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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Capt. Strugglebunny

Quote from: filler on February 23, 2021, 08:05:01 PM
Welcome Capt. Check out the Help Wanted Ads section. Folks are always looking for translators. I seem to remember Pennywise mentioning he's waiting on a translation for Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken. I don't know if he has a translator or not.

If you want to take a stab in the dark, I have a bunch of available scripts you can translate. You'll need to find someone to do the hacking once you're done (or hand it back to me and I'll try to do that) but there are some posted here:

There may also be others for the PCE in particular here:

Thanks for the info! I'll definitely have a look around. If I decide that I'd like to work on one of your projects, I'll DM you.


Hi everyone,

I ended up here because I saw some NBA JAM mods. I noticed this forum contains a lot of useful material and tips.
For a long time, I have been doing sprite edits and I'm part of a 2-man "team" working on "Supreme MK3", we have a Youtube Channel.


Hi, im EGG RIIIICK, Im new at romhacking, I mostly enjoy rpg hacks and translation, i hope one day release a hack of my own


Hi. In the last years (or even better decades) I've landed here again and again. Right now because of the disassembly of Donkey Kong on the NES. I want to understand how exactly things were created and how things work.


Hi, I have ~10 years experience programming, C++ mostly, but I also have alot of experience reverse engineering.  I never did much reversing of "retro" games but after watching some speed run videos I've gotten really interested in the topic.  Anyways, thanks to all the people posting information here, there really is quite a bit to learn here


Hi! My name is Carla, and I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

I've been into games since, I'd say, the late 90s? Since then, gaming became a part of my life. I used to translate FFVIII to a child I used to babysit - no dictionary used! - when I realised I quite enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I never pursued it, convinced that I would never be successful, so I ended changing careers to IT. I felt that people wouldn't take me seriously if I revealed my preference for a career in the videogaming industry.

A recent life event made me stop and rethink my life. Looking at what I've been doing these last years, I've been trying to learn skills for the sake of having a job. But it's not what I truly want.

I have a BA in Foreign Languages (English, French, and Spanish), and I'm such a language nerd (but an awful linguistic) that I picked up programming as well. That said, at the moment, I'm trying to get into Game Localization. I also want to put my C/C++ knowledge to use (maybe in hacking?).

Sorry for the long text, I tried to keep it short and relevant.


Hi, my name is Javier Adrian but the Gamer Nickname is Bleur.
I am 23 Years old.

I'm from Jalisco, Mexico, and i always loved videogames and by extension, the hackrom world.
I have experience with Pixel Art (freelancer) and remixing or remaking  old Music (freelancer too)

To be honest i don't know what to say, maybe I'm less interesting than i expected. I wanted to post my first hack ever done: a small re balance for Final Fantasy 1. I know it has a lot of hacks, but i love the franchise and always dreamed to do a extense hack by myself.
Want a Music Cover Commission in 8bit, or Digital Sound?
Need a Pixel Art or GIF Animation?

I'm your man then, ask freely!


Hi, I'm YuzucchiNyan, also known as Yuzu or Sweets Prince.

My main passion is messing with Monster Hunter games for different systems, just now I "finished" my english translation patch for one of the PS2 games and decided to see where I could announce/upload it to, so as to preserve it and reach more people.

I'm also interested in learning to mod and hack older games for older consoles.


Hello guys. Greetings from Indonesia here. I'm not exactly new to retrogaming, I grew up my interest around 2014 and keep growing since then. I love everything about retrogaming and GBA is my favorite one beside SNES.

Kinda hard to find any retrogaming community in my place and I wish I could be the one to start it someday. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy, the original. Nothing could compare it when it comes to retrogames (Maybe Mario Bros. or Sonic or else, but hey, it's my choice, hehe).


Hi everybody! I'm Greatsword, and I'm from the US. I've been a gamer since the Game Gear and Genesis were around. Haven't really stopped either.

If I told you I had one definitive favorite game, I'd be lying. I have favorites, though:
Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Zelda, Kirby, Phantasy Star, Metal Gear Solid, Dungeon Explorer (Sega CD) among them. (Mostly series titles listed here. Ask me for the details :) )

In addition to playing newer games and classics alike (I don't discriminate among genres either!), I've been browsing this site for a few years now. A lot of the hacks breathe new life into the games. It's been amazing!


hello everyone! my name is alice and im wanting to work on a translation patch for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children!
i am obsessed with monster collecting games, especially on retro handhelds, its such a shame many of these were exlusive to japan ;-;

also im emo so emo ppl be my friend hehe
i am teh prissy blood chewer.. the concrete flowers o' faith!


Hello all!
I've made a couple of comically low quality pokemon romhacks in the past, and now that I have some slightly less low quality romhacks, I figured that it would be the perfect time to start getting them out there.


before i joined here, i was working on a ROM hack the same day, the original ROM was a bootleg recreation of windows 98 on the nes, the ROM hack is called progressbar 98, or pb98 for short, based on the OS in progressbar95, you can download the prototype later, but for now, stay safe! ;)
PS: i can blink irl, except i cannot close my left eye and have my right eye open at the same time
not so famous ROM hacker


Hey! Just want to say hey and thanks for the resources on this site. My question was answered in the newbie documents.

Mostly here for Final Fantasy :P


Hello everyone, I go by HobotiX.

I am new to the ROMhacking forum, but not the world of ROM hacking. I was introduced to it a number of years ago through my friend Optomon, who has been creating ROM hacks for years. I have helped him test many of his hacks and homebrews, and I think I am credited in the in-game credits Castlevania: The Holy Relics.

Anyway, I am joining the forums because I am planning on doing some ROM hacking of my own and thought this would be a useful resource. I am a software engineer in my own time, but learning how to use a HEX editor is something else. I also do a lot of art and design work for projects, so I might contribute to some projects in the future once life gets back to normal.



Hello all, this is Rosedev.  I've been working on a Pokemon ROM hack since 2010, and once it's done you should be able to find it here ;)


Hello everyone! I'm Synch and I've been a gamer since the early NES days. I have a lot of experience in doing remixes and remakes of music whether it be old or new. (started in 2011)
♪♪ Music and computers ♪♪

Oh, and if anyone wants to interact with me privately, send me a message. I had to permanently filter the online member list on this site for reasons.


Hi, I'm JPC and I'm very attracted to hackroms which consists in translating games that were not released in specific regions.

I wanted to make an account to ask various questions and doubts about why they can't translate X game that I want to play. But I can't find any section that is worthy to ask questions.

I didn't come here to make hackroms or translations. I just want to have some questions answered please.


I came here to this place to ask someone about sprite sheet-related things.

Let's just say that I like sprites that are based off of artwork.