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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hi guys,
I'm from Italy and when I was kid I always wanted to play Final Fantasy 6 on my Super Nintendo, but at the time there only was an incomplete translated patch. Having some time in these days I hope to fill this childhood gap and see if there are other patches of games I always liked to play.



Hi pals,
I'm Francesco, I'm Italian and lately I'm in love again with Nintendo 8 bit games.
I love every hacks that contribute to ameliorate those old games, and of course, all the translations who can permit to play those games that back then they had none or their translation were wrong! As you can see my English isn't perfect, but I'll do my best to explain myself.
Bye!!! ;)


Hello everyone,

I am nazonakaze, a Japanese-American gamer.  I used to go simply by nazo when I was a tad younger, and during those days I frequented the franchise-specific forum, Puyo Nexus, as a fan of the Puyo Puyo (Puyo Pop) and Madou Monogatari (Sorcery Saga) series.

My field of gaming is wide-ranging but sparse.  These days I haven't been as avid a gamer as I had been years ago, but I have an equal command of English and Japanese, and I still wish to be devoted to breathing a second life into region-exclusive games.  I decided to set up an account and join this forum because, clueless as I may be with technology and coding, the release of English hacks for some old Sorcery Saga titles caught my eye on Twitter, and a bit of my old passion happened to reignite.

I hope to be of some help, and I wish to make the most of my existence here.


Hi.. I'm new in here and nice to meet you all. I joined here because well, I'm into game and only has 0.1% knowledge of hacking... so I want to learn more.


Hello everyone!

I'm a newcomer to this forum and this field in general, but I've come here with a mission : to translate, if possible, some PS1 and N64 games to Russian, so that I can introduce some friends here to them (I grew up with them in my native Belgium, but gaming consoles were rare and expensive in 90s Russia, especially these two, so they haven't played them... and they're not really at ease with English, so I can't just give them emulated versions.
So, I gave myself this mission to translate at least one or two of these - especially FF7, as even the remake isn't going to have Russian subtitles, as I have understood - so that I can show them the best things of my childhood and teenage years.

Thanks in advance for having me over and have a nice day!


Babs here (I'm known on certain sources as BabsProductions), and I hope you enjoy my presence here. Thanks for letting me join!

I don't make hacks as much as I used to, but at least now I'm freed to do whatever I feel is necessary on this forum (still here to follow rules though), so again, I hope my membership here lasts long enough for me to say whatever's appropriate. (but can you add a General Discussion board please? I want to talk about stuff other than games, and I feel like a general board is good for this place)


Hey all, came here 'cause I wanted to learn more about the hacking scene and have a chance at bringing some of my beloved games to English~


Hi, I'm João from Portugal. I'm not into ROM hacking per-se, but I think making games for older consoles is super cool.
Released my first homebrew last year and just submitted it to your database. It's a small game but it's something!


Hello, I'm Drakey (Drake-y; some people have trouble). I'm a My Little Pony fan, hoping my romhack Filly Fantasy VI gets accepted, otherwise done some like FF6 editing and work on FFWiki, slumped for a few years there but am more active now.

Alex O.

Hi. I'm a Mario fan who, thanks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl mods, got into hacking games.
This site has been a great help in doing that, so thanks.


Hi everyone!

I'm Viscera from Germany and, as one can easily guess, really like video games. I'm probably not going to be too active (I always tend to be in forums) and don't actually do hacks myself, but I may try my hand here and there.


Hello everybody! I am iridium_ionizer from California, USA. In the 1990's as a teenager I started doing pixel art with a large Batman drawing done entirely in MS Paint. At college I learned how to code in FORTRAN 90. It's not the most useful programming language, but its how I learned the fundamentals.

In the past I've tried modding PC before but didn't get very far. I attempted a Weird Worlds (for PC) total conversion mod (in the style of Fallout), but I didn't finish it when I broke the games scripting and couldn't figure out how. I once started a Tagalog translation for Maniac Mansion (the ScummVM version), but my Tagalog was a bit rusty and eventually other things took priority.

Recently I have started getting more into ROM hacking (beyond just applying an .ips file). It started with getting NES Maker. Since then, I have been trying to learn a bit about ASM, but so far I've just been dabbling in changing hex values that are glaringly obvious (such as those pointed out by others or using the PPU viewer in FCEUX to change palette colors).

