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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Gideon Zhi

Holy shit dude! I was *just* thinking about you the other day! Specifically my housing situation is somewhat up in the air, and I remember you went through a... similar patch. (Details understood and withheld.) Though it should be noted that I haven't yet reached that point.

How the hell have you been?




Hello everybody, I'm a brazilian romhacker for the late 90's. Never did that much, just helped a few translations and made some NES and GB projects myself. After that, just working with web programming to make some living here in Brazil. (and it's difficult!)

Now I'm here because I want to come back. Just to have a hobbie.

Sorry for the bad english.


Hello. Im new to visiting a topic board here, but have downloaded several patches over the past 4-5 years.

Lately Ive been interested in learning how to make my own patches, but dont know where to begin. There is a new editor in progress for Final Fantasy VI Advance right now (FF6AE), and Ive been working on hacking the rom for awhile. When I were to complete my hack, how do I make a patch. I have never tried. Lunar IPS has a create your own patch option, but how does it work?

I know how to use an editor to modify numbers, but dont understand map, tile, graphic, and other fearures. So I guess Im asking 2 questions. How do I make a patch, and how do I use these other features that are in most editors. I dont even know how to edit Super Mario Bros 1. I have tried a few times and cant get objects to go where I want. The interface for placing objects in SMB1, SMW, Zelda 1 and others seem very difficult.

The reason I decided to finally join this site is because I have a few hacks in progress, and they might be worthy of making a patch. In Final Fantasy 5 and 6 SNES, I have edited characters, items, equipment, magic, and monsters. When it comes to editing numerical values or script, Im pretty good at it. When it comes to placing objects with these editors, I feel lost.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.


TO make a patch is easy, just have an unaltered copy of the ROM along with your modified one and follow the prompts when creating a patch. A Good tool to use for altering sprites is YY_CHR but as far as placement of certain objects you will have to know more involved code in each ROM or if you are lucky to find a program that is already made for editing a particular ROM.


Quote from: mrrichard999 on July 08, 2013, 01:28:08 AM
TO make a patch is easy, just have an unaltered copy of the ROM along with your modified one and follow the prompts when creating a patch. A Good tool to use for altering sprites is YY_CHR but as far as placement of certain objects you will have to know more involved code in each ROM or if you are lucky to find a program that is already made for editing a particular ROM.

Thats what I was describing is rom specific utilities, like Dungeon Master Zelda editor. Whats the simplist way to know Im editing something properly. The interface in some of these editors is really difficult. Lunar Magic is an other one that just makes me want to pull my hair out. Even SMB Utility is difficult. Now, on the other hand, if you give me an RPG specific utility like FFusME, I find it easy. Change a bunch of numbers for characters/equipment/ect, and play through as you hack to make sure there is balance to the changes. Thats the only hacking Im good at.


I'm new there,I like to traslate and also if time allows me I like to made color and graphic hacking, I like a lot 8 bit hacks of Megaman and Mario 1.




I am new to ROM hacking, though I've been looking around this site for a few months now. Translation is more of a hobby than anything, and I always felt like there were a lot of games Japan got that we didn't and need. I also figured it would be a way to learn more about how computers and games work, because nothing ticks me off more than a black box.

Although I study molecular genetics, my primary hobby is audio and sound design - which, in an overly convoluted way, led me to this site. The game I am fixated on translating (and yes, I am aware of all the warnings to start small - in fact I am working on playing with NES ROMs at the moment) is the PSX game that accompanies the anime I am dubbing (for the primary reason of "holy shit these sound effects look like a bitch - I'm gonna give this a shot"). I had the cast already, so I thought "what the heck. It'll give me something to work on and think about." On that note, I also carried this thought to "it would be a blast mess with in-game music for other games." This has proved to be a right pain.

Actually, this PSX game has proved to be a real piece of work - I haven't even been able to build a table yet (although this could have more to do with my software refusing to show unicode than anything else.) It uses 2D graphics, but what do you know... the only files on the ISO are all binary files that don't break down into anything smaller. In short, none of the tools and very few of the tricks used to hack NES ROMs work on this bastard. It's... going to take a while just to extract the script, and right now I'm pretty glad I haven't invested much emotional effort into it.

