megaman series in particular, as both a way to practice my Japanese and try to improve, and to become more active in the community. I also love JRPGs and anime. Nice to meet you all!


The name is kamikai, i've been playing games ever since i knew i was a person and did exist, after a few years (9 or so) acquiring programming knowledge and experience, finding out about one hell of a game im playing now(released this year), but it's only in japanese and wont have a english release, i was looking for some tools to edit a few filetypes but i found myself empty handed but found this, after...idont remember..anyway, its been a long time since i came to romhacking, last time i came i still didnt know anything about programming, but actually searched for a game i wanted to play back then, i didnt now any japanese in that time either so making a translation of my own could never come to mind, now i registered here because i plan to publish some of my tools here too.

Hope to see you guys around.


oh wow...and welcome newcomers to !!

it looks like everyone seems well mannered and easy to get along with  ^_^"

i wish you all good luck in your romhacking endeavors.

* there are many people here who can help you...just give them sometime to reply *

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I have this weird feeling that I might have been registered on this forum once before...

Well, I'm wildweasel. I sometimes just go by Weasel, depending on how I feel when I register for a site. I consider myself a fiction writer, and some folks tell me that I'm pretty good at what I do (jury's out as to whether I believe them, honestly). I've registered here because I'm interested in contributing my writing skills to the world of ROM hacking and fan translation.

If anybody's got a project with a translated script, that they wouldn't mind if I were to root around in and generally make a mess of things (and have some patience with me on the more technical aspects of getting the script into the ROM), I'd be more than happy to have a look.

I suppose I could drop links to some of my written material, but to be honest, I have no idea what sort of portfolio I'd want to build for a community like this one, and most of my most recent work isn't actually published anywhere online (except for some articles for Hardcore Gaming 101)...

Anyway, I fear I've rambled for long enough; I suppose I'll have to make myself at home, at some point?


I have what you could say is one too many translated scripts on my hands that I can't handle myself right now. Mostly RPG's most of which are basically finished or close to that. Contact me if you're interested.


I'm Me_Dave in other places I'm known as PK Professor Klowner, I like to joke, poke fun and use sarcasm but am truly never serious about such things. Although I often am misunderstood and underestimated..

I don't remember if I ever introduced myself before, many of you have probably seen me around somewhere I used to be on here very actively a long long time ago.  I once had a much higher post count too but I had asked for those to be removed. Back then I couldn't write very well and I remember being bashed for my poor grammar. lol

I started romhacking back in 2000 to 2001, I have several hacks that are on RHDN mostly spoofs that seem to be my normal type of hack lately, but I have about 75 or more unreleased hacks that I still plan to finish some time in the far future. I'm mostly am just a Nes Rom Hacker not a translator or an artist.  Although I have made some Gameboy hacks before.

There isn't much else to say I'm not very interesting. I'm a metal head too but mostly for Music from the 80s. Rock Hard Rock Metal, I hate Metallica, but still listen to them along with Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Skid Row. My favorite two bands are the Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent,  Jack blades, Tommy Shaw and of course Great White.   

I forgot sometimes I talk about myself in third person, as PK. PK he has moderated forums and other stuff not related to romhacking. PK never studied programing or anything like that although he has a tool he uses it's called, Pure Luck. 
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Hi, my name is katie5000, and I've had an on-again, off-again love affair with romhacking for at least the last decade or so. Translation hacking is what usually intrigues me, even though I know very little Japanese or programming.  :-[

Lately, I've been on a Gundam kick and would one day like to see an English patch for at least one of the "Gihren's Greed" games.

I guess I started this account a while ago, although I don't know if I published an introduction then or not.
My friends told me I was gullible, and I believed them.


Hi guys, name's Agro, though I've gone by Wander and Angelix in the very distant past. I've had a very long obsession with ROM hacking, my focus being on Fire Emblem, but I've only been doing real hacking for the past 2 years or so because I've been too stupid to understand things before that. I came here mostly because I needed help with music hacking, but maybe I'll find something else really helpful here.


Hello! I'm hxlnt / Party Time! Hexcellent! Nice to meet you all!

A little .nfo about myself: I've been interested in NES hacking, 6502 ASM programming, and music composition since about 1999. I have been doing custom NES ROMs within the chiptune community for the past few years, and I just released an original NES homebrew game as part of the LA Gamespace Kickstarter.

Though I've been lurking for a long time, I decided to finally join the community after I spent some time digging through some of my old ROM hacks from 10 years ago and remembering super-ancient stuff like NESticle95 (!). Now I'm officially inspired to start making ROM hacks again.

I probably won't be on the forums too much, but I hope to start contributing some of my older and newer NES hacks as well as original NES fonts. (Creating NES fonts is very relaxing for me--a fun break from a hectic life!) I'd also like to contribute some ASM programming docs at some point in the future.

