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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hey y'all and welcome.

Irony of ironies, I am a big Sonic fan, but rarely do I delve into the internals of Sonic stuff, largely because much better guys than I are "looking into it" at any time.
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You might give the Sonic 2 Beta page a look if Sonic's your cup of tea. Even if it isn't, there's a lot of great information on their forum for mega drive hackers.
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Hey I'm Dabond. Programming has always been an unexplored passion of mine. After I took programming in school my teacher recommended that explore other tools other than turing (javas retarded brother). I also love gaming. I decided to both both together and try Rom-hacking. I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you and expanding my knowledge of programming.

Killa B

Greetings and salutations to you, then. :beer:
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I'm a guy who never went to school but knows a little bit of this and a little bit of that regardless. I've played video games and good old fashion D&D since I was young, and played make believe with my friends before I learned to read.

About three weeks ago I started learning how to program. Someone (the internet) referred me to Ruby, so that's where I'm starting. Then yesterday I stumbled upon ROM hacking in Wikipedia and came here straight away. I've read some of the beginners guides you've got here, in an attempt to wrap my brain around what goes into ROM hacking. So far I understand NOTHING.

Also, I speak Japanese well enough to translate video games, and welcome the opportunity to actually use this hard earned skill.

I love all the usual games that people tend to love, and I was born in '83 but never owned a Nintendo (my parents, you see, they believed in paper media).




Greetings. I am the fabled Isao Kronos from such places as "Arizona" and "Texas". You might know me from another board, but please leave that for discussion another time.

I have a fondness for RPGs and fighting games, although I do sometimes play platformers. I might be getting into the whole "romhacking with game-specific utilities" business, but honestly I'm not really cut out for learning assembly or hex editing (or anything else of that nature). I'm a History major :P

I've been reading RHDN since the Whirlpool linked to here or whatever when it went defunct (it's been so long that I'm sketchy on the details). The first translation I remember coming out while I was playing translations was the "final" Star Ocean patch. Goes to show you how long I've been lurking, however I did post once or twice on Gideon's old board under various names including this one.

So yeah. Sorry if my sig is too big, I don't think it is. I have a fondness for changing my avatar/signature often for whatever reason. On a final note: only reason I'm here actually posting instead of just reading is boredom, a desire for information on a certain topic, and the desire to cheer on some of the romhacking/translating projects I have interest in. I can't really help out with anything, I'm not an English major, programmer/programmer wannabe, or immersed in the Japanese language like a weeaboo or someone genuinely interested in the language.


Quote from: Isao Kronos on September 16, 2008, 07:12:21 PM
So yeah. Sorry if my sig is too big, I don't think it is. I have a fondness for changing my avatar/signature often for whatever reason.

Your sig is too big. The max allowed is 100x100; yours is 400x100. Please change it and read over the rules.

With that out of the way, welcome to the board. Hope you have fun. :)
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Wait, the rules have been changed from 400x100 to 100x100? Could you at least update the main rules section so others don't make the same mistake I have?


Oops. I got avatar and signature sizes backwards. You're fine. Sorry about that. I'll put the dunce cap on and sit in the corner now. :-[
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Hello, SMZig here. 

I've toyed with ROM hacking 6 or 7 years ago back when I was around 14, not much long after I had discovered emulation.  Anyway, when I had discovered ROM hacking, it was very intriguing to be able to actually edit aspects of games I used to play as a kid.  Anyway, I learned what I could but never really got good at it.  Was able to do some graphics editing with Nesticle as well as some of the tile editing tools back then.  I wasn't really artistic so all my edits were crappy to say the least.  I pissed off my brother a few time because I'd never make back ups and he'd wind up playing megaman with screwed up graphics LOL. 

My interest grew even more when I discovered text hacking and subsequently with relative searching.  (Before I could only screw around with the text of Link's Awakening because it was the only game I knew of with text stored ASCII).  Anyway, after that I sorta lost interest for the next few years.  I kept up with the translation scene since I was looking forward to some of the releases.  Since then I've graduated high school and now I'm a senior in college as a computer science major.  Recently, my random browsing led me here where I thought I'd try my hand at ROM hacking again.  I'm curious to see what I could learn now that I'm older with a larger attention span as well as much more computing and programming knowledge.

So anyway, the last few weeks I've played around with some stuff.  Read up on some of the assembly docs, played with some of the debuggers and looked around at some of the things that have changed since the last time I ROM hacked.  Really nice place you guys made here.


Yo. Not... um... Really a new guy. It's Griff Morivan from before, but I lost my account information entirely when I lost my OS. SO! Here I am again! Huzzah.

