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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Barbarian Moham

Hey people.  I'm quite new to romhacking but I've been enjoying the work I've done so far and wish I had discovered romhacking sooner.  Currently only experienced with a couple of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, but will hopefully expand my knowledge as much as possible and then maybe work on some PS1 games.

Would also like to help others whenever possible, but given the number of knowledgeable people on this forum I don't know if I'll be any help to anyone yet.


I never really introduced myself in here despite being registered for over 4 years. I'm LucasRCD, a rookie artist and former SMW ROM hacker who gave up out of lack of motivation. I'm not sure if I'll really start ROM hacking anything in the foreseeable future, but what I am sure about is the fact that I like RPGs and stuff, I guess. I kinda forgot I had an account in here.
Lufia afficionado, forum game player. Former SMW hacker.


Hi, I'm StevenVillman, and I've been a video game fan (mostly Nintendo and classic Atari video games) for the past 35 years. I especially like Super Mario Bros. 3, and I love watching ROM hacks of it on YouTube and other social media websites (perhaps, I'll learn to ROM hack that video game someday).


Hello, all.

Long time listener, first time caller.

I love romhacks, and the one I've been chipping away at is an English localization of "Planetarium Creator Ohira Takayuki Kanshuu: Home Star Portable" (ULJM-05184) for the PSP.

I've hit a bit of a wall on the project-- I started to translate it by myself back in-around 2014-- and I hope to lend what progress I've made to this site, as well as ask for help in the parts I can't manage.

Regardless, it's good to meet you all and great to be a part of a community which has given back entertainment tenfold.


Hey all, I'm completely new here! :beer:

I'm working on a Breath of Fire IV project and I'm finding it hard to track down complete information about drop/steal rates (among other things) in the usual FAQs/walkthroughs, so I'm hoping to learn how to use romhacking tools extract the information I need for myself.


Hello I'm new here. I am a law student, but I am always interested as a hobby in learning to translate games. My native language is small with only three million speakers and I would like to translate some little classics into my language.

I hope to find information and learn something here, thank you all very much.




Hello guys! The nick is BMatSantos but some just call me BMat. I'm a fan translator and a big Mario fan, and I have some projects that I'd be more than happy to share when I'm done with them.


Hi everyone
I am from holland and play alot of old games
I got the raspberry pi 3 4gb
And wanted the pi4 in the future



  :woot!: HI everybody. My name is Kiki from Indonesia.
I would like to say big thank for this forum has allowed me to join. :thumbsup:
Hopefully I could participate and give contributions with best here. :laugh:
it's really my pleasure. ;)
Nice to meet all of you guys. and please be my friends  ;D

cheer up  :beer:


Hi I'm Ascam15(or You Can Call me Domy), i go to School, i'm italian, I'm lazy, and It's my First Time I post Something here.
(Because i Made my Account Today lol), my Favourite Food is Lasagna and Chips, i love Cooking And Games.
Have A Nice Day.


Hello y'all! I'm Mudkip, and I'm mainly here because I wanted to try my hand at doing some hacks and other things, and didn't know much about where to start. I hope I can get along with everyone here.


Hello I'm Flanagan, I just joined in to know some more about hacking hoping to improve my skills somehow, I'm pretty green to hacking games in general so I know next to nothing about Hex editing, I only have used some utilities for SMB so far. Nice to meet you all.


Well Howdy Y'all!  :D I am Crash_override, and I am a native Texan. I am an old school 80's\90's fella if you can't already tell by my handle.. I am a fairly well rounded musician, and I love my metal, but I don't discriminate music much lol. I am very new around these here parts.. But I have been into computers and gaming since I was 8 years old, and I am 38 now.. so there's that I suppose. I do not claim to know very much, I have just ventured into wii modding and have just begun a raspberry Pi 4 arcade project with a buddy, so we are both new to alot of this and excited to learn, and I am excited to meet new people. I already have questions, but an introduction of myself doesn't need begin with a bunch of those, just wanted to say Hey to everyone, and thank you for all the hard workers who have brought me so much joy I wanted to join the fun myself!!


How's it going everybody, I'm Chris and I'm based outta Phoenix AZ. I've been doing weekly blind rom hack reviews on youtube for the past year and I figured it's about time I introduced myself and started meeting people here. The whole concept of taking classic games and adding new twists to them is really very fascinating to me and it's added new life to alot of games that have been long beaten and collecting dust.

Initially I was going through pretty much every Castlevania hack I could get my hands on and I'm working on branching out to other systems and franchises and I've had an opportunity to interact and go back and forth with developers about their projects before, during, and after reviews and I love it.

I suck at these sort of things, but I just wanted to say Hi


Hey, Joe here from VA. Some years ago i discovered emulation and the hacking community, allowing me to play games that never made it to the States. I'm mostly a fan, but I can also write, so if you need script tweaks I'll be glad to help.


hey there. i am newbie too


 Hello all. Trying to learn asm for nes. Specifically for SMB. Having troubles understanding it all and such. but having fun none-the-less. I have experience in  graphical hacking and simple hex editing with SMB. want to up my game and create something better.
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Good day folks, I am Elcaro.  I'm new to the Romhacking culture, but have long been an admirer of you talented folks who've made such great work in maximizing the playing experience with your coding/hacking knowhow and ingenuity.  Though short on time for it with my work, I'm a gaming fan and an avid patron of reading, film/tv and sports.  It's a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to communicating with you folks in my time here!


Hello, I'm Nana. I've been a fan of your works for a very long time! I joined to learn and keep myself up to date with everything. Thank you all for your amazing efforts.