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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Quote from: Dastari on March 01, 2009, 01:25:01 AM
My wife has already asked me to create a Super Mario Bros Simple which would be a version of the game that is made easier so that she can beat it.

Energy bar.

EDIT: Or a health percentage counter; might be easier.

Killa B

Dastari: Your story warms my heart.

I can relate to the idea of wanting to play on the real system. I'm the same way (I end up buying most of the games I emulate :P)

As for where to start, there's this:
The Newbie Package of REQUIRED Material FAQ: You ask, we answer! Getting Started Section: Newbies Go HERE! Documents Section!
How to ask questions the smart way.
On the Essence of ROM Hacking
Talk with experienced people in our IRC chat and ask specific questions there.
The first two should be helpful.

There are also some editors specific to Mario in the Utilities section, but I don't know if they could make it any easier. You could try to make the level design easier, but depending on what your idea of easy is, you might need to do a bit of ASM hacking.
Quote from: KaioShin on January 25, 2010, 09:25:28 AMI always dreamed of doing a Pokemon hack


Quote from: Dastari on March 01, 2009, 01:25:01 AM
Hi there

Glad to see you found the place Dastari :)  That set of links that Killa B posted is where you should start.


Kinda glad I waited to do a re-introduction now that I feel a lot more positive.

I'm Isao Kronos, yada yada yada. The primary reason why I was being so antagonistic is due to manic, angry bouts (which I'm working on). I'm not using that as an excuse, just putting it out there that I do recognize the situation was pretty much my fault.


Hello everybody, the name's Iga(pronounced EE-ga, since that question seems to come up). I've always been greatly intrigued by ROM hacking, but have never done any myself. So...that's why I came here! Like every other newbie here, I hope to learn ROM hacking and how to enjoy myself doing it.

I also happen to be one of those millions of people that have fancied the idea of an RPG of their own. But I would like to put an effort towards initially developing some ROM hacking skill before starting on some dream of a 30+ hour adventure that ends up tanking after the first two weeks. That's my goal, at least.

So, I just hope I don't tick anyone off with my utter lack of knowledge during my quest for it, haha.


Hi, I'm new here and I like to hack some games by using some tools like Hyrule magic, Lunar magic, gameshark, and more.  ;)


Hello everyone,
I'm a student of English and Polish literature from Germany and I had the bad luck to register after April 5th and I am glad to be back on board.
I always dreamt about creating a hack of Lufia based on the Lufia (ROTS) game, but I am no romhacker ( :( ) and after reading some documents on here I do not think that I will be able to grasp the whole art of romhacking. I still admire what You all are capable of doing and am really interested in many of Your projects. So I hope a "romhacking-dimwit"like me will not stir up any trouble on here. ;)

Leviathan Mist

I've been a lurker here for years. Previously, I used the forums at Blitzkrieg Innovations (forums defunct), Dragonsbrethren Industries (forums also defunct), and Slick Productions for all my ROM hacking needs. Since I started using the IRC channel, figured I might as well post here too.

I'm Leviathan Mist. Many of you know me already. I like to play retro games (NES and SNES RPGs being my favorites) and have been into ROM hacking since the late '90's. I can do just about anything besides ASM hacking, but I'm starting to learn that as well. I also tend to not complete the projects I start, but I hope to change that.


Hello, I'm Superyoshi. I'm from Nuremberg, which is in Germany. I'm 14 years old and male.

I'm mainly hacking Super Mario Kart, I made lots of tracks and I'm now finally starting a hack.

Anyways, in RL, I'm a real freak. I play games, make games, hack games. I also have a Wii and a DS Lite.

My favourite games currently are:
- Super Mario 63 (Flash Game)
- Mario Kart Wii
- Super Smash Bros. Brawl
- Super Mario 64 DS

I once was in a Baseball group, but had to leave it because of school.
I like playing tennis, I will soon register in a group.

And now, Superyoshi over.


I just realized that my intro wasn't in here  :D

I'm Maegra, I've been around the ROM scene nearing 8 or 9 years now, but didn't seriously get into the community until about '03/4.

I've attempted and failed a few times at learning to hack (Making a readable font for Paladin's Quest, and trying to use GBcolorizer to make a few games really pop visually.), but have since found my limits to be art.

My interests are: Electronics, life-hacking, and good literature...
Long walks on the beach, good liquor, confusing people which gender I am in IRC  :crazy:...

I've been spending a lot of my time in the IRC and made some friends  ;). And don't worry, my IRC shennanigans won't carry over onto the forum.

I first found out about RHDN whilst posting on the Fantasy Anime forums, where (IIRC) Gideon posted a link to here, so I followed it, and have since nearly abandoned FA.

He left my mind intact. I can dream, I can wonder, I can lament. Simply, he has taken his revenge. I have no mouth. And I must scream.

Killa B

Hi everyone, I'm Maegra's daddy.
Quote from: KaioShin on January 25, 2010, 09:25:28 AMI always dreamed of doing a Pokemon hack


Hey hey hey! I'm Lucas the ninja. I'm a hack lover, i can use flash, i have bad days i'm brazilian so becouse it don't get surprised with some misspelling i hate stupid prejudice guys. I watch Pucca tv toon in jetix, i watch Naruto, Homestar Runner and other toons and animes. I play video games on a Wii and on a Xbox 360. Ooh i can dance too.


Hello everyone!

I am new here (as a member, not visitation), and I and from Florida, I am finally an adult (lol) and I'm a typical guy that when feeling geeky, tries to learn assembly and even hack some things, which at this point is almost unanimously NES games.  I tend to say crazy things sometimes so if I saw something to you that is strange, I probably don't mean to be negative at all, that's just how I talk!  Before I leave this note behind for everyone to read, I want everyone to know that I have a computer with the power of "8", if you know what I mean  ;).


I am noneother. It's a terrible nick, but it's all I have.
I didn't bother introducing myself before because sigh, why bother?
My absence of an avatar reflects my inner emptiness. I try to hurt myself, but all I bleed is emptiness.
So people say things like, "I haz a sad". I am a sad.
I keep a save right before Aeris's death in FFVII so I watch it again and again, on mute, while blasting Evanescence and crying tears of shame and self-loathing in silence. It looks like this: :-X :'( :-X :'( :-X :'( :-X :'(

Kidding, of course.

Next Gen Cowboy

Quite possibly best intro in recent memory.
"Remember when we were in Japan? You said you were my gun, if you're the gun then that means I'm the bullet."

"All my life I've been waiting for the gunpowder to go off, you know what you need to ignite gunpowder? You need a gun."


Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P


Except it isn't an intro. Guy had 200 some posts before did that. >.>

Red Comet: :'( Poor DS. Nobody loves him like RC does. :'(
DSRH - Currently working on: Demon's Blazon, Romancing SaGa, FFIV EasyType.


Quote from: DarknessSavior on August 13, 2009, 03:09:41 PM
Except it isn't an intro. Guy had 200 some posts before did that. >.>


Which adds to its greatness.
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P


Hi, I'm EmotionCorrupts.

I first became interested in ROMHacking after discovering the sheer multitude of Pokemon hacks out there. With the amount of pre-made utilities for the Pokemon series, and the amount of dick-joke based hacks like the ones on badhacks, I falsely assumed that hacking in general was a pretty easy thing, and that it'd be a fun way for me to spend a couple of years learning more about the way software works. I quickly decided that I'd wow everyone with heavily enhanced versions of two of my favourite games: Clock Tower for the SNES, and Alisia Dragoon for the Genesis. Then I started reading the tutorials on RHDN, and that's when I really fell in love.

I have none of the knowledge you need to be a real hacker. I can convert numbers between binary, decimal, and hexadecimal, but that's about it. I don't know any programming languages, I'm clueless about how to figure out what all the code does on my own, and I'm probably going to screw up so many times it'll give me an aneurysm. But somehow, that makes it seem like to'll be even more rewarding in the end. I'm stubborn as hell, and the idea of actually fighting to learn something that I'm probably going to spend at least a year being terrible at is appealing as hell.

So, yeah. I'm hopelessly uneducated, highly unskilled, and ridiculously ambitious. Not exactly the best qualities to be a successful ROM-hacker one day, but hopefully I can  one day create something good enough to be put on the site.  I look forward to months of failure, frustration, being told 'lol, noob' a few dozen times, and hopefully learning something along the way, too.


Quote from: EmotionCorrupts on August 14, 2009, 01:55:56 PM
So, yeah. I'm hopelessly uneducated, highly unskilled, and ridiculously ambitious. Not exactly the best qualities to be a successful ROM-hacker one day, but hopefully I can  one day create something good enough to be put on the site.

Just remember, even the greats in the community had to start somewhere. As long as ridiculously ambitious comes with even mild dedication you already have something going for you.
shaqfu: Like I said, the mere concept of a bat'leth-wielding Moogle did me in.