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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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hello, im mushroom.
i found this site while looking for some stuff on GB and GBC opcodes.
im trying to make my own emulator for just gameboy and gameboy color.
i hope i can find friendly people here who can maybe give me advice when i run into trouble with making it  :)


Hi there. I am some dude that possibly you will all get to know maybe. I like playing Mario. I hack SMW2 along with a friend who doesn't go here. I know (using the term loosely) SNES ASM, and PHP, along with HTML and CSS and such. I kinda half-learned all of these out of boredom then found something more fun to do. I'm looking into Z80 ASM now because it seems cool so I'll possibly try half-learning that too but eh. For now I'll just check out the community and if you guys are a neato bunch I'll stay. The last website I frequented got boring.


Hi! CrocMagnum speaking. One of those long-time-pig lurkers! It took me some time to show up but I have no excuse really ; )

I spent my youth during the 8/16 bit era and I still like those systems. Not that I ditch the new games (I play some ; ), but there something to those noble pixels. The Arcades were my fav I must say: there was nothing more untertaining than making a trip to one of those smoked out Arcades just to play the latest hit. Gees do I sound like an old fart?

What led me to register here is the genuine friendliness that linger around these parts. You're a nice Community!

So to cut it short I'm CrocMagnum and I'm happy to be on board.
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Yoyo all!

Thought i'd jump on here and say howdy to everyone as one of the newer members of the forum. Not much to say really, i had no clue about the world of rom hacking until about a month ago whilst doing some random googling. Although im not a newb to programming ( i made my first program on the zx spectrum ooo so long ago) i'm totally engrossed by the influx of info which i have found here.

I'll mainly be doing gba stuff, perhaps starting off with a gfx hack of Advance Wars (1 or 2) as ever since i played it i wanted to play a space or (sorry) warcraft vesion of it. I guess when inspiration comes no matter where from, you have to follow it for as long as you can :)

So thats it really. I hope that i get to contribute a bit to the forum and that you guys (or gals) won't get too annoyed by my (hopefully) constant questioning as i journey into the world of RomHacking xD

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Oo also wanted to say a big TY to Nightcrawler for his speedy reply concerning my download issues. Stupid 403 Forbidden error solved by using the evil IE8 (grr) instead of Firefox.

Arcane Studios Dredge

Hello to all!

I'm Arcane Studios Dredge. I am the infamous creator of witches.
I'm also a gamer. My obession with witches began in 2009 when I'm creating units for my game,
but to sudden blasts, I got them in tiptop shape!
I'm the family computerer playing pirate hacks. (one who plays NES)

My first planned romhack is on Journey to Silius - using the Raf World sprite from the JP version,
as well as on the Famicom version of Ys I and II replacing Adol Christin with Pico,
as well as the NES version of the PS3 hit inFamous.
I mainly hack also GBA games.

More power to RHDN!
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Hello I am the Wizz-ord and I love PS1 JRPGs!!!
Please visit my forum for PS1 and PS2 RPGs. Make an account if you care, I need more members :)!

Chaos Force

Not sure if any of you guys remember me,  used to go by pmp2000 for a while.  I used to be one of the guys who ran TEK hacks when it was still around. I still recognize some of the people here; Gil, DarkSol, Math, Nightcrawler. I've been kinda lurking around for a bit. Thought I'd stop in a say hi. ;)


Hi I'm LinkFloyd, a old school gamer, I started playing Atari 2600.
I am a Zelda fan, and also I like Castlevania, Mario, Contra, Street Fighter, tec.

Now, I am making a Megaman and Donkey Kong graphics hacks, these are my first whole hacks, and soon I will release the patches.

Excuse me if I dont write properly. I don't speak english
Greetings for Mexico


Hello everyone!

I'm new in these parts and am just starting up a project of my own and figured this would be a great place to hang out, get help and help others.

The project I'm working on now (SaGa 3 for DS) is my first console hack.  I made a mod of Hellfire a few years ago and have done some Diablo 2 mods as well.  Nothing large scale, just for personal use.  In real-life I'm a software developer that primarily works with JEE6 but I do some C/C++ programming and work with MySQL and SQLServer.



