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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hello everyone! I'm Darkroman (aka Roman8707 on youtube, and Darkmind from VGmusic). I mainly specialize in making enhanced versions of pokemon themes and a few generic MIDIs here and there. I came here seeking help on working on my pokemon soundfont a bit. I don't want to advertise my soundfont or anything yet, as I haven't had permission to do so. Honestly, I don't know if that kind of project would be actually considered part of the romhacking community. If I'm not welcomed here for that, possibly someone can point me to an active board that discusses such things. :) Other than that, it's nice to meet you all, and I'd like to see what else is going on in romhacking. :)


Quote from: Merta on January 22, 2013, 02:26:08 AM
Hello LocksmithArmy. I find it interesting how congruent your interest in picking locks in the real world is tied to picking digital locks in the game world, though it is purely coincidental. I saw your two hacks on the sidebar there, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Gold hacks, and I really like your idea. I've usually played video games as single player experiences and never played a portable game with someone else or even traded Pokemon so you have very good intentions and it also sounds like you have some talent. Hopefully you'll be one of those guys who will dazzle everybody with enough ASM knowledge to create an entirely new game out of an old game's engine.

yeah Ive already started researching ASM coding and reading into how it all works... with intentions of making better hacks ;)

I already have an idea for a new game I want to make... although I dont know what base game Ill start with

It will be like the story of Mew, itll be an action rpg style, like maybe zeldaII with some sidescrolling action, the player (mew) will learn moves as you progress thru the game (aquired like powerups or items) and use them to kill bad guys of course... but itll be about how team rocket tries to capture him and eventually does, and gets some of his DNA and makes Mewtwo... and the final boss will be against the Mewtwo and when you win you cause a mountian to fall on Mewtwo (getting him stuck in unknown cave)

I got alot to learn before I can embark on such a Hack tho ;)
~Current Project:

Jack-of-All Games

It's allllll about video games. From reviews to some playthroughs and possibly a bit more to it.
I hope you guys check it out, and some comments would be nice. :)



So, a couple things.  Your website's extraordinarily ugly.  Simplify it, and for god's sake get rid of that mspaint.  Glowing text should die a fiery, horrible death.  The text links at the top should easily lead to and through your review sections, rather than extra links that must be clicked through.

That aside, why do you have half-scores?  If you're going to do that, just do an out of 10 ranking.  Half scores are silly.

I don't get the grey fence background.  The rest of the site's bright and colorful, why a boring grey, not to mention text that's hard to read?  Black text on white background.  Don't do half-tones.

The reviews are also too short and not exactly informative.  Mostly just, "hey, I liked this game! You should try it out!"  Well... okay.  Also, judging games on their length and the amount of money is the most overused "game review" trope imaginable.  You will never see this in reviews of any other media, and it's ridiculous that videogames are somehow an exception.  It's lazy and unreasonable.  You need to go deeper than surface impressions if you want respectability as a writer.  A ten-year-old could tell me how pretty the graphics are or how the game controls.

Jack-of-All Games

1. Then there would be WAY too many text links at the top.

2. There are critics that do short reviews.

3. I don't often judge price or length, but in cases like 16-Bit Xmas 2011, that can be at least somewhat of a major issue.

4. The 10-year old can tell you about graphics or control, but maybe that's all that the 10-year old can talk about.


Hello everyone! My name is fuzz94, and I am hail from the Fire Emblem Hacking domain. I've created two projects so far, 1 was a large cross over hack that I restarted 2 or 3 times, and on the latest and greatest run, I cancelled it because it was poorly made and it writing for other people's characters is not so fun. My other project is one I'm doing with a team and it's going pretty well.

My one question is, should I start a thread in the Projects board now, or when the first public patch is ready to be released?


Hey everyone, Transius here. I'm brand new to the rom hacking scene. I'm 25 and just finishing up my computer science degree with a minor in Japanese. I'm most interested in translation,  primarily as a way to help me further my language study, but rom hacking in general seems pretty fun and I'm hoping I can do some interesting stuff. Looking forward to being part of the community.


 :D Hi My name Is Joey and i Hack Megaman X games, I am from Puerto Rico, I Have huge goals in mind!! If you need help or anything i love helping :)

Singing Soul

hi yall

its me singing sole, the soul that sings ^_^

ive been interested in rom hacking for some gears now and to be quite honist I couldnt get past the introductory documents... tehy R so ambiguous!!!

But anyway, now i've gathered my resolves and decided to once and for all learn this shizzle
I want to be able to make level hacking tools, assemblers / disassemblers, and emulators. Not necessarily actually do them... just know how to.
(I know "normal" programming and "normal" assembly, but understanding the hardware and rom layout stuffz is hard)

I'm starting with the SNES and I'm wrestling with the ducks right now... I will try to keep my questions at minimum but I will eventually have to bother you guys...

-Best gaims evr: ZERUDA: Skyguard Swore, Wario Lamb 3, Castelvenia 64
-my waifs: zoe drake, reese drake, carry fernando, fay, humid, metroid, helios tda primodial sung, lyn lyndys, the hot mexican chic fron the DnD game, c. syrup
-Curently working in: umhara cubase levell editer


Hello all,
Just call me Sparkbomber, I've visited the site often these past few years and had a blast with some translations for intriguing games.
Games (like books and Transformers) are an important part of my life, so the opportunity to play some in a fan translation that I'd otherwise miss (with my poor grasp of Japanese) is what's attracted me to the site. And of course the improved/wholly revamped games as well.

Programming wise, I pretty much have no talent, but I've done some playtesting and made custom graphics for a few games and such.
I'm not into forums much mind, yet who knows where I'll post next?
In any case, nice to meet you. :crazy:


Quote from: Jack-of-All Games on February 10, 2013, 07:55:53 PM
1. Then there would be WAY too many text links at the top.

2. There are critics that do short reviews.

3. I don't often judge price or length, but in cases like 16-Bit Xmas 2011, that can be at least somewhat of a major issue.

4. The 10-year old can tell you about graphics or control, but maybe that's all that the 10-year old can talk about.

1. Learn to take criticism. Those are all valid criticisms offered more constructively than necessary. Your site design is atrocious from both a user interface aspect and an aesthetic standpoint. Thank people for criticism and follow it or don't. But don't give knee-jerk defenses. People aren't attacking. They are offering their time and effort to assist you in improving your product.

2. Offer something worthwhile to the internet. No one needs to be told Mario 3, Kirby, and Contra are great games. The same way no one needs to be told Action 52 and Dr. Jekyll aren't. That information is available a thousand times over and I assure you that you haven't added anything new to the discussion.


I'm known online mostly as Rogue, I've modded a few games with in depth tutorials but no experience with coding or ROM hacking before. More familiar than the average joe with computer software (as we all are) but other than that im just a guppy. A very bored human with 2 crummy PC's. First ROM I intend to modify is Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy.


Hello. My name is NES Boy. My contributions to the ROM hacking scene thus far is based around SMW Central. I've submitted the font from Mega Man 9 and a Mario edit with his original outfit (which ended up being used in this hack). As for hack imput, the only things at the top of my head that I can remember revolve around FPI's Second Reality Project remakes (such as pointing out that he can replace the "ILLUSIYELLOW" graphics if they're not going to be used -- something that not many SMW hackers take advantage of -- and some data on what rooms and secondary exits the original TSRP2 used).


 Name's awmehgoddd.
Fairly new to the ROM hacking biz, but gaming on for the last 18 years now.
Started with a Sega Genesis, then moved up to a Super Nintendo, then down to a NES, up to Game Boy, and well, you get the picture.

Currently having a blast playing SNES games on my Wii through SNES9X GX, and starting to get into Hyrule Magic.
LttP is so much fun to tinker around with once you know how.


Hi everybody! Long time lurker, first time poster. Glad to be here. You guys are doing amazing work.



Hi all, I'm earlynovfan.
I've browsed this site a few times before but finally decided to join after the long search of finding an english patch for Tokimeki Memorial (SuperFamicom/PSX).
So I am wondering if anyone would like to join me and try to make a patch.
I only know a small amount of japanese and I'm fairly tech savy so it wouldn't be hard to learn any kind of coding as long as I had some help.

PM me if interested!


Hi everyone! I'm Yoshistar95, also known on Youtube with the same name :)
I've found this site few years ago when I want to have a level editor to hack SMB NES, which finally has been finished.
My channel

Maker of Super Mario Bros. The New Super Adventure. (SMB 1 level hack)


Hello ya'll, ShadowDude here and if you haven't guessed yet, I'm new here :P For some time now I've been lurking off and on this site but figured it was about time that I gave back to this wonderful community :D

I love all of the documents and utilities available for use and found myself enjoying beginning hacks like changing the text in games or changing the graphics lol

I'm currently working on a Legend of Zelda III spoof hack titled, Link's inept uncle , which is mainly about Link avenging the death of his stupid uncle XD

When I'm done with it, I'll post the IP patch for it or link it somehow :D

So yeah, that's my little introduction and I hope to make new friends or enemies in this community real soon. Thanks for reading :)