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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Really now? Interesting. Interested in doing some drum tracks for some of my tunes?  :laugh:

And I'd imagine they lost popularity at the singer change? Lots of drama about that. >.>

Anyway, welcome to the family. Now, get to work!  :beer:

Red Comet: :'( Poor DS. Nobody loves him like RC does. :'(
DSRH - Currently working on: Demon's Blazon, Romancing SaGa, FFIV EasyType.


New here as well.....yeah, been into hacking for awhile nothing else to say really.


Hi! My name is PokeGirl64 and I'm an old school Pokemon hacker.  I prefer Gold/Silver/Crystal to any other Pokemon games.  I've been ROM hacking, well messing around and learning how to use a hex editor and how to write scripts in hex for a year now. NowI feel ready to work on a full project. ^-^


Hi! My name is Pablo. I came here more by accident, and just fallen in love with the site and al the job is shown in here.
I'm spanish, that's why my english may be a little bit funky. I'm from Chile in south america, and I guess I could translate games from english to Spanish, soooo, if anybody wants to, send me a mail.
I hope I can help in something.
Bye  ;D


Hi everybody!

I'm Gabi and I've done some small translation projects for myself in the past -- namely translating items and menus from Princess Maker 4 PC, which I love.  I really love life sim games like the PM series, as well as RPGs and TRPGs of all kinds.  I'm a huge SRW fan too. 

I joined because I'd really like to get involved in a translation project.  My translation skills are really not that impressive (alas) but I think where I shine is in script polishing and editing.  I am well known for the uniqueness and flavor of my own text as well as my crazed and manic attention to detail.

So if anybody is working on a project and would like to recruit me -- particularly for an RPG or TRPG project (particularly particularly for a SRW project XD) I'd be happy to talk it out.



I'm uNsane (not to be confused with Unsane, some crappy noise rock band). I basically hack Metroid Zero Mission exclusively, but I've also done some work on Metroid Fusion in the past. I joined because I made a hack modifying Rinka AI and wanted to submit it, even though it's not entirely complete. It seems it's been rejected or something (probably because I hosted it on MediaFire), but I still have the zip for anyone who wants it.

I hope to be a member of this community for a long time.

Also, if anyone wants help with hacking GBA games, let me know. I'm pretty good at that kind of stuff. Not translations, though, unless you want a game to be in Latin.


Hey, alias is Clay.

I'm a Software Engineering Technologist who's wanting to get his feet wet with rom hacking.  I"m extremely proficient in .NET languages/sql/ some c++, VB 6 (old..), and a ton of Java.

I'm also a drummer, sadly lacking jamspace *sigh*

Also, I'm an editor for Epical Studios (AMV's).

Found this site while trying to figure out how to dump the text from Suikogaiden.  Turns out I have a bit of a rough road ahead...damn Konami.


shaqfu: Like I said, the mere concept of a bat'leth-wielding Moogle did me in.


Hello, name's Grinder. New to ROM hacking, game of choice Super Mario World.


Hello, everyone. Registered a bit ago, but just now got around to posting something. I go by AngryRobotsInc online most everywhere. New to rom hacking, and just getting started on learning Japanese, this seemed like the best place to hang around on the 'net.

Synister Sir

Hola to all.

Seeing as no one seems to get any welcome messages, I don't see the point in writing a wall of text about myself. Let me know if otherwise, because I don't see very many welcomings


Well, it is called "Introduction Topic".



I am BlankWhite(I won't reveal my name here), I never hacked, probably I will, I don't know. I am from Croatia and I am 17. I am here because I have 1 problem with hacked Roms(I opened a thread)
Speaking about the games, I like Zelda and pokemon the most. Used to play Warcraft as well(not WoW). A Link To The Past is my favourite game. I also like to listen to the music a lot, I listen to classical, prog rock and extreme metal mostly, favourite bands are Metallica, Mayhem, Burzum, Beherit, Therion(old) etc.
So that is all about me for now, and I apologize for my bad English.

@Nightcrawler - Did you choose Nightcrawler as your nickname because of the Judas Priest's song?


Quote from: blankwhite on July 29, 2008, 05:20:20 PM
@Nightcrawler - Did you choose Nightcrawler as your nickname because of the Judas Priest's song?

Absolutely not. Nightcrawler to me has always represented one who crawls in the night. Someone mysterious. Not worms, not X-men, not songs!  :laugh:

I signed up with the name Nightcrawler because when I first got Internet access back in the mid 90's I was too young to foot the bill, so my Dad and I were trying to come up with something we both liked. He used Nightcrawler as his CB handle back in the CB radio days. So.. it just fell into place. I've been using it ever since for somewhere around 12 or 13 years I think.

As far as I know I have also been the only Nightcrawler in ROM hacking and translation. Interesting for a somewhat common name.
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Oh, hey, an introduction topic. Didn't see this earlier.

I'm Archaemic. I'm new to ROM hacking, but not new to programming or hex editors. I'm generally known for my PSP work, including the Illuminati Exploit. I'm not really interested in creating a ROM hack, per se, as I don't really have ideas for games, or else I'd just make the game from scratch. Rather, I am more interested in taking an unhacked game and figuring out what makes it tick. And releasing documentation on what makes it tick. And possibly utilities to make it tick differently, so that other people may make ROM hacks of the game.


Sorry I'm late to the party.  :) I'm Azkadellia, I'm a complete newbie to ROM hacking.  I can do a little graphics
work (NES only right now), a little palette hacking, a little table creation, and some hex work.
I'm looking forward to learning the ASM hacking side of things. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about
Japanese.  :(
Current Projects: On hold indefinitely.
I do the Twitter thing now: (expect lots of game streaming announcements)
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Hi, I'm Marurun and I'm not really new to romhacking, but I'm not very good at it either... One of my first projects was working on translating Kyatto Ninden Tenyande which I eventually deserted once KitsuneSniper started working on it(he is very much more skilled than I was) Other basic hacks I have worked on was a facelift of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where I replaced Link with Samus only because I was too lazy to edit any other parts of the game.(If anyone is interested in hacking that some more and editing the stages/text I will gladly let you!) Aside from that I made a spoof of Ms. Pacman called SHOOP-MAN(which is on this site). Enough talking about what I've made! Nice to meet everyone on this site. =D


Hi the name is gracik. Im not neccessarily new to snes hacking, as I use to do alittle sprite editing for ff6 awhile back(a year to be exact) now I want to learn scripting/coding. It's a big step I know, so sue me. jk   :)


Hey everyone I am new to the forums and to ROM Hacking. I am Dave and have loved Sonic since I was about 2\3 and have very recently became interested in ROM hacking. I searched for ROM hacking and found this excellent site and forums.  ;D I am glad to register this forum seems like a very friendly place and when I have any issues or problems while ROM hacking, I will come over here for advice.  :thumbsup: