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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hey all, I'm Chue it (or just Chu). I've recently decided to hack my own game, and this is easily the best resource I've found for tools and guides. So yeah, hi everyone!


Hey everyone I'm TitanAnteus and I'm glad I'm here.  Nowhere else have I seen such a great source of romhacking information on the net. :thumbsup: Trust me I've looked, and I keep coming across here.

My personal reason for wanting to be here is Super Robot Wars. I love that series, and am trying to translate the menu for SRW Z2: Hakai-Hen(PSP game.)


Hello, I'm Gary! I'm fairly new to Rom hacking, and I'd like to give it a shot and recreate some games in my own image and likeness. I'm working on Tetris Attack/Panel De Pon for SNES now, and I may make some others in the future.
Aside from that, I like riding my bike, hanging around in my town, being with friends, and just being a weird individual! >.<
I hope I can meet a few new online friends on the forums, and I hope you all get used to me as well!
And that's me! Bye! :)



My name is SiZiOUS, I'm 27 and I'm a french guy.
I'm a newbie in translation world. Today I just worked on a single game: Shenmue (every version, including What's Shenmue - demo -, Shenmue, Shenmue II Dreamcast and Xbox). That's why I created the Shenmue Translation Pack (with the help of Manic who's the project founder).

My personal website is where you can find all my proggies, specially for Dreamcast hardware.
I have a Twitter and Facebook accounts!



I definitely  remember some of you guys; Gil, MathOnNapkins, its been awhile, hows everyone doing?
Used to go by the name of Chaos Force back in the old days :P Long time no see.


If you are the one true Chaos Force, where is your signature avatar?! (Also, please don't change the thread subject without a good reason, I thought this was a new thread at first).

... oh, and hi, how have you been?


I am. and I've been a doing fine. I'll upload the avatar whenever I have time. :P and uh, heh sorry about the topic thing^^;


I feel it's obligatory to make a post in the introduction part of the board, so here is mine. I've delved in rom hacking occasionally, I've never really finished any full hacks at this point in time. I am working on a few hacks though and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish the few ideas I have for some hacks. I'm not exactly sure what I'm trying to say, but what I am saying is that I want to at the very least make a completable hack. I've been mostly hacking Pokemon, sometimes doing Super Mario World level contests, or trying to design single levels for projects and usually getting booted out of them due to not updating frequently enough or cutting it too close to deadlines, which is why I prefer to work on projects at my own pace. I think Pokemon is a great beginning project, and maybe we'll eventually see some results from me... I guess that's an introduction if I ever saw one.


Hello all, how are you?

My name's is Eduardo, i live in Brazil and has always been a fan of games. My personal preference are Japanese such as Adventures and JRPGs.

Personally I'm starting a translation of Romancing SaGa 2 in English and Brazilian Portuguese [only the translation, I do not know how to do romhacking].

And that is it. Thank You


Hello all! I've made my way here from using the wonderful application Temporal Flux.  My purpose here is to learn all I can about the program and to maybe make a hacking buddy or two haha.  At any rate I hope I can make steady progress and hope to hear from the hacking masters soon enough!  :woot!:
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Yoo everyone!

I have been checking the site a little now and then through the years, always been interested in fan-translations, hacks and that kind of stuff. Recently I have moved to Japan to finally start going towards mastering Japanese and are therefore very interested in that I will be able to join a team to do some fan-translation one day. We'll see each other out on the boards! ;)


Hello everyone! I'm TheZunar123 (You can call me Zunar if you don't want to write out my full name). I heard this site was a good resource for hacking and turns out it is, so here I am.
Speedrunner and Let's Player.



I'm Sigea and though I've been in touch with romhacking from a long time, I never thought of being in a dedicated romhacking community. So here am I! I hope I can share the few things I learn more with you guys.  :)


Yo!! The name is Wiz and from Africa.... Anime/Manga,Music,RPGs and Fighting games are my forte!!! Currently I'm 19 yrs old and I'm a 2nd year prgramming student.... I'm a calm and carefree guy  and when I'm not high on weed(Hangedman Kush to be precise) you can catch me translating some stuff or playing games till I passout from having too many joints lol.... Hoping to meet a lot of inspiring translators and programmers and hope we can work together!! :D


Alexkidd here. Big Super Famicom fan and love translated roms which brings me here. I'm looking forward to joining this community.


I'm verifiaman, the master of verification, (Jonesboro,Georgia) and i like to make 8bit stuff like this:
im mostly a fan of 80's music videos and video game tracks from the 90's. i hope to see a lot of new hacks here to look at.


Greetings! Murugo here, sending best wishes to the rom hacking community. I've spent this past summer on a few NES projects learning the basics of 6502 assembly, and the documents and examples hosted here have been tremendously helpful. Thanks so much!


 :) I'm a New Member Duh, My fave games were 1990s RPGs & RPG-Sims.
My most recent game played was Mother 3 (Japan).gba (Still in Chapter 2).
I like Cheese.  :laugh:


It's the middle of the night but here we go  :) :

My name is Justin Baliao, 20 years old from the Philippines. Some of you may be familiar of me either in the Shmups Forum or Twitter, but I am a retro gamer at heart. The first game I've ever played since childhood is Super Mario Bros. It was a very spectacular game, especially in my older age now. Aside from that, I have also played some shmups during my downtime. If I'm not playing shmups or retro games, I cheer or entertain my favorite celebrities on Twitter while staying within the good side.

Btw, I also create videos on YouTube too as torm223300!  :)

Expect some retro game hacks from me soon.  ;D


Hello the names Tony[ NIntendo and  I'm in my mid twenties from the North West.I'm very interested in learning everything about the original and super Nintendo as well the 64 because I've been curious of how the systems worked since I was a child...

I'm sort of a n00b when it comes to ROM hacking and I'm not expecting anyone to devout their time to spoon feeding me because I have to make this journey on my own, I am hoping for support when I need it though and a little help from time to time....

Thank you ....