Quote from: Cain on May 13, 2011, 03:50:58 PM
Hello everyone!...

Hello my child, stay a while and listen.

That jumped into my head as soon as I saw the name. :)

EDIT: Turns out it's friend not child, oh well it has been a few years...


HI, I used to be a romhacker, I have some translations from English to spanish :). I was user of this forum a long time ago, but had some problems and I lost all my post, I recover my account just now and my surprise is that I have no post at all xDD, but it doesn't matter, probably nobody remember me =P, anyway I like to read about translations, and gaming :). Bye xD
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I remember the name, actually. :)
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P


little late, as introduction
But hello, thanks for all the help so far btw..

I've just began playing with hacking, but I've started straight onto PSX, skipping any GB, NES,SNES ~ for pure madness, well mostly because I was really just interested in hacking psx games, I just hope I can get anywhere before PS4 comes out


Hello.  I helped out with a tiny bit of Japanese to English translation on a relatively obscure Genesis title a looong time ago.  I don't think it ever got finished.  But I like to pop in and see what's going on in the scene every now and then, and hopefully I might someday find space to make myself useful again.  My Japanese nowadays is awful, but if there were ever a need for Dutch or German to English translation, I'd love to get involved.


What game did you work on, gnawingonfoot?
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P


...But I've certainly shot my mouth off quite a bit already.

Hi there, I'm Johnny Norris Jr., and I'm your boy, Captain America over here, and I am really really excited, and have no idea what I'm doing here. This is what I do professionally.

Right, so that's been slow lately, and I was playing an awful lot of Final Fantasy III in my downtime, specifically, Sky Render's hack of Final Fantasy VIj. I eventually got so pissed off at the menu font that I had the idea of dropping Sky's script into Final Fantasy IIIus. But then I realized that Sky's script was kind of dumb, so I wrote my own, and the RHDN Staff just about had an apoplectic at my heinous, heinous lack of understanding about versioning and proper release schedules. I'm sorry guys, I admit it, I have no idea what I'm doing.

But can you blame me? The biggest accomplishment I've had so far before this was getting up to a .8 BAC without falling all over myself on the guitar.

Peace love and phoenix downs!

- Spooniest


Hello.  Nice to meet you all.  Old schooler here who first heard about this board from YCPT, but have used some patches and hacks nong before.  Have been trying to learn how to hex edit NES games for a while.  I've been working on a translation of the SD-Gundam Games for the famicom (the strategy ones) but obviously can't really do too much until I can edit and patch the things, so mostly I've been making notes.


Hi - I probably never introduced myself because I'm more of a face-to-face person than typical net forum poster.
I'm a creative professional (actor, clown, artist, writer) with a hobby interest in romhacking, I originally started playing hacks 'cuz I couldn't afford new Wii games, hahahaha, and everything I learned about how to hack roms I learned from this site, leeching off other people's work like a true American.
I still don't know much, my hacks are really less true "hacks" and more rom mods made with other people's tools - though I did manage to learn a bit of hex and put it to use.
So anyways I like classic video games, tabletop RPGs, live theatre, cooking, booze, kung-fu movies, fantasy and sci-fi literature, et cetera. 
I can sometimes come off as harshly rude online, though I try not to be, so I generally don't post much. I'm really a nice guy in person.

Justice Colde

Hello hacking people.

My name is Justice Colde/King D. Supersepiroth, I am a crafter (I just make things) and Y'all may have seen My YouTube Poops on YouTube (obviously)

I have been working on 3 hacks and I'm looking into getting better at making hacks before I jump barrel and fall flat on My face.
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Quote from: Justice Colde on September 28, 2011, 01:59:41 AM
Hello hacking people.

My name is Justice Colde/King D. Supersepiroth, I am a crafter (I just make things) and Y'all may have seen My YouTube Poops on YouTube (obviously)

I have been working on 3 hacks and I'm looking into getting better at making hacks before I jump barrel and fall flat on My face.

Welcome to RHDN!

Documents, Fonts, Utilities, It's yours my friend, As long as you have enough hacking experience!
I Hath Returned...

BTW My username is not Hamtaro129. THAT IS WRONG, Please correct immediately or I will try to correct it myself!