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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hi, I'm a videogame/figure/vcr movies collector.
My speciality are the fighting games, specially all related to SNES and/or Street Fighter.

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Hello, I'm a player for a long time, I've played since the NES to the present (about 15 years ago I switched to play on PC), I've always liked to learn new things and try to delve into the subject, so here I am, I would like to learn more about this world that I've always liked. Greetings and I like to belong to this community! :D


Call me Miki. I'm jut here to check out Hacks and eventually make video reviews of them now that my computer can run something better than Windows ME. See ya 'round.
Big deal.


Hi I'm Onibaud, I always been searching stuffs on this site since a long time, but i never thought about creating an account weirdly ? But I did so when I wanted to make a review on a hack I just finished, the Final Fantasy 3 Maeson (btw i would like it to be accepted, because if I understood, it need to be checked ?). I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan and a fan of RPGs in general, excepted tactical rpgs because i suck at them. Anyway, thanks for reading.
Yes it is me indeed, it seems like it, pretty obvious, rather correct sherlock, it certainly is.


Hi there, my name's Twicethericee. I've been on many times to download English patches and hacks, but didn't create an account until now. I'm not too experienced with romhacking yet, but I hope to become better in the future. I'm interested in Japan only games, especially the obscure ones. My favorite game ever is Live A Live, but some of my other favorite video game series would be Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo, Tokimeki Memorial, and more. I'm hoping I can learn more about romhacking, and eventually give something back to the community. If it wasn't for their hard work, I wouldn't have played the games I love today.
"Right, Matsu!"


I'm Metalo. I like to look up patches for older games that I'm either now discovering or played as a kid. I'm usually a lurker in most communities, but I'm starting to slowly interact with gaming and retro gaming communities directly in order to either help out with technical stuff or get suggestions for ideas on fixing things.

Pleasure to be here formally (I used to lurk without an account every now and then, keeping track of projects I wanted to play). Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star (Japan-release) on Sega MegaDrive/Genesis is one of the main projects that drew me on here.


Yo, I'm Yggdrax. I always been interested on translations and improvement patches. When it comes to create rom hacks I'm pretty much a newby, although I did have my fair share of experimentation with Super Mario World and Pokemon.

Some of my favorite games includes the likes of Ace Attorney, Shin Megami Tensei, Touhou and Sonic. Anyways, it's a pleasure to be here.

También hablo español ;)
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Hello every1 I'm haze nice to meet u all.


hey ya. im into emus, piano, and watercoloring.  im currently seeing if i can make a rom hack of Kirby Super Star...


Hey all! This is Ligudink, Member of Level10, previously worked on Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy as a translator. I hope to learn rom hacking by myself and start up my own project!

90s comeback

I'm very much a beginner to hacking and i want to edit graphics/sprites in Street fighter 2 for Snes, i intend to replace sprites, and to add frames of animation, i know it's not easy for a beginner, i found this characters' code/adress/pointer/offset, don't know how to call it, it goes like this: Ryu, constantly writes 0xC5 to the rom adress 0xCB82, don't even know what that could mean. I would deeply appreciate if someone points me in the right direction.


My name's Paul aka Mallo. Long-time gamer and writer of the blog I once had a reasonably successful career writing for and editing video games magazines.

I'm fairly old now and was first introduced to gaming in the arcades of the late 1970s. My first home games machine was a ZX Spectrum, but I've owned many home computers and consoles over the years. I still own quite a few of them, and still have a fairly decent (desktop) PC and quite a large library of physical and digital games. I never imagined thirty years ago that rom hacking, or emulation, would be a thing, but I'm glad that it is because it allows us to play games that otherwise we'd struggle with.

I've patched a few roms using's resources over the past few years and am constantly amazed at the dedication people have to translating video games, and sharing their hard work with those of us who're not that technical (I'm not a programmer myself). I've written fairly glowing reports of some of these patches on my blog recently and always link to's site whenever it's relevant to one of my articles. Most recently I've been enjoying the delights of the Megami Tensei series, and also some of the Goemon games that have been recently translated into English. If you look on my blog you'll find detailed write-ups and carefully-selected screenshots of these games.

