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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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I've just entered the world of ROM hacking and I'm mostly aiming at doing translations.


Hello! The name is "purplizedMeshiah".
I like retro stuff NES mostly, having fun with pascal (although not that GOOD at it), learning stuff about translating NES games, famitracker in total and of course discovering very n0ice hacks at romhackingDOTnet.

Good day, reader.

I have a signature, lmao.

Somari the Adventurer

Hello all!
I'm Somari, thought I'd join as I'm working on a little project at the moment which I thought might be worth sharing, so I'll post about that soon. As you might be able to tell by the name, I like NES bootlegs a fair bit, especially ones by Hummer Team, my favourites being Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 4. As for hobbies, I'm a cassette tape enthusiast, casual gamer and enjoy tinkering with old electronics such as Walkmans and VCRs. I also like NES-ifying graphics from time to time and am slowly learning to cover music in Famitracker by ear, so maybe that will be useful for hacking someday. My favourite types of games are arcade style racers, vertical shooters and side scrollers/platformers. As for consoles, I quite like the NES/Famicom, Mega Drive and PS2.
Anyway, it's nice to finally join and I'll see you all in a bit


I'm DSpeed, entered this hacking thing like past year, noodling around with Esrael Sonic Editor 2. Not much of a programmer (although I did have a course in C# and PHP), but trying my best with what I have.
First game I ever played was Resident Evil 2 (great start, i know), but the same day I played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and along with Sonic Riders a few years later, sparked my love for older games.
So... I'm a fan of Sonic, Pokémon, THPS, Crash and Megaman.
Think that's it.


Oi, people call me Elvie. I downloaded the YY-CHR graphics editor last year and passively used it. It has only been the last month that I started to get a grasp of it and dedicate myself to a particular project.

I would like to do more meaningful modifications through programming sometime in the future, but, for now, I will be making some serious visual upgrades and silly parody hacks.


Hello, i'm a spanish indie-game-developer-wannabe in love with computers and videogames (classic ones mostly), and now i'm into SNES ROM hacking


Hi there everyone,

I call myself Poe however it's just an alias. My mother tongue is German. I would describe myself as a kind and ambitious person. I grew up with Nintendo in the early 90's and still I enjoy spending my freetime playing some favourite games. I'm especially into role playing games. About one year ago I got the chance to join a group doing rom hacking and translations in Germany. Since I'm not very familiar with rom hacking yet, I concentrate on translations from English to German and conversely. I'm always looking for new challenges. However when the current project is finished I can imagine to do my first steps in rom hacking though I know it might be a long and hard way. But before then I still do what I can do best - translations. I wanna dive deeper into the rom hacking scene and offer my translation skills if it's needed. So, in case any help or support is needed I look forward hearing from you.

Kind regards, Poe.


Hello. My name is Edinei Lopes. I am Brazilian, I like arts, communication and games. I want to learn more about hacking old ROMs. I signed up on the site to follow the news and also share the hacks I complete. The first was about Alladin's colors from Sega Genesis.


Hallo, I usually go by Owl, and im just here for Castlevania hacks, although i can see myself trying my hand at hacking at some point


While I know how to hack asm-wise, I haven't shared any of my work. Usually small bugfixes but I'm not capable of writing bigger projects like the highly-rated stuff on this site. Tried doing translating work before but that never worked in my favor. Also tried doing graphics editing but nothing worth sharing with anyone else.


hi I am yolomate creator of mugen palettes, some chars, stages, openbors etc etc but now I newbie in this site!! :thumbsup:

The Man on the Boat

Salutations. I'm the man on the boat, and I'm making a Super Mario World hack called Ganymede. I'm not really a hacker, strictly speaking, I'm an artist/writer/designer, and Ganymede is a passion project I've spent thousands of hours making since 2013.


Video games are my favourite hobbies and i have huge respect in people working to translate/fix/convert a game.
there's tons of games i have played thanks to this site, it's fantastic and i wish you a good continuation.



   I am new to the modding/hacking scene. I have enjoyed video games for most of my life 41 years on this planet of ours. I mostly am a hardware
person. fixing old systems, replacing blown components, installing new power supply's or even new a/v outs on a variety of systems. I am hoping
to find some help here in making some hacks for a few of my favorite games. The first one is to add all the wrestlers to WWF Raw. there were three
great WWF wrestling games on the SNES and Sega. but the rosters were always changing. I hope to be able to make a complete version with all the
wrestlers. Any help would be much appreciated.

Adam Catalyst

Hi everyone,
I've been a lurker here for some time, and have finally decided to put my foot in the door. I probably won't contribute much, I don't have the technical expertise, but I'll express my gratitude and offer support where I can.



Hi everyone!

I've been playing video games pretty much my entire life, 36 years long. I'm a big fan of JRPGs. I was introduced to this place by ChickenKnife, with the Delocalized DQ projects. I'm kinda new to all of this hacking 'n patching universe. I might end up asking questions here and there, who know :)


Hi all!
I was playing some NES games on Retroarch with CRT filters and I felt in love with Double Dragon 2 again. Unfortunately the control scheme didn't age that well.  ;D
So I started to learn the 6502 assembly two weeks ago. It was my first time with an assembly language but I really enjoy it. It's "simple" and straight forward. A good friend of mine introduce me to romhacking and my patch has been accepted yesterday:


Salvete! I'm a languages nut who is also great with tecnology. I've always wanted to get into hacking and I finally did! Mario & Luigi - Partners in Time Hard Mode 1.0 is now out!


Hi guys, I am new here!
Old school MMO and MOBA player  8)
Also I got some experience in game developing
Whats up. I am Christina,25 y old. Like to play and create/support to create games.


I am looking to modify a Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball rom that I downloaded.  I have found a download that allows you to edit players attributes and appearance.  (kgb editor)  How do I apply the editor to the game?