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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Name's Metallo! I'm on several modding and Homebrew forums, though this is the alias I've decided to go by when it comes to Retro-Modding. Namely due to my love for the Animated DC series.

Anyways, I love Sega Master games, as well as Mega Drive and some Nintendo games (they're great, but I just love the heavy arcade-y feel and sounds/music of Sega Games). It's a pleasure to join your community formally, as I once just lurked on here from time to time to read up on translation updates. I speak 3 languages, so please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thank you! :)


P.S. Does anyone know how the Avatar system works? Do I need to post/reply to posts a couple times to "level up" and get one? Or am I just really bad with the UI?

Light of Hikari

Hmm... Hi, I'm Light of Hikari, my interests are: drawing, playing old games that other people my age say is old and boring, eat sweets and finding friends in internet because I'm so lonely...just kidding!
I'm here too because to learn things about hacking and translation (of course).
I hope to be a nice person in this forum and help when possible.


Hello all! I have joined to keep track of a few projects that interest me, namely the Possessioner (PC-98) English Translation[1] that hollowaytape is working on.

Thank you for having me!



I decided to join since I kinda miss playing my old games and would like to play some of the games that I wished came into the states but I do have a question where in the form do I go into the form when I need help.


I just downloaded and applied my first patch, a High Score Save patch for Tetris on Game Boy. I'm looking forward to keeping track of my high scores and trying to get achievements using RetroArch. I've been working on creating some overlay and shader sets for the original Game Boy and the Game Boy Play It Loud! Series.


So I landed here in the course of researching retro gaming stuff (not so retro in my mind) started gaming back in the days of crystal caves, and got the bug around about C&C red alert days.

Currently my interest is research for my youtube channel (aussie repair guy) and also for ways to help my little "apprentice" get into safe gaming experiences herself.

Current project is hombrew on an N64, and learning to memory hack N64 games, as my apprentice is getting a little too good for my comfort - and I feel she may benefit from some increased challenge and a fresh gaming experience to some mouldy oldies that she's become quite adept at.


Hi.. I'm new in here and nice to meet you all. I joined here because well, I'm into game and only has 0.1% knowledge of hacking... so I want to learn more.


Hi there,

(M)ultimate here,

I decided to join this community after being on this site for some time now and appreciating the great work of the contributors of patches, hacks, translations etc.

I live in Germany, turned 40 in January (wow, time really does fly, doesn´t it?), and I consider myself furtunate to have grown up with the Commodore 64, plus later some consoles (GB, NES, N64, PSX, PS2, Gamecube...). I have a sweet spot for retro-games, music in general and high(est) sound quality.

Some say I´m a very detailed person and I seem to have some talent in finding typos or errors in...well, all sorts of things, not just games, but I remember well when I was a teenager that I stumbled upon a typo in Wolfenstein 3D at the end art screen after finishing E5M9: "General Fettgeischt" should have been -> "General Fettgesicht".

Funny thing from what I have seen so far this particular typo doesn´t seem to really have been spotted much til this day, ha ha.

I plan to release an ultimate multi-patch consisting of several existing patches (hence my alias) for a game or games that I like and who knows what other ideas I may come up with in the future.

Well, the only issue is time, as it´s getting more and more precious or limited when you´re getting older, even moreso when you have a child or a family so I might aswell stay silent. ;)



Hi,I love Zelda and SMW. Here at the Philippines, 80's kids are still remember the days of Mario, and I wanted to translate Zelda and SMW because, I want to understand in my country and be a player friendly games.


I'm just here to bullshit about videogames


Hi everyone.

Im here because id like to try to learn how to translate Snes games. Could anyone recommend me some tutorials on this subject?



oops, alredy posted somewhere but not here so :

I satrted to play Sword of Hope 2 and thought the game could really use a coat of paint, so I started to hack it. I will change dialogs, enemies and character names and stuff like that too, and after i did that i think i'll do something similar to a snes or nes game, but i have yet to choose which one.
This is kinda dragging on, isn't it ?


Hi everybody!,
I'm Ness and I'm 18,from Valencian Country (South Catalonia). I'm studying translation and interlingual mediation. I can speak Spanish, Catalan, English and French, and I would like to learn Greek. I like music, genres such as ska, metal, reggae, punk and some others. I'm here because I like videogames and I'm trying to modify some Nintendo DS games and I need some help (just because I'm bored, hehe). Always retro games, 16 bits always.
And that's all.
Cheers :D


Hi everyone!

I'm Italian, 23 y.o. I'd like to start getting my hands into translations (mainly Japanese to English/Italian).

I'm a graduate of Japanese, currently looking for a job. In the meantime, I've set my mind on trying to use my language knowledge to actually do something creative, like translating a game. My hacking skills are nonexistent, but I hope I can find help with learning the craft here, or someone to help me get through some projects.

Other than translations, I'm a big fan of Nintendo games (mainly Nelda) and some smaller indie titles (Hollow Knight drove me crazy last year :laugh:).
I used to be a prolific reader and I'm trying to get into it again. I like sociology and anthropology, but at the moment I'm just reading The Witcher series.

My musical tastes are fairly wide, although I mostly stick to rock/alternative/indie music. One of my favourite bands are The Smiths, because of those 80's saddb0i vibes I really dig.

Well, nice to meet you, peeps and I'm looking forward to working with you.  :)


hi pals

my friend doesn't like super meat boy but i do


Heya! I just submitted my first hack here, of Trog! on the NES (which I had to add to the database), before I got around to introducing myself. Probably only useful to me, it's a one-byte change that allows player two to join on Famicom, despite the lack of a start button on Famicom p2 controllers (created the hack so I could play it on the Everdrive on, yeah, my Famicom).

Not very impressive, and all the less impressive once I figured out how to turn it into a Game Genie code. Ah well. It's my first ROM hack, what can I say. And my first foray into 6502 assembly (though I'd had some distant experience with 68000, ages ago).

I also plan to hack the game such that PVP attacks are more balanced, as in the NES game (and unlike the arcade game), P1 has a huge advantage over P2 in head-on combat. In fact, I just completed what I had really hoped would be the hack to achieve that... but it didn't. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

While attempting that hack, I became sufficiently frustrated at the difficulties of testing 2-player PVP as a solo player holding two controllers (or, in emulator, manipulating two characters on one keyboard), that I've now decided on an array of other hacks I should accomplish first: removal of the Trogs (baddies) and tarpits, removal of power ups/downs, removal of starting invincibility (waiting for that ring to go away before testing is annoying), prevention of falling over the sides as if players were invincible, and player two mirroring movements and actions of player one.

I recently worked my way through Steven Hugg's Making Games for the NES (which uses primarily C code on boilerplate tutorial examples on a web-based IDE). I skipped the assembly section of that book, as I had had a taste of 6502 code while reading about programming for my recently-acquired Apple //c (but I never actually used it until now, disassembling Trog). Anyway it gave me a decent grounding in NES internals and architecture.

I'm using Bisqwit's nescom and clever-disasm tools to grok disassembled ROMs. If someone has other suggestions for free (and especially libre/open source) tools for the job, I'm happy to hear them - nescom has been very handy, but is also quite quirky and clunky, and the documentation is nearly nil. I'd never have gotten anywhere if I wasn't able to read their source code, and I'll probably have to hack the tools before I can continue to use them with any degree of comfort. But clever-disasm offers some neat features, including simulating the 6502 CPU and following ROM bank switches in order to determine where a jmp or jsr are actually headed (and labeling accordingly), which I assume isn't commonly found in free 6502 disassemblers.

I also just discovered Mesen the other day, and its debugging features are coming in very handy!

I also plan to eventually code my own games in NES, have a few small project ideas (such as ports of a couple favorite Intellivision games: Night Stalker and Tron Deadly Discs). And maybe eventually I'll branch off into GBA or SNES hacking.

You can see the state of my current endeavors with Trog! at GitHub.

P.S., sorry for the ridiculously long intro, heh! :D


Hi everyone!

My alias is Nihilus and I've lurked here at for the past 10+ years trying out all of the amazing things you guys have been able to accomplish. It's been great fun trying out various different hacks. I enjoy reworks like Kamek's Revenge (SMW2:YI) as well as improvement hacks that fix things in games that the devs should have done themselves.

I've dabbled in a little bit hacking, myself - nothing major, sprite edits mostly.
Which brings me to why I registered. I need help getting reacquainted with romhacking tools to help me with my sprite editing endeavors; or at least to make a request or two for you pros to consider.  ;D


Hello, I'm Naldrag.  I've been a user of this site for several years now getting various ROM hacks and stuff over time, and have dabbled in some level hacking in the past for Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  Along with some basic level and music mods on various PC games.


CANbus here.I love Mega Man series games and learn how to hack games.I have been played a lot of Mega Man hacks several years ago.Most of hacks get from there.I'd like to learn hacking games.


Hi everyone!

I'm Indonesian, I'm born 1990. I'm here too because to learn things about hacking games basic translation. I like all about game rpg, action, adventure.