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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Greetings all,

I am new to this forum but I am not new to ROM hacking. In the 1980s I learned to code with a Multitech MPF-1 and soon after I cut my teeth at reverse-engineering with the Apple ][ monitor ROM, as well as the boot sequences of a few games of the era... ::) In 2012 I bought a Jungle Lord pinball game and played it to death. As I was beginning to get bored I found some information on the web describing it's operating system, which includes a really elegant virtual machine. I was hooked. In 2013/14 I released and later updated a "Home ROM" (Improvement Patch) called "Jungle Lord new tricks" (easy to find on google) with quite a few game-rule changes, including two skill shots, a combo shot and an extra-ball progression.

More recently, I have spent a healthy bunch of time to de-compile, analyze and create patch for Pinbot, another pinball game from the 1980s. This time I was much more ambitious, adding a ball saver and quite drastic changes to the game rules. I am *very* happy with the results, which have been beta-tested by a bunch of volunteers from the Pinside community. In my search for a good place to host and advertise my new patch and perhaps share some of my findings (if there is interest) I have come across RHDN.

I hope that this post and my patches will be accepted as I do not think that I will be able to stop doing analyzing and hacking pinball games...


Hi everyone  :)

My main interest is looking at Japanese PlayStation Portable games that were never released in English.


I'm not necessarily new but on this site.

I'm OrangeBronzeDaisy currently or OBD for short, I am a Daisy fan and Pokemon lover, Sailor Moon and Winx Club also I started getting into rom hacking after playing a few back then and was a nice experience you may see me around so feel free to drop by and say hi.


Hi, just call me whiteshadow, i want to learn about hacking rom for english translate, and just make new friends in this forum


Hey everyone, you can call me Papa but if that's weird to you just call me 1776 or whatever you feel like :laugh: really interested in checking out the romhacking scene, I've dabbled in emulators for a few years now but romhacking is a new idea to me. My hope is that maybe I can make my own romhack someday if I get around to understanding them that much. I play a lot of games anywhere from the n64/psx era to current gen, love em all equal; really interested in breathing new life into the older games I play a lot.


Evening! I am SabithaSuki.

Long time lurker, and now looking for more retro fun n' tools round the forums


Hello everyone! I've come here to find someone to make a custom rom of Sonic 3 & Knuckles for me.

Of which I want the following done:

  • Replace all of tracks made during Michael Jackson's involvement with that of the original prototypes.
  • Add back the originally scrapped Drop Dash mechanic which was eventually seen in Christian Whitehead's Sonic Mania.
  • Correct all known glitches within the original game itself and give Super Sonic frames for rotating animations such as in Carnival Night.

Now can someone please help me figure out how I can add a profile picture?

90s comeback

Recently seen a hack where a guy took sprites from mk2 and inserted into umk3 for snes via hex editor, i actually saw the video once, but it's been deleted from youtube by this guy. Is there any tutorial on how to do this? (changing sprites obviously), thanks.


Hi, Jerome here from Singapore, found out about this site maybe a year ago while looking for translation of rpg games for the snes. I am not skilled to help out in the rom hacking scene but I am keen to learn the basics.
Really grateful to the people working on the hacks and making them available.


Hello everyone! I've been modding games for close to a decade now, but there's always room for assistance.
In memory of my beloved cats: Anastasia (9/30/06-9/18/17, illness), Josephine (1/19/06-9/23/17, cancer), and Polgar (4/8/07-3/22/23, illness).
My mods: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, Gemfire, 7th Saga, and more


Hello! I've been aware of roms and emulators since 1998 when the cool computer guy family friend brought a 1.44mB floppy full of NES roms to our internet-less home. Blew my 12 year old mind away.

Then 22ish years of stuff happened, as my rom folder kept growing. At some point I studied IT and got pigeonholed into PHP/WordPress stuff, quit the 9 to 5 after some years to go freelance, freelance sucked, and now I'm teaching English to elementary school kids in some corner of Japan.

At some point I got inspired by my town's mascot character to try and make a game. This guy's design is just perfect. I picked up GameMaker and my unrelated, and now rusty coding knowledge and away I went.

I knew I wanted to make it SNES-like, including the music, and I found out about this plugin for Game Maker that incorporates GMEPlayer dll's and stuff to play .spc files directly, with channel muting. With a bit of FamiTracker under my belt, I decided to look at what's going on on the SNES side of things and found out about SNES GSS.