I recently finished my first SMB1 graphics and level hack. It contains quite a few tweaks and I think it turned out great for what it is. Also I have a LoZ mod on the back burner (about 50% done).

I am also trying to learn music. I am doing alright on the piano (playing chords with my left hand and melody with my right hand). I have composed a couple of things on MuseScore (which is a free sheet music writing / playing program). I have also been able to transcribe a song into Famitracker (without too many crazy effects), but unfortunately most romhacks require more than a simple .ftm file to change the music. I have also had some fun messing with


Hi everyone, I'm XEMZ, new member over here :)

I'm trying to start a GBA Pokemon game on my own, so I'm looking for any help I can find, skills and all.
I am from France and am 30 years old.
Discovering this new huge place that is RomHacking. I'm still noob, but hope finish my project one day if I don't give up by being stuck.

Anyway, I wish you a good day everyone! See you around  :thumbsup:



I'm Homer. I've played quite a few hacks and translations here and have wanted to give it a go myself. You know, as a way to show appreciation and give back.

I recently started restoring palettes for Donkey Kong Country 2 for Gameboy Advance after playing through some of DKC1 with its palette restoration mod. Sprites are simple enough (I'll have to post a WIP patch on what I've done thus far) but backgrounds are tricky as another user pointed out here: I followed the advice but still can't get it quite right. Any advice the folks here can give would be appreciated.


Hello, I am Artemis1. I am love indie, RPG, strategy, J-RPG also a little bit of horror and thrillers. I love modern games. But, I have become a fan of retro games. Like Chrono trigger(playing)and seminal mana series (playing) and many more. I am also a huge anime fan. I like Bleach( the filters are making it hard to continue) just like Naruto. Enjoy magic, Action, Adventure, and Sci-fi. I don't mean to watch Magical Girls shows.   ;D


hi there kaine23 here. retrogamer and streamer. love jrpgs and adventure titles. love discovering new hacks for jrpgs too! avid player of ff4 free enterprise as well.


I'm Nabal and I've always liked the concept of romhacking. I hope to makes some romhacks myself one day, if I ever get enough free time. I'm currently studying computer science (which is the reason for my lack of free time) and my top 3 favorites games are Super metroid, starfox64 and cave story.
Have a great day everyone.


Hi everyone !

I play videogames since I was 4 years old (got my first gameboy during a trip to the U.S.A. with my school). Now I'm 35 and I always try to understand how games works :)

I reverse ROM's for fun, and build "tools" to help me finish some games (and also learn a little bit of ASM :) I've spent a lot of nights on CTF/Hacking Challenges on reversing some cryptic binaries, so reversing ROM's is quite easy ^^ Right now I'm working on two projects :

- A password generator for "Otto's Ottifanten" a GameBoy Game (Almost finished)
- A save editor for "Monster Rancher Explorer" (GameBoy Color)

And when I play retro-games on emulator I make Action Replay Cheats. I didn't find any Action Replay cheat collection online, so maybe one of my future project will be to made one :)

I hope that here I could be useful to someone (and to find some infos on how saving/loading works on a GameBoy/Game BoyColor/Game BoyAdvance)

troopa jr

hi everyone,
i registered to this place time ago, but i hadn't contributed till today, when i published my first homebrew game for Sega Genesis here :)
it is a very simple game, but i am proud of it. the goal was to begin to learn how to work with SGDK.
this is the first, but i wish it won't be the last  :crazy:

Andyana Jonseph


I'm a '00s kid who has a soft spot for retro gaming, mainly the 16-bit era. The first 2 games I've ever played were Super Mario World and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, still 2 of my all-time favorites to this day. I began hacking as a way to practice game design, with Super Mario World. But I lost motivation for a while due to idea block, but now I'm back. I'd like to expand upon hacking with some of my other favorite games like Mega Man 6, Sonic 3, Diddy's Kong Quest and Super Mario Bros. 3

Just because here are my favorites.
Series: Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, Castlevania, Metroid and Kirby
Systems: SNES, Genesis, NES, Wii, PS1, N64 and Switch
Game: Donkey Kong Country 3 (Too many to list so I'm just listing my #1)