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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hey everyone. I'm a highschool senior who's almost done with college apps (Going to school for Computer Science, or maybe Electrical Engineering, who knows?). I got into computers by playing emulators and trying to figure out how Romhacking works, back in sixth grade or so. Since then, my interests deviated and I spent most of my time programming and breaking Linux installs :). (I run Arch Linux on my all-powerful Netbook, and and occasionally virtualize Windows XP for those oh-so-annoying times)

Anyway, I recently started playing through Shin Megami Tensei, and the nostalgia came flooding back. By now, I have a pretty solid understanding of the x86 platform, so hopefully, Romhacking this time around will be less "wtf is going on" and more "So that's how this works...".

Happy Holidays!


Mine as well make one.

Hello my (user) name is wiiqwertyuiop. I am a ROM hacker, specifically SNES games, and have done alot of SMW hacking in my past. I am now doing Zelda (3) hacking, as you can see in my sig (of course I'm going to advertise my site :P), and I plan on finishing a dissasembly in a few months (1-2. I'm slow...). So yeah, I'll try to be active here but we will see...
Into Zelda hacking, or want to start getting into it? Join this: Link. I'm looking for mods!


So yeah. Hi.

I have been known for the past few years as MetroidMst. Been in the ROMHacking scene since early/mid 2009. Saw my brother hacking my favorite game, Super Metroid, and he then showed me some YouTube videos of Redesign and another hacker was born. Started off making a hack with my bro, which he named Super Metroid: Again. Got a little bit, restarted, went further, restarted again, got further and getting way better at using SMILE and restarted yet again. We built quite a ways, then a bug destroyed the hack. Deciding we needed to get better ourselves before doing our big "main hack" as it were, we started to do separate hacks. This has led to both of us becoming even more advanced at using SMILE. Helped us both really get good with building the rooms. I've learned to be competent with a HEX editor, and he has taken it farther and is doing ASM for Super Metroid. This separation of us has led to him releasing one hack, AngryFireChozo, and I just recently released So Little Time, a hack I made in a single week for a competition.

So yeah, we started going our separate ways about 3/4 into 2009. I've been working on a hack called Super Metroid: Fear since that time. I personally hated each restart we did with Again, so I have never restarted Fear, I just keep working on it and working on it, fixing errors and bugs, expanding it, building new rooms, fitting new ideas in. It is a ways off, but I can finally see the light after over 2 years. This has been fun. I used to draw maps/enemies/bosses/items for Metroid all the time. Super being my favorite game ever I always wanted to make my own 2D Metroid that would advance it further than Super. Little did I know it was actually possible to try it. So yeah, getting close to 3 years hacking Super Metroid now. I find it amusing to look back and see that first room I did. It is terrible.

So, I hack Super Metroid, I play Super Metroid hacks and often upload it to YouTube under the guise of ShyGuyExpress.

I'm probably not going to be too active over here, but I don't want to be a total stranger. You will find me more often than naught on the MetroidConstruction forums, where people put up with my stupid questions. I will probably be around every once in a while. I will definitely release hacks here too, as I want to get a broad audience to my silly creations, and I look forward to maybe watching someone make videos of my hacks on YouTube someday.

So my favorite games are:

  • Super Metroid
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest
  • The Lost Vikings 2
  • Metroid
  • Super Mario Bros 3
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Metroid Prime
  • Donkey Kong Country

A lot of SNES games on that there list.


Quote from: D on January 05, 2006, 01:02:24 PM

I have yet to see Oldboy or Sympathy for Mr. Vengance, but I picked up Sympathy for Lady Vengance last week. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it--though I hear it's not as violent as Oldboy was.

Oldboy is a brilliant film, wait till you see him eat the live octopus =)
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.....



I'm me and I make tiny pixels and I had a c64 when I was young even if I'm 27 now and I like pancakes and melons!
The "Help Wanted Ads" are crammed with translations, but I hope someone out there needs a graphic artist so I can put my skills to good use.
If anyone is in need of sprites, tiles, animations, menus, fonts or just needs a logo, please don't feel afraid to PM me, and even if I drowned those three puppies in the bathub full of baby blood I'm not a bad person to work with they say and I like pancakes and melons!!!
Umm...I have a cat, too!