"Huh, that's cool and all, but there's no Echo." I bet I was at least the 10,000th person to tell themselves that. After investigating some more I found about that time a while ago when a bunch of people got really pushy and demanding towards Shiru and he just flipped the table on their ungrateful asees and left the world an incomplete SNES GSS, with all its well-written and well-commented source code.

So, as far as I knew, no musical SNES messiah was coming to give me (more) free beer, and I wanted that damn echo effect, and I wanted it in tiny retro-chic 64kB spc files so using picopicose's excellent C700 vst was out of the question. Looking at its code wasn't though, and when I noticed that it, and more or less all of the SNES-related ecosystem uses the same code base, I went into it with the vague notion that I could just "copy some code without having to do too much".

Well, here we are, 4 months later. Echo kinda works. I also now know way too much about registers and flags and stuff for a historical sub-chip of a historical game console. I rekindled my hate for Delphi from my early 2000's college days. I faked c++ knowledge well enough for the IDE to believe me. I searched for an obscure older version of the unofficial Bass assembler because the most recent one doesn't have 'align'. I banged my PHP toddler head on the basic principles of assembly just to write a thing in a thing when a thing equals another thing. I wondered if "ora" was also somewhat of a JoJo reference for the Western world back in 200X. Progress on my actual game is in complete cryogenic suspension since then.

I also gained a ton of respect for the console hacking community. I've been mostly taking and taking without giving it too much thought for over 20 years. And what took me four months to poorly accomplish with great difficulty, most people here seem to eat for breakfast before tackling a real problem.

Intimidated but excited, I'll let you know when my modded SNES GSS is presentable. It works "enough", but right now you have to dance around and know certain things. In the meantime you can pm me and I'll send you a copy with a rundown of the quirks. Also, since I'm only after the .spc files from "Export Song as spc", at some point I'll ask for someone using the .asm and .bin files generated by "Export and Save" in their workflow to test if it still works. That would be my first useful, tangible contribution to anything that I'm actually proud of if it did :laugh:


update: if anyone wants to follow along here's my messy github (the snesgss.exe that's actually getting updated is in /src/) It's still buggy/quirky as hell but I managed to add an individual echo dontcare/on/off and a noise instrument yes/no setting per individual instrument, and you can change delay, reverb, evolL and evolR, and the FIR coefficients in an extra "Noise/Echo" tab. Just uh... be sure to open the program *then* open a file because double-clicking on a gsm file vomits infinite access violations and I don't know why lol


Hello everyone!

I'm a total newb to ROM hacking, I'm coming from a very different angle and only started getting into this very recently. I started some hobbyist C++/C programming earlier this year, with the lofty long-term goal of porting one of my favourite games of all time--Gargoyle's Quest 1--to PC, with extensive modding support, widescreen support etc. and even much loftier, possibly procedurally-generated content.

Very recently, unsatisfied with some of GQ2's physics, I started digging into that and learning some basic 6502 assembly, and fixed what I felt was flawed (I'll start a topic about that after this post). This stuff fascinates me and I was unaware of the sheer scope of ROM hacking being done by others, I'm just beginning to explore.



I'm Onizukalex, 37.
I started playing video games at 6. I've played from NES to the PS4/XboX One/PC/ and Nintendo Switch. I'm waiting next year (or the next 2 years) to buy the machines.
I love retrogaming. I prefer modding my system when the next générations'releases.
I recently modded a PS Vita.  ;D

I discovered this forum by searching a Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions iso with no lags.

See ya!  :thumbsup:


Hello Everyone :)

I'm Pat, a 30 year old frenchman who's been growing up with several systems through the years :

-The original gray PS1 which I got for christmas in 1998 with Gran Turismo
-A purple GameBoy Color in 1999 with the marvelous Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening DX
-The original GBA in 2001 with Pokémon Cristal (couldn't afford a GBA game after spending it all on the GBA and pokemon '^^)
-A used Pikachu N64 from a friend in 2003 with Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap, been collecting a fair share of games on it afterwards and am currently waiting for my everdrive x7 \o/
-The first PSP in 2007 with Burnout Legends, I remember being impressed by the powerhouse it was back then, and with so many abilities for emulation and media playing... I still use that system a lot!
-A slim PS3 in 2010 for GT5 originally, but bought about 40 games on it since! XD

