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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Dear RomHacking,

It is a pleasure to have this community active and working on most so called Abandonware video-games. You are one of the reasons I keep going, as once Crono went and then their friends brought him back from the clouds to the earth. I am Crono, thanks to bring me back.


Hi folks, I'm Leo/ArcanaXIX. I joined because I recently became really obsessed with the game Ghost Trick and there was a certain hack/mod that I thought would be fun to try and implement. It ended up being extremely complicated and the game isn't really documented as far as I can tell, so I joined to track my progress in a thread so other people who are interested in the game can reference it. Also to just learn more about available tools and see what cool stuff other folks are working on.  8)


hi im abdul i just joined and adding some friends from romhacking would be great!

Pink yoshi

I just dug up my old account, and I hope to be uploading some hacks soon

Jackie Lyn

Hey everyone!

I haven't done much romhacking myself, but I saw that there were Shin Megami Tensei translations and Phantasy Star patches here, so I made an account.

the real megaman

Hi! I'm abak, I'm a big fan of the Mega Man series and I do sprite art and logo design.
I've been frequenting this site for a couple years now but today I finally decided to join the forums!
ya ba doo....

roe jogan

Decade long lurker roe jogan here.

I'm only just registering because I've only just gained enough confidence to believe I may have something to offer, I just don't know what it is yet.
I'm an incredibly green aspirant programmer, and my first order of business is attempt to change the ration sprites in MSX metal gear 2 to the ones from the updated version, but don't hold me to it! I have literally no idea where to begin, and am looking to educate myself.

I'd also like to thank you ALL for all the incredible hacks and translations I've used over the years.
I don't know what kind of gutter slime I'd have turned out to be if I had never gotten to play Rudra no Hihou in English.


Hello all, frequent romhack player but ran into an issue that I would like to try and address. Joining the forum to hopefully work on a MegaMan Legends camera mod :p


Good evening.  My name is BlackPaladin.  (Years ago, I made the incomplete NES patch for "Ushio & Tora: Shinen no Daiyou" before I had to walk away from the scene because "reasons".  I might work on that again, but I haven't decided on that yet.)  I've been a lurker here for years, and I regained my interest in rom hacking and (by extension) emulation.

Nice to meet you all.  *bows*


Hi All,

I've been working on a Legend of Zelda hack for at least two years--turns out designing good levels 7-8-9 is a lot more work than 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Recently I decided to do a smaller project and I am getting close to finishing: A graphics and text hack of Final Fantasy Adventure.

Also, "xenophile" (or maybe "Xenophile") was my handle on the Snes9x boards long long ago. Haven't used it since then... until today!


Hi everyone!

My name is Noelle -- I joined the forums after being a long time lurker since I managed to make a (fairly simple) hack of my own to submit and contribute something to the site. It's good to be here!


Greetings, my name is Kevin or Kevinzx94, a pleasure to be here, and I hope to find friends with whom to collaborate on a project that I stopped for many years and I have resumed several months ago and I hope to finish. I am a fan of Megaman and I work on two hack roms of that game. I hope to learn more and more when it comes to programming and sound. Thank you all for your attention. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hello everyone!

I've wanted to do some romhacking for some time, but for work reasons (or not enough knowledge at the time) I never decided to delve deeper with it.

My plans are mostly GB/GBC romhacking (to accomodate future translation attempts), so expect seeing me asking a few questions about it.

Glad to be around!


Hello all from Ireland.

I am in an IT related job, but am completely new to romhacking...

I started yesterday with an old fav football game of mine using this site and a hex editor to change incorrect names (probably licencing issues) to correct ones, which was surprisingly easier than I thought after dreaming about it these last 26 years 😂.

Ive set up a thread about the game - Kick Off 3 (Snes) in the Personal Project section.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more complex hacking skills from this community! I would like to modify Peter Schmeichel's hair colour for example 😂.



Hello everyone!

I live in Germany and learned a bit of 6502 assembly for the NES (Nerdy Nights tutorials) because on day I want to be able to make my own NES home-brew game.

But before writing an own game it would be clever to change an existing game and see if it is fun to play and looks good  ;D Therefore I am looking into Super Mario Bros. and how to modify this game.

As a kid my two cousins and some friends owned an NES, I had a Gameboy and later an SNES. I mostly played Mario and Kirby Games. I totally loved Trip World on the GameBoy and gosh I would love to do a remake or hack of that one day too.

Anyways, great to be here!  :)


Hello there.

I'm so glad you made this site possibble for us.
Playing since my childhood but still know nothing about retro gaming.

Just bought the rg351p for myself and it's so enjoyable.
I will try out some of your ROMs as well unless they are not compatible with my handheld.

All the best guys, big thank you.


Hello! After frequenting this site since pretty much its creation, I decided to make an account, just in case I want to extend my thanks to people for their contributions in a less anonymous way.

I've been using emulators since the 90ies. Things have come far since those days. :]


Here I am at I've been interested in emulation and ROM hacking since the year 2000. I was ten years old then! Now that I have a Retrode, I've taken the liberty of dumping my Sega Genesis and SNES collection to ROM images for my own private use. I also have a similar utility on the way for my NES games.

I also have been extracting the ROMs from my Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console purchases (since Nintendo is taking too long to bring GBA and N64 games to Switch Online), my NES and SNES Classic Editions, my Sega Genesis Mini, and numerous other officially-licensed compilations.

The whole idea is to build up my own collection of legally-sourced ROMs - no piracy here.

I've actually put together a few IPS patches that patch ROMs ripped from compilations back to their original cartridge releases. I got the idea from a similar project for the Mega Man Legacy Collection. In these cases, the ROMs were altered to remove "Licensed by Nintendo/Sega" lines (due to their availability on non-Nintendo platforms). The idea was to allow hacks to be played on these games without issue.



Im rover the main dev of a mkds hack called revo kart ds :)



I'm a long time fan of ROM hacks with lots of respect for all the hard work and passion I have seen. As a gamer I am an avid Retro/Vintage gamer reliving my youth but at the same time play as much of the new stuff as humanly possible.

In the process of changing careers from Museum Education/Management into programming. I have always wanted to learn assembly and understand more how my favorite games have worked. My ideal projects are Improvement patches. I know they can be in a gray area for some people, but if I can make a game that most people gave up on due to frustrating controls, poor design (aka, low budgets, deadlines, blame a dev in the extreme last resort) and create a version anyone can play through and appreciate all the hard work put into it up until the final level, I'd be a happy man.

I'm still learning but will slowly look for ways to help/work with/ or learn from others doing similar work. I'm also up for the occasional Game Jam or modern hacks with things like Cheat Engine. But again, thank you everyone for all the amazing content, replays, translations and everything else. I look forward to one day making an honest contribution to the community.


~Timsy Magnus