Hi guys. Call me Schwa. If you're an oldbie, you've heard of me. ;) Thought I'd come back and try my hand at this Rom Hacking thing again, maybe. For now I'm just playing around, but of course, that's usually how any good project begins, amirite? ^^

Keep an eye out for me, hopefully! *waves*

Oh, things about myself? I love coffee, Chess, bicycling, meeting new people, philosophy, and exercising my creative talents. In no particular order. ^^ Those of you who used to "know me" might find that I have changed DRAMATICALLY over the past God-knows-how-many years, you know, having overcome depression and all that. (Hint: Never take meds for depression! Fight your demons head-on, never settle for caging them. Quitting was the best thing I have ever done in my life.) I love people now, as opposed to being afraid of them, and I don't believe in Aspergers anymore either, I believe in me.

In any case it's real nice to see the general Rom hacking scene still as busy as ever. :3 Heheh, I think even 30 years from now it'll still be going strong. But by then we'll probably be hacking ISOs more often than Roms. XDD You can't kill off indie gamers, that's a fact!


hey, Schwa!  nice to see your first post here from the day I signed up for an account.  neat coincidence.

I'm getting close to releasing another update to Ninety Flow 2012 (NHL '94 for the SNES), so I finally joined this site, figuring that I can try to elicit a bit of assistance in the aspects of tearing that ROM apart and building it back up that I don't fully grasp.  I understand that I am asking for guidance and partners that will take on some real work, so I am not going to create a help wanted ad, but I did start a project thread that I hope folks will check out.

do me the favor of clicking on this link:,13878.0.html

thanks for your time, y'all.  here's hoping my atrophied old brain can learn some things around here.

"excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on." "I'm not not licking toads." -HJ Simpson


 ;D Wats sup ya'll? totally new here


Hello, call me just Tsuki if you don't feel comfortable with the entire name.

I am not any good with hacking/modding games. The most I did was crack up codes in PC, GB, GBC, GBA, NES and SNES games, as well as code some stuff using Zdoom and Skulltag's Decorate (In this I am very good. Just... Very good). My role here might be more of a tester (due to how observant I am of flaws and such) and to provide some ideas of possible hacking.


Hello. I'm new to but Ive done a couple of small hack projects in the past. I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area. I'm hoping to get a couple of games translated. I would be willing to help of course, but I really don't know anything about Japanese. I know translating a Rom is a lot of hard work, but I believe that the games I wish to have translated would be a very welcome addition to the community. They are as follows:

Metroid Fusion (J).gba

I know there are already English versions of Metroid Fusion released for ntsc and pal regions, but those versions don't have the gallery or hard mode available after the game is completed. Only the Japanese version has these extras. I've played though both the English and Japanese versions many, many times, and have always wanted to combine the two; to be able to have all the replay value of the Japanese version (unlocking different gallery images by beating the game under different and increasingly difficult criteria) and also be able to read and understand the storyline as the game progresses (as can be done in the English versions). The ntsc version of the game has already been translated (through patching) into at least four other languages (Brazilian, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian). The pal version already has a language select menu featuring English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The Japanese version can select between Kanji and Hiragana (two different Japanese alphabets) as well as select easy and normal difficulty levels. The hard difficulty level can be unlocked as well as the gallery. To completely unlock everything in the Japanese version requires at least 8 playthroughs.

So I tried to start this project on my own and quickly found myself in over my head. I need to somehow dump all the text from the ntsc and the Japanese versions, change the Japanese letter tables to English letters, insert all the English text and properly format it and then somehow compile the IPS patch to translate the original Japanese Rom into English. Then it needs to be completely tested. After that it may or may not be difficult to use the other language patches for the USA Rom to create patches to translate the Japanese version. I really don't know.

I found and tried to use DoubleHelix 2.0 (an editor for metroid fusion and metroid zero mission) but it only works with the USA and European Roms and not the Japanese one. I'm not sure which direction to proceed in, and I really haven't made any progress other than the realization that I need help. I'm kind of hoping someone with the same passion for this game, as well as the hacking and translating skills, comes across this request and takes on the project. More realistically, if someone could give me a couple of tips or pointers to get me started, then I would be grateful. As I said, I don't know any Japanese, but I figure the game has already been translated and I just need to do all the rest. I know I may be thinking over-optimistically, but that's better than giving up.