Basically, I always thought it was awesome how people could go in and mod games that already existed to make them more awesome, and I want to be able to do some of that myself, even on a simple level. Whatevs. Stuff happens as it happens.

All I'd like from these forums is the occasional point in the right direction to untangle the mess in my head that is my understanding of how to approach this massive problem. Well, of course I'd be willing to help other people too... but I highly doubt I'd be of much help at this point.

Nice to meet you!



I'm back! It's Trutly! for Welcome Board to myself Forum the Trutly!


King Marth 64

I'm King Marth 64 (DigiPen92 was my former username from a few wikis a while back), I from and I'm a one of the contributors for lots of Wikis and, and I am coming here to contribute a few things for Fire Emblem stuff and ask a little bit for the Archanea games might need to be updated also. And I happen to see about the Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and The Binding Blade patches were updated from and I wanted to let anyone know that they're being developed to use the localized names from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
At first. There are Shadow Dragon, Falchion Sword, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.


Well, im new her since today!

And im from The Netherlands, so my English can be bad, haha

But i just came here for one reason and well i made already a forum of it ^^;

Does may someone has any tips for anything? Cuz i accept every tip for everything! ^^

Well I hope i can come here often!!


Hello, I'm SpriteSephi, and I am a crazy, crazy, insane, lunatic man. That is all you need to know right now, but I may post potential projects in the future...if anyone's crazy enough to read them.


Hi all.  I just joined today.  I just downloaded pkmn Ultra Violet, and figured out a few helpful things for the people over on those topics and thought I'd sign up to toss in my two cents.  I don't hack, but I would love to.  I haven't the time, truthfully, but after installing and playing with a lot of hacks and mods, I always come up with ideas I'd like to implement.  Now, if only I knew how or had the time to learn >_<


Greetings. I am MortoQueiba.

I like to dabble in hex editors, figuring out how things are formatted, tweaking a few things. I've started a few small projects, aided in a few others  (I.M. Meen image formatting), but nothing really serious except for my english 'translation' of Itadaki Street Portable. I don't expect to post a lot, as I'm a pretty solitary person. But, I suppose it's better to make myself public before I start asking for help on anything.


Heyo! Brand new quasi-noob here!

Finally taking the step to messing around with roms now - a good friend of mine is getting married and we want to present him with a few special versions of his favourite games for the occasion! Until now i've been just addicted to playing em but with my skills as a graphic designer I might be able to give something back at least now!

Have already been playing around with nes (to start with of course) - sprite editing, level creation, text adjustments, palette swapping, and all the other basic stuff and feel good about that but have run into a brick wall when it comes to some more advanced concepts and thus here I am looking for some guidance and help! :D


hello im new to everything hoping to learn some things here
if you can help with anything let me know :)


Hello everyone. I'm not really new to Rom Hacking as I've been in this hobby for years, just never done anything worth publishing. I believe this is a good place to inspire me enough to start some projects and maybe help some people. So, here I am.



In case if you don't who it is. I am this guy.

Hello everyone. I am a ROM hacker and graphic artist. Hailing from SMWCentral.


Hi. I'm Thisguyaresick2. I'm not that new to romhacking, but I'm very very far from being a pro.
I'm brazilian and I don't speak English fluently, but I've been practicing a lot. :)

I am a BIG fan of Metal music, and I love to talk about it.
I am also a big fan of japanese rpgs, being Final Fantasy my favorite game series.
These are some of my favorite games (not only rpgs):
-Final Fantasy (6, 7, 9, 10 and Tactics)
-Chrono Cross
-Castlevania (SotN, AoS, CoD)
-Metal Gear Solid (1 and 3)
-Devil May Cry (1 and 3)
-Onimusha (all of them)
-Resident Evil/Biohazard (1, 3 and 4)
-Megaman/Rockman X (1 and 4)

Pleased to meet you guys!