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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hello there!!!
My name's oniryu44,I'm newbie at ROM hack,I saw how cool
are some NES ROMs hacks,I want to make my own hacks from
now on!!!

I'm an english student,I just want to you know that my english
can sound crappy sometimes,but I'm making an effort!!!

I want to thank those ROM hackers that really want to make
a good game.So see you next time,maybe my newbie behavior
will be a headache for some people,I hope that I will no irritate


welcome to the crazy house
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Hi! I'm pretty much new to the ROM hacking, let alone emulating expirience. I may be pretty young, but I've always been intrested in the old school games (I'd take a working NES over a PS3 anyday). I wanted to make my on levels for SMB, so I googled it, and found this site. Looking at all the other cool stuff here, I couldn't resist joining. I'm looking in to actually getting something done here, so thanks.

(Note, the spell check doesn't seem to work on my computer, but I'm a pretty good speller anyway, sorry for any mistakes(Not like it matters))


I'd take the PS3, sell it, and buy an NES, an SNES, and some games ;)

welcome to the disfunction :D
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Hi everyone. I've been around since about 1998 doing a little a bit of everything. I got my start in the emulation community as a romfinder on the request board and a few other sites. I was also an IRC junkie, frequenting such rooms (on various servers) #roms4free #nesdev #nanaki #vgmix etc. Few will remember me (I've been out of the scene for a while now) but I've always loved checking out the newest romhacks and translations (Ghideon Zhi rocks!). I myself have not ventured too far into  romhacking, but love composing music for imaginary games. Right now I'm working and going to college.
I will be even more busy pretty soon since I'll be married in a month (woo hoo!).  :)

And finally, a huge thanks to Nightcrawler and everyone who continue to make this site a success. 

Gil Galad

Yo, bros.

I finally decided to register here, after getting out of my lazy mode. I think a few days ago and now getting around to editing my profile and now this post that I am writing.

I've been around since 1996, mostly I played around and tinkered with emulators and romhacking tools of the time. I can remember messing with ZSNES .400 and other versions that were not so user friendly as they are today. As I said, I mostly tinkered around with things, slowly developing some skill to where I am today, that's not to say that I am a real good romhacker, but I am still trying to learn new things.

I had several hacks that I had done back in the day but was too nervous to release anything back then, until I had lost many of them in hard drive crashes. Not to mention my lack of knowledge to repair a computer back then.

I think it was in 1998 - 2000 period where I decided to work at Zophar's Domain. I worked at Zophar's Domain for probably about a year and then moved on, tired of the things going on over there and the never ending virus attacks.

All through this time I hung out on IRC and chatted with many people and have been part of many channels as well as an OP of #romhacking on Dalnet, before the DDOS attacks. I was part of a translation group called Unknown Translations that was on the J2e domain back in the day when it was up and running. I went on my own after that.

I continued to translation hack and other miscellaneous hacks that I never released to the public. Then in 2003 I started NSF ripping and hacking. I've been ripping NSF's for the past 4 years with over 210 rips, I do believe. In 2003 is when I received hosting from Sliver-X and became part of the panicus network with other romhackers. Most of us continue to hang out on the same channels and discuss many hacking projects and other things.

Recently I came back from a leave of absence from the scene. Here I am again and doing some of the same things that I was doing before. I also have a couple projects that I am working on and they are slowly nearing completion. I've also updated my site with a new look on the old design, etc.

A little bit about myself.

I am from northwest Ohio, near Lake Erie on the border of Michigan. I listen to 80's to newer style heavy metal music. I also like game music obviously after ripping many NSF's files.

I used to read all of the time, many of favorite books include the following. J.R.R. Tolkien, Dragon Lance Series, Conan novel series, many more, etc.

My first game system was an Atari 2600. Ever since that day on Christmas Eve as a kid, I've loved video games and never stopped playing them. Also, I've played Dungeon & Dragons in it's various revisions through the decades until I stopped playing it just before the latest edition was released.

I used to play guitar quite often and had a decent collection at one time. I had a Kramer Vanguard V, Ibanez Les Paul  copy, Fender Stratocaster, Charvette (cheaper version of a Charvel/Jackson made by the same company), Peavey Mantis LTD. And my best amp at the time was a Crate G-60 practice amp. I borrowed a stack a couple times or two from some friends of mine and jammed out, that was a blast of a time back in the day.

Well folks, that is about all that I can think of at this time.

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Well, one of the veteran romhackers of yore, welcome back! ;)

* Lashiec retraces his steps in a Community Database entry :-[
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Oh snap. Gil! Long time no see, buddy. ;D
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P

Gil Galad

Hey, bro. Indeed it's been along time since I've seen ya. I can remember when you finished your first Dragon Ball Z project. Good job on those. Perhaps I'll be seeing ya around more often.
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"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. "


Well Hi, I'm new.
I'm mainly into SMW hacking, and even more into playing hacks.


It's pretty slow and quiet at work today no thanks to the holidays so I'll post in this thread about myself to pass a few minutesof my 9 hour day.

I've mostly been a lurker around these parts for awhile. Being a hardcore gamer and a huge fan of Japanese games and importing I'm always interested in the latest fan translations. I haven't exactly been involved with any projects though I was one of the first people to play an extremely early YsF patch since Nightwolve is such a pal. Currently I work in the IT department of a bank. I went to college a few years and now I'm back again taking Japanese as a second language. I plan on taking a trip there this coming summer with some friends.

I have a huge collection of video games. I have pictures but I don't know if there are any post your collection threads or not. I have a ton of imported games too. Especially the Tales series. I also collect Falcom's PC games such as Ys and Legend of Heroes. I have a billion video game soundtracks. And that's about it I think.


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Hello I'm Higsby. I've been rom hacking for a few years now although I still haven't released anything :P. I'm a member of a few other rom hacking communities out there on the internet so I'm not new to this. I come here fairly often but for some reason I never thought of joining the message board until now. Hopefully I'll be fairly active and I'm happy to finally be part of this community :)


welcome to the game, looking forward to seeing you around.
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Reaper Man

Hellos.  I am Reaper Man.  I've been around the emulation scene for the past oooh, 6 years or so.  I'm pretty sure that quite a few of you people here will recognize me (mostly from the ZD community), and if not, then I guess it'll give you an opportunity to get to know me.  I've always been fascinated with rom hacking and I must say that there have been hacks out there that blew me the fuck away.  Who knows, I might even learn a thing or two, you know? :3

anyway, I need to get some sleep soooo I'm heading to bed.  I'll update my profile later.


Rise of the Triad man, I like you already.
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Reaper Man

Quote from: creaothceann on January 12, 2008, 05:39:02 PM
Big sig though. :o

huh, that's the first time I've ever gotten such a complaint... if need be I'll crop it


I'm new, obviously, and have only recently gotten interested in the actual hacking aspects of gaming. I've been more about just playing them before.

I know little to nothing about hacking Roms, but I am trying to get introduced to how it's done through different things on the net. I also plan to start taking Japanese classes in two years, but that is quite a while away.

Anyways, I hope to at least post occasionally on this site, though I doubt I really have much to give to the site right now. But you never know what the future may bring.

and I forgot to say this... "Hello Everybody!"


you don't have to know how to hack to be a regular member, although it's a good idea especially if you are interested to read all the beginner docs on basic hex etc here

that, and just watch if people give details on the process as they make something, and if you eventually feel ready to start a project I'm sure some of the more experienced hackers around here would be willing to help you as long as you have a basic understanding of how things work and are willing to put time into it. Also if you come across a hack that isn't in the database or you think nobody here would have heard about yet be sure to submit it to the database.

Welcome to the community.
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