Yo, once more, friends.


Rule 18 violation... You can't have more than one account. I absolutely detest that. I can just reset the password on your old account... You should have contacted staff first.

PM me your current e-mail and I will give you login details (then you can change the password to whatever you want) and I will delete this account.

Anybody else who reads this having more than one account speak up now and I will take care of it without penalty. If I find out later by other means, I won't be as kind hearted. ;)
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Greetings. I'm Thanatos-Zero, the Archangel of Sins but for real my name is Christoph and I'm a german. I´m currently active as a spriter on Sprites.INC, but now lets go deeper in the story.
So where should I start to tell my life? Oh yes the childhood. I was a very active child with the ADS (AttentionDefizitSyndrom). I wasn´t able to understand everyone till to fourth birthday, because of polyps in the area between my nose and my ears. For many years I was a victem of the society, because I was too different from others. So I´ve gone through many hardships and was abounded and abused by many people, which I've trusted and called my friends. Today I know, why I was so much different. I was born with the signs of the asperger syndrome, which shows me that I'm a half-autismn.

To makes things short, I've called me Archangel of Sins because I feel for no aparent reason great guilts for things, which I haven't done.
For example I call a fellow with the telefone and we have a great time while speaking, then I say to him, that he shall call back to me, if he has time to spend with me. And what happens? He don't call back and than I fell me like someone, who has done something, which cannot be forgiven. So it happens often, if don't get any feedbacks or answer or just attention by others, that I fell into deep depressions which results sometimes into Self-injury. Don't worry... I don't use knifes or sharp things in general. The only thing what I do, is to slap myself many times into my face. Also to mention is, that I'm not able to handle stress under pressure or in a situation, in which I don't know what the other wants from me. It also anticipate me many times from spriting itself.
Well, Life is not fair isn't it?

Sdit:Some People who have played the Hard Secret of Mana hack may recognise me as one of the Beta-Testers.


Hello Romhacking Staff and Members and call me valitoria (My Online Name) but my real name is Joel.
I have many several interest and facts I would like to share with you, and yes I'm a newbie in Romhacking... Im just reading this site's tutorials I'm also planning to translate games, but it look's kinda hard though... I hope we can get along and be "Good" friends, so let's get started!



Hiya.  New person here myself.  I'm a big fan of the site, though I'm a total programming doof myself.  (Tried reading the documents, and while I have a VAGUE understanding of how hacking works, I mostly just gave myself a headache.  So.)  I have to admit I mostly joined the forums in case I find a bug worth noting, or maybe to request a translation in the "request a translation thread" (though hopefully not so much as to be utterly annoying).  Still, I hope to be a courteous poster.  Nice to meet y'all.

Krak Pot

Hello! I am a new fellow here. I'm a sprite ripper and designer. I hope to get all I can out of this place and hope I can help out when I can. Nice to see you all.


Hey I've been looking at and reading the tutorials for about a week now and I thought I might get an even better understanding of ROM's and hacking if I came here. So I'm pretty psyched to learn about new things and yadda yadda. I'll try not to noob up the forum. (P.S. I've read the rules too this isn't my first forum so don't expect any ZOMG's from me I appreciate my grammer skills)


Hi!! The name's Alucard256. I like games, snes era games, anime and gundam models. I'm new here as a member, but I've been to site every now and then. I was learning a bit about rom hacking and such back in the day, but forgot most of what I've learned due to school, and personal life. I've read the rules, and though I read more than i post, I'll follow them.


Welcome new people! You're all off to a good start thus far to assimilating into RHDN society.  ;D
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Hi Noob here!

Boy do I love games, especially typical RPGs and this site here happens to be talking (not to mention tinkering with them) here.

So, I'm a jerk who likes games new or old fashioned ones, RPGs, Fighting etc. anything that is a wee bit of a challenge

I also happen to be one of the best Pokemon Player (errr... trainer) around our area and am seriously eager to learn "What the hell is ROMHacking?"

Oh yes, sometimes I can be a wee bit sacrastic, emotional, funny etc.
You can call me by my Username or Spot, Rover, Titney, Gay, whatever.

Oh yeah, I also make my own RPGs with RPG Maker XP but like here in ROMHacking I'm still a noob but I'm taking online classes and chances are I might start my own project or two. My cousin already is a master in RPG Making, He always consult me what kind of story his game will be. Yup I make stories for the game, but I'm not the best writer myself, see my formatting and typos in this post? you can really tell can you.

Enough about my boring craps, I'm too little confused and lazy to type right now.

I hope we will be good buddies blah, blah, blah,blah.......