I still have got all my systems and games from all these years, and despite its obvious drawbacks (cartridge limitations, ridiculous drawing distances, trident controller with a crappy joystick...), the N64 has never left my living room, and I regularly come back to it for an old school playing session, alone or with friends. It really isn't pretty by today's standards, and sometimes the gameplay mechanics feel antique, but I still like it... Nostalgia you say? Maybe, after all I'm 30 now, I'm entitled to that ^^

I'm also passionate about 90's and early 2000's sports cars, and I really enjoy cooking and eating good food :P

Can't wait to chat N64 romhacking with all of you guys, right now I really am into OoT MQ and Top Gear Rally ^^


Hi! My handle is inkskratch, and I've been into games since the 80's. I stumbled into this scene like a week ago, and I'm pretty fascinated by all of it! I'm a retro gamer, but mostly because I just haven't had much time lately to get into new games and systems. Anyways, glad to meet all of you!


Sup. ;) Just a lone wolf passing through here. I've been a gamer since the '80s. Played Atari at the age of 3. Played nearly half of the NES, SNES, Gameboy, and N64 games growing up. Huge Nintendo fan here. Although I know nothing about rom hacking, I'm willing to learn and help where I can. I've always wanted to fix what Nintendo had to do to Zelda OOT 3DS. I would love to somehow revert it back to the original Zelda OOT 1.0 content from the N64 that they had to censor for some valid reasons, but still. It would be cool to revert it. ;) If you know what I'm talking about and are interested in giving this a shot, hit me up.


I have lurked on this site off and on for a number of years. It has been a valuable resource for my acquired taste for obscure, and not so obscure, JRPGs and various other kinds of games, that either never got localized for my country, or were utterly butchered to appease moral busybodies, and/or copyright lawyers.

My family had fallen on hard times when I was growing up, so most of my gaming experience came from hand-me-downs from my older sister, and my dad.

We had a Game Boy Advance, a SNES and an N64.  My dad had a Sega Genesis, and an old windows 98 gaming computer that he had built himself back in the day.

I didn't really get my own computer or unrestricted access to the internet until my 13th birthday (2012), this was one of the first places I visited, I liked seeing what you guys could make the old Mario games I grew up on do, and I still check out the Mario Game hacking sections from time to time, to see what's new. But what really got me hooked, was when I found out how Final fantasy, and a lot of the other games I played were censored for western markets, and that eventually led me down the rabbit hole of the games that didn't make it here at all.

My primary interest is in gaming, but I also like literature, classic film and animation, old cars, and history.

I am hoping to eventually contribute my own hacks and translations to the community, when I learn a bit more about programming.


Hello everyone,

I am Arunotaku from France, worked at various position in the videogame industry since 2005 and loving the retro mod scene ;)

I browse the site since 2012 and decided to register as I got a french revised translation for my favorite Megadrive game, Landstalker ! :D

Very happy to be part of this community ! :)


Hello, I came to the forum as I've been a long time PS1 hacker/modder.
I made a lot of unique codes and rom hacks for Final Fantasy VIII, Resident Evil 3, Spyro 1 2 and 3 and many more games.

I'm pretty well known within the community as "Unicorngoulash" aka Spyro master

Today I uploaded a Final Fantasy VIII NTSC-U PS1 mod to the site that enables Odin and Gilgamesh as if they were normal GF's with picture and all. I hope it gets approved.


Hello everyone,

i'm Adrien, i came from france, i've played a lot in the past (especially nes,snes, n64,ps3/4,wii,switch)
i still play a few, but my new hobby is reversing some stuff (witch take soo much time...)

i'm often in game festival for animate stand and try to make people discover unknown games but fun to play.
i've also managed the super mario kart championship (the snes version) for few years with a lot of fun  :) (from around 2014 to 2018)

I've discovered this site since many years now, generally searching for documentation and software for modifying games.

i work since 2-3 years on reversing Pokemon Puzzle league (on N64), because it has a really weird pokemon sounds (and yes just for that  ;D)

i work on a software for modifying the game (texture, audio, videos, scenes..) it's still a work in progress (shared on github) and maybe share it on the romhacking site when it will be more finished :)
i also have the objective to make a multi version on pokemon puzzle league (manage to have the "worst pokemon screaming audio" from the french, english and german version. (it's almost finished)

maybe finding some people who work on this game, or just share some informations on the forum and discover a lot of other things ;)

See ya' ;)