Bio Hazard (Unl) [b1].nes

This is an unlicensed port of Resident Evil 1 to the NES (not to be confused with Sweet Home, a licensed game that actually has been translated into English). From what I've read, the [b1] dump is the most stable. The game is said to only come in Chinese and Japanese, but others claim it is only in Chinese. I cant tell the difference. The text from this game "should" be the same (or relatively similar) to other resident evil 1 releases for the other various consoles. Again, I have no way of telling if this is true or not. I have not played through this game very far, but I would like to. I think the resident evil fans out there would love to see this game in English, as would I. It plays similarly to resident evil gaiden for the gameboy color. Jill main character; Chris can't be picked.

I have not yet tried to do anything to this Rom yet. I just wanted to put this out there and see if somebody else thought it was a good enough endeavor to undertake. I will do what I can to try and get this going, but if anyone thinks they can do it better, faster or just plain easier than I can, then go right ahead. Otherwise, I intend to follow the guides on this site to educate myself as I go and try to end up with something playable that we all can appreciate. I might not come up with an actual translation, but at least the wording and dialog would be in English and hopefully remain true to what has been licensed on the other console versions.

To reach that goal, I will need to dump the text off of another resident evil 1 game for a different console. The original game been released onto:PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Network,  and Windows. The remake has been released on GameCube and Wii. There are also a couple of unfinished and unreleased resident evil 1 Roms for gameboy color that recently became available on the web. They are both in English, but Jill can only be played in one of them. That Rom may be suitable for use for a text dump.

Thanks for any help and for all these fine resources here at I apologize if this post is long or if I posted it in the wrong area. I could make a separate topic somewhere and re-post this there or separate this into two different threads. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading all this and extra thanks to anyone who can help.


I'm new here. I've done a bit of hex editing for a minor Super Mario Kart hack, but other than that I'm pretty much an amateur (I don't quite know how to decompress graphics yet). :3


New to this site, although have been hacking quit a bit lately w/ the NES classic Destiny of an Emperor.  I have two threads where you can find info on these and I'm hoping to post them here at Romhacking at some point.

Rise of Ieyasu DOAE mod (Beta testing...)

Rise of Lu Bu DOAE mod (Complete!)


I'm kiet and come to this website for learn romhacking
wish I'll do it  :) :) :) :)


Hi guys, I'm from Italy, and i'm just trying to learn something about this world... i'm not a advanced programmer (i do what i can with .net) nor a 2D artist (i really can't draw a square in a squared homework book), but i really enjoy retrogaming and the beautiful work of translation that some users do for us gamers.

Thank You

(and this site and its staff of course that makes all of us together)


I'm Marczylla and I'm a proud noob who knows almost nothing about hacking Nintendo 64 ROMs (but would like to learn), speaks horrible Japanese (but would like to learn), and a part-time troll.


Hello all!

I registered here because I have lots of free time. I am a newbie modding but I see it like a challenge. I hope to learn a lot.  :laugh:


I always wanting to create games but don't have the resources to do so. Seeing alot of people here making (or fan-making xD, wooh odd terminology) games for fun, I hope I could learn from you guys!


HELLo, I'm bLind (but I can see ;D ), and I came here just like everyone: to ask, to learn, to help... And... because I like games ! Hope we can get along well !
Stay METAL  !!! \m/(^_^)\m/


Hello, everyone, I'm imamelia.  I'm mainly a Super Mario World hacker by trade, but I occasionally dabble in other games (such as Yoshi's Island), and I'm planning to get into SNES homebrew eventually, maybe even outright PC game designing (although that's quite a ways off).  I mostly enjoy playing platformers, although I'll play the odd puzzle game, RPG, or shooter once in a while.  I've been a member of another ROM hacking site (and a couple other forums) for a while, and I thought this place might be interesting and might help me learn.

Jedi QuestMaster

Welcome, bLind! ;D

Wait, you wouldn't happen to be THE bLiNd, would you? :o