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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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^ The one for the NES you mean?
I like the old classics of Zelda, but also the newer ones :)
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Maker of Super Mario Bros. The New Super Adventure. (SMB 1 level hack)

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Hello all,

I've visited (and utilized) the site many times over the years in my journey of emulation and discovery, so first off, thanks for being here.

I've decided to post in the forums because I have a unique request  for a personal project that I thought some of the hackers and patchers might be interested in. But I'm not sure if I should post about here in my introduction or start a thread in the Personal Projects/ROM Hacking boards.



Hello, there. I'm JosephSeraph,  an indie game designer, artist and musician who crawls through this site ever for a few weeks. I want to just learn some hacking and stuff, to tell the truth I have that aim to create a Snes or GBA game from scratch, eh.

If you want to check my work, check it here!
Or at my PixelJoint account. Unfortunately, I have no finished or playable demos to show off and those focus more on the artist site.
If you want to hear my music just type in "Provolone OST" in youtube and you'll hear it - though those are kind of old and very little.

I'm up for spriting and stuff if anyone needs a  spriter, but evidently only for minor projects for I don't have all that free time. 

Also, btw you guys are amazing =D


I just wanted to introduce to you my new Romhacking-comrade.


Hi all,

I'm Hrothgar780. I'm new to ROM hacking, but I've been pretty much computer-dependent since 2nd grade to do schoolwork. In short, I like computers, a lot.  ;) I like languages, but I know no Japanese (I'm nearly-fluent in German, and know some French and smatterings of other languages). I'm heading to college in New York this fall to study molecular biology & fiction writing. I'm interested in just about everything, though, so I might end up changing my major.

The main reason I joined is because I would like to take on a personal project, one that I haven't seen attempted: I'd like to translate the DS game Claymore: Gingan no Majo. Given that I've just said I know no Japanese, it must sound naïeve for me to take on a translation project. Maybe it is, but I want to at least try.

Since I made this decision all of two days ago, my first step is twofold: 1) take screenshots of each screen in the game, for cataloguing, and 2) learn about ROM hacking. With the resources here, I'm doing the latter right now. I also have to actually play through the game to get a sense of how the engine plays.

I hope to become an active member of this community. It's nice to meet you all!

Any technical help would be appreciated, but it isn't expected. Maybe once I'm farther along in things (I have managed to find and download a Japanese language pack for my computer, so that will help me learn the language at least a little more quickly), I'll be in a better position to ask.

Just so I'm clear, I plan on doing Japanese-to-romaji translating first, and then going from there to English. Once I get there...


The taking screenshots approach is akin to using a spade when you need a shovel. You'll want to build a table and rip the script from the game file.


Ah. Thanks for the tip, Pennywise. I'll start doing that, then.



The name is Nyxos. I understand the gist of what is rom-hacking in general and would be happy to learn more from this board. I recently started rom-hacking, in general I am a "half-noob" xD ;D

My utmost interest in rom-hacking is text alteration i.e translation, I currently have 16 games that are in the process of translation. Specially games that are not yet ported to the west. Most of em are BAMCO and FALCOM games to be exact.

I am also interested in basic/complex compression systems.

The consoles that I am majorly working on are the PSP, GBA, NES,SNES.
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Frak, another forum I've signed onto; and I can't even figure out how to add an avatar.
I'm just making this to put up random inquisitions and reviews so please excuse me if I blend into the background.



Hello, my names is Triforce_Wolf. I've been lurking these boards for a few months now, decided to finally create an account. I hope that once I get a better computer I can make a rom hack for a Zelda game or something like that.


Hello everyone, I go by the name Karethoth and I'm new to ROM hacking.

I was pulled to the scene couple of weeks ago by a happy accident and I'm currently helping around with Umihara Kawase to best of my knowledge and free time. There's also some level of documentation writing going on about different reversed functions, memory areas and data structures.

So far I have really enjoyed reading out the disassembled code and figuring out what it does part by part. Beats sudokus by far.  :laugh:

I am also currently writing simplified "emulator" for SNES, which aims to give a visual representation on how a value has ended up the way it is. Pretty much like "$7e000012 is $40 because it was transferred there from 8-bits wide accumulator, which was generated by adding $18 to the accumulator, which was set to #$22 earlier" in a tree like graph when queried.

During the last week I have enjoyed reading through different topics in here and decided to register in. I really want to contribute to the community and hopefully I won't be bothering you too much.  ;D



  :) Hi I'm Frcbmex, I'm a translator, researcher rare video games.
I really like drawing, cartoons hard, play video games with my friends and others really like the animation.
Also i have my web page in the FRCBMEX TEAM.
I hope to be well received here greetings to all members
Thank you.  :laugh:
I see that talent is here in the hands of many hackers and programmers. :thumbsup:


Hi,I'm laqieer.My favorite SRPG is the Fire Emblem and I'm really interested in the hacking.That is why I am here now.Today I found many interesting things here,so I want to become a member of this community.Thanks a lot. ;)


Hi, I'm Torbjorn. I'm trying to build a resume for myself right now in Japanese game translation. My hope is to get a real job in the gaming industry as a translator. I grew up playing import video games, so there are a whole lot of games from my childhood I'd love to be able to make available to the English speaking world! Hopefully I will be able to meet the right people here to take care of the hacking side of things.

Besides gaming, my main hobby is language study. I started Japanese 10 years ago, so I consider it my strongest language after English. Since then, I've gone on in that time to study about 7 more languages to varying degrees of ability. Been considering learning programming but so far it doesn't capture me the same as spoken language. Hopefully someday that will change.

Look forward to becoming part of the community here! ;)


I gotta script for you if you are interested....


Send you a PM(I think it sent...). Definitely curious!  :thumbsup:


Hii :D i'm new here :)   I found out about this site through GBAtemp because i wanted to do some GBA translations my-self :D

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Quote from: Torbjorn on June 07, 2013, 05:44:10 AM

Besides gaming, my main hobby is language study. I started Japanese 10 years ago, so I consider it my strongest language after English. Since then, I've gone on in that time to study about 7 more languages to varying degrees of ability. Been considering learning programming but so far it doesn't capture me the same as spoken language. Hopefully someday that will change.

Look forward to becoming part of the community here! ;)

There are some people that do their own hacking, and translation, but it's not really the norm. Picking up the basics of the basics from documents, and tutorials here can be useful. Reading through some of the basic material can also be helpful in seeing how scripts will be presented if you're not familiar with that. In general though, translators, particularly ones with a good grasp of multiple languages are very valuable. I wish you luck, and hope you find success in this community, and in your professional career.
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Hi, I'm new there, I'm 80C, a Pokemon R\B hacker.
Hacking roms is my hobby, and I begun hack Pokemon R\B the last year.

The only limit I have is knowledge, so I wish learn as much as possible for R\B.

Since this is the Hub for all ROM Hackers, then I decided to join it too.
Mainly known as the author of Pokemon Grape and Pokemon Pink.


Hello there, I am a new member to ROM hacking, I am fascinated by the rom hacks and translation that get uploaded here. I consider myself sort of a play tester for the games that get translated.