I play too many video games to be honest, and don't tend to go out much these days. Most of my time is dedicated to creating screenshots and writing for my blog. My favourite type of games are RPGs, but I'll play anything really. Am currently writing articles about Bubble Bobble (all the conversions), the Sharp X68000, and am about to start writing and researching a Sega Game Gear special. I guess you could say I'm a screenshot addict, which is probably a hang-up from my days working in magazines. I still have many of the screenshots I took over twenty years ago, saved and organised into a gigantic library.

Finally I just want to say "thank you" to all the people creating these amazing rom hacks and to for hosting them. Your hard work is appreciated.  :thumbsup:


Hi, my name is WindSlash (W1nd5145h). I'm a big fan on SNES games since my young age and even if I own a PS4 and many newer systems, I will play way more time on with my good old buddy, my SNES. I'm using Romhacking since 2017 and I'm a fan of Final Fantasy and Zelda Rom hack. Glad to be a member of the wonderful forum.

Toader The Toad

Hi! My name's Toader The Toad. I'm a big fan of the GBA. I thought it was time to make an account here after looking around for at least a year. I'm quite a newbie when it comes to ROM hacking, but I might post a hack sometime if I get around to it.


Hi !  I'm Bernie, otherwise known as Cmdrfan.

I'm old enough to have grown to love my C64 back in 1985-1991, then my A2000 back in '91-'96. But I also played a lot on my younger brother's NES and then got a Sega Genesis of my own around '92. I got into emulation big time after 2005 when I had a powerful enough PC, and began to try every system that could be emulated, specially consoles. Even when I bought a Wii around 2009, emulation was always a goal (good controls, composite output, SD card reader, etc...), altough I didn't mod it until I got a pair of classic controllers in 2011. Throughout all this I've been always interested in ROM hacks, because they're a HUGE example of "modern conveniences" that let us enjoy old games even more (well, that and save states of course), except that they are a modern thing that can also be used on real hardware so they feel less "cheap" compared to stuff that's only possible in emulation. Just imagine we had had easily available ROM hacking back in the day, instead of just things like Game Genie and Action Replay.

I'm also a professional translator in English and Spanish, so even though I don't know anything about programming a ROM hack I would be glad to assist with rom translations or localizations.


Hi RHDN community,

I've been a fan of this site and the amazing work of the community's contributors for a while and now delighted to have finally signed up to be more involved.

I mostly play SNES, with some GBA and GBC games. Games I played most growing up were Super Metroid and Zelda A Link To The Past. Recently I've been playing hacks for Super Metroid ahead of Dread's release, as well as patches for Metroid 2 and Zero Mission.

I might have a go at some improvement patches, so am looking forward to learning from this site too.



Hello RHDN,

My name is FelixWright, though you will likely know me better as Cosmic.

As a kid with dial-up internet, a GameBoy Advance, and a fixation of Metroid, I quickly fell into the rabbit hole of ROMhacking. It wasn't long before I made a Metroid Construction account in 2015. (I was also lurking on here!) I've been at it for about 6 years, helping others out, creating MAGConst, and making an improvement hack for Zero Mission. While I recognize that the game has many flaws, it is the one I return to the most. I'm on RHDN now to share things I've made and gather input/criticism. I hope you enjoy my work!


Hi! My name's Klonoa in other places, but I chose a name that says a lot about me in regards to hacking  :laugh:

I've really gotten into romhacks recently, and I'm happy to have signed up after playing through so many amazing projects!


Hi, I'm CyberAces, from Quebec, video games collector, a discoverer and I do 3D printing.

I like to make discoveries and make the world discover the possibilities, either for 3D printing or video games.

To make translation, I am far from being a pro.


Hello, I make translations and hacking documents for PSX games. I'm currently devoting my time on the Breath of Fire series. I'm currently studying computer science, with a minor in mathematics.
Doesn't this just beat all?