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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hi, guys, nice to meet you.
I had the pleasure to talk with some of you before, but this is my first time in the message board.  :)
I hope can count with some good pieces of advices about rom hacking and stuff.
I'm here for learning.
Nice to meet you all n_n

LO zeto

LO zeto, I am here to learn the ways of the romhack. ;D


Hello all!

I've played quite a few hacks from the site and I think it's time to try some snes hacking myself.

Hoping to get some advice from the experts and really test my programming skills.

Super Metroid Redesign and FF6 eternal crystals in particular have definitely inspired me to take on a project.


oh wow, welcome everyone !!

i have sort of been away for a little while...i am so happy to see the high number of people that have joined since my absence  ^_^" 

anyhow, i have just updated my pokemon red hack for the old gameboy...and will post the info here shortly   ;)

* happy hacking to you all *

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)


Hi! I joined to cheer up some ongoing translations, especially moon. I'm also a fan of romhackers, it's a very hard work, all that translating and editing. I have no experience myself, and I'm not a very helpful person in that sense, but I hope I can still contribute somehow. I respect people who use their limited time to translate Japanese games, also those who hack games. I have (mostly) self-studied Japanese for over a decade already, it's a very hard language but also very rewarding, especially if you are a gamer. :)

And yes, Levant is from Jade Cocoon. I don't really care whole lot about the game but that name is so cool, hehe.


Hey guys, I'm new to rom hacking. More interested on translation, hope to learn a lot here!  ;)


Hello everyone, Nice to finally join the board after visiting the site for a long time lol


I'm japanese.




(Translation: This is the first time a Japanese person has come here. Welcome to RHDN.)

Red Comet: :'( Poor DS. Nobody loves him like RC does. :'(
DSRH - Currently working on: Demon's Blazon, Romancing SaGa, FFIV EasyType.

Garoth Moulinoski


(I think there are people who live in Japan who come to RHDN)

At least, that's what I tried to write but my grammar is worse is worse than my vocabulary... 僕は日本語が下手です。。。(´;ω;`)
Who will quote me next?
Disclaimer: If it sounds wrong, I may have been posting while asleep.


Hello! I'm a romhacking newbie and amateur translator who's become determined to translate an old Japanese psx/ds game. Hopefully I'll learn a lot here! :D


I'm Harrison.

I write utilities mostly. So far everything I've released has been for modifying the first two generations of Pokemon games (Wild Pokemon editors for both, Town Map editor for GSC and a few unfinished programs).

Despite my previous Pokemon exclusivity, my current project is actually for the Gamecube. I'm working on fixing the grammatical and other related errors in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I've already worked out how to read the stored messages; Now all that is left to do is write them and work out what the different special markers mean.

It's quite possible that I'm the only person in South Carolina who uses Freepascal.

Outside of ROM hacking I'm a university student, going into my second year. I'm a psychology major, play the upright bass in the orchestra, and am president of a rather controversial group. It's the summer now though, so most of my time is spent on the computer, but I do make time for running and working out.

I think that covers everything, so yeah. I'm no good with closings.


Hello everyone, my name is Tony, I'm 19. What I like to do:

-create hacks of Super Mario World
-Listen to music
-read manga
-watch animes

I 'm currently working on a hack of Super Mario World.  :)

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french.



Hello there, I mostly created this account to dump some ROM and RAM information on one particular SNES game for anyone that might try to hack it in the future...I personally feel the game has a lot of potential even though it was kind of under the radar at the time of its release. I'm actually preparing to use Data Crystal to post my findings, but I need to get my list in order first (most of what is on my list are values I did find on my own, but the other values were from GSCentral).

The game is Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. I did make my own "hack" of it, but I do not know if it actually qualifies as one according to this site. I did a tiny bit of text editing, but most of the hex values changed were related to the player (including power-ups) and enemies (health and damage). I plan to put these values up on Data Crystal, but I may not release the hack itself unless it is ok if the game is slightly edited. It was made for those wanting the game to be harder, but I did increase the limits of a couple of things (such as health) to balance it out.

Outside of romhacking (which I do little of), I'm mostly a player, though I do make videos. Anyone browsing Youtube might know me as MetalYoshi4, or MetalKirby. I am aspiring to become a programmer, though, perhaps video game programming.


Sup translators & hackers i am DSwizzy (as my nick is) :) i've came visiting here very many times and been very intrested to seeing how much japanese-english translation has been acomplished and hopefully to have a helping hand to help translate sfc games


Hi I'm nero. I am new to the forums. I love classic gaming and am always looks for new ways to enjoy the classics.  Anyway I look forward to reading about and playing your projects!  Thank you!

pyro smiley

thanks for leting me join :)


hello, everyone, i am phoenix, i am so glad that i got joined in, because i really wanna help translating games  :D


Greetings to you all, you can call me Chris if you'd like. I'm 18 years of age and I live in the UK.

If I was to talk about myself, I'd say that my hobbies include composing, playing games (preferably RPG's) or...watching sitcoms. Yeah, I don't really do much else apart from that, but that should change soon due to College.

Anyway, I hope I become an active member.'s nice to meet you, whomever you may be! :)