Cheers! //

Gideon Zhi

Quote from: hxlnt on November 12, 2013, 08:30:55 PM
Hello! I'm hxlnt / Party Time! Hexcellent! Nice to meet you all! //

You know, it's really interesting that you should show up here. Twitter was recommending that I follow you the other day. I took a glance at your stuff and it seemed pretty cool, but I basically knew nothing about you and try to be selective about who I follow. I might just go correct that.



Hi, my name is Hart-Hunt, nice to meet you all.

I'm currently trying to learn 65816 ASM hacking for my project, Megaman X: Hard Type, hosted on Insane Difficulty (see link below). It is basically a mod / hack which includes redesign of the stages, lowering max ammo and HP, and slightly altered dialogue. So far, I've been able to change a few values, but I need a place to ask questions about ASM, to know I'm heading towards the right direction. It's being really difficult to keep up with it, as I couldn't find any disassembly from this game that can really help me out.

If I were to make some real progress here, I might consider posting it in this site, for future modders / hackers interested in this great game.

I have already read some of the documents hosted in here, but if someone were to point me out some document to read, please do, I'd much appreciate it.



Hello Everyone, i'm George!!

I have been in the world of emulation  for decades (well 2), when i was young i was only focusing only to run the games. I know this place, i have been a lurker for years (like a cousin that takes everything from your fridge and leaves). But that is in the past...don't lynch me... ::)

Recently i have had lot of free time at work, i have worked hard and i am now in a position where i got a office, a pc and lot of free time. So i decide to do something i wanted to do long ago that was modify games, either to add content, or to make it harder for me and friends to play and have fun.

I made some Games with RPG maker of (Play station) and Rpg Maker Pro(PC) but i won't promise anything now, i hope to learn a lot from you, and even if i cant to get along with all of you!


I'm Dospraline, and I've been gaming since I can remember. I'm also a graphic designer.

Basically, I'm here to learn how to hack roms, mostly for text-editing purposes. I'm completely new to rom hacking, but I want to learn how to edit text in order to translate games. I'm hoping to learn a lot from this forum!

Vismund Cygnus

I figured I'd drop in here and say hello.
I'm Vismund, or Vis, and I'm from Australia. I've been hacking Super Metroid since about April this year, and even released a hack in September for T.H.E. Contest. It was terrible though, I'll fix it one day but I've got more important things to do. New ideas and such, I'm not particularly fond of what I made so I'm not keen on revisiting it.
Anyway, I doubt I'll be around here much, but you'll definitely be able to catch me at Metroid Construction, or in irc at #metconst or #cloudirc (on Here is a link to my existence, if you want to get in touch.
So yeah, that's it. Just an Australian who loves Super Metroid and learnt how to hack it.


I'm Jeff, I work all the time. When I'm not working I'm making bad music with my buddies, eating Chinese food, working on cars, or playing vidya.

I'm a regular contributer to different game forums and blogs under different throw away pseudonyms.

I see the humor in everything.


Hi all,
I am quite new to romhacking but am making reasonable progress on an English translation of Patlabor Mobile Police (SF).


While searching around I found a path to solve the problem I was having elsewhere.
To allow a pointer table to address expanded rom space, the (what i will call) master pointer for the table needs to be found, so the table can be copied into the higher address space.

So Im happy, and shouldnt be asking any dumb questions for a while :)


Hi all!

I have been looking at the ROM hacking scene for some time, and will probably keep doing so.
I have a bit of programming experience, including low-level, but my hacking skills are yet-to-be-born. Not to mention I cannot speak Japanese (althoug I can make do with a few other languages).
So I thought it would be nice to have an account here, and see if I can invest a few hours/days/weeks when RL allows into translations support.

I have been a Fire Emblem fan for a decade (only ;) and have played for two... or a bit more, actually. ;)
I look forward to interesting exchanges!

Cheers and happy 2014!  ;D


Hey all,

My name is Steven! Once upon a time I stumbled across the rom hacking scene at the age of 14. Armed with some basic Japanese from high school and a japanese dictionary I thought I was a video game translator. Truth be told I did manage to edit text in games and even insert a font into a japanese game that used compression but it seems the internet archive machine never picked up any of that (it wasn't worth mentioning). The hard drive dying on my horribly outdated pentium 100 MHz machine was the end of that for me. No goodbyes I just vanished without a trace.

After a long string of boring jobs I went to university to study Electronic Engineering. My days of messing around with the Z80 made topics which gave other students a headache very straightforward and logical to me.

In my years I never stopped looking at emulation and rom hacking sites. It amazes me that the scene itself didn't die, which is a wonderful thing. The quality of work that is still being produced is awesome, It just gets better.

My interests related to here include SNES. I'm sitting here on a PC that can play any new game but I still enjoy playing the old SNES games more. Other interests include electronics, programming and music. If it has a guitar in it I will listen to it as I play myself. Definitely appreciate music that people actually play and write rather than the cookie cutter garbage out there today.

Hope that didn't bore you too much, I am from Australia btw. :o