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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hello, my name is lrescola and i'm here to simply give some ideas to make new hacks for any system...  8)


Hi, I am Emulatronica, and I just made my first ROM hack in a long while ... And hopefully the first which will be published in public!   :)

November 09, 2019, 07:18:51 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Not to sound impatient, but why is my hack still in the queue, yet others submitted after mine have already been approved? Have I done something wrong during the submission? If so, what do I need to correct?


Hi, guys! I was searching for some Japanese scripts in order to train my language profficiency and got really impressed with this community. So I thought, "why not help with some Japanese game translation if I can?" I'm a Brazilian native, but've been dealing with English for some years now. Besides that, If I not move to Japan next year I'm planning to learn Spanish too. In about half a year I figure that my Japanese it's gonna run its course, so I'm getting myself available for any translation projects you get, so, just email me ( Thanks a lot!


Hello everyone. I am somewhat new here but I hope I can be a great member. I will abide by the rules and do onto others as they would do onto me.


Hey folks, I'm just going to lurk and ask questions, but I'm glad to be here nonetheless.



Hey everyone! I've been a lurker on this site for quite a few years. I've enjoyed a number of the projects that have been released on here, and I've checked out the boards a handful of times. I've got a project of my own I've been working on for a good while, so I figured it'd be good to finally join now so I'm ready to share it when the time comes. I hope to see you around!


Hey all, I'm kkzero. I've known the site for quite a while now. I would call myself new to the forum, but it seems like I've had this account idly lying around here for *checks profile* nearly four years.
Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh I dunno, I was kinda weird back then.
In any case, I am an active romhacker who's dabbled in a little of all Nintendo's past generation systems. My main shindig these past 1.5 years has been Metroid games, with some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon WiiWare research on the side. I'm also really into game music.
So, that's my introduction, hope to do some things on the site soon I guess.


hello everyone! i'm new to rom hacking and know i'll learn plenty here.

Fox Cunning

After all these years of lurking, I guess it's about time for me to say hello. Well, hello! ;D


I'm K0rin, and I'm interested in old bootleg russian translations. I need somebody to teach me "How make rus translation patch from existing ISO file". Platforms dos, playstation 1,2, windows There are a lot of interesting translations, for example there is unofficial russian translation of japanese ace combat 3, which was made in 2002.
Also interested in making "translation comparison" video.


Hi, everyone! //( =^ェ^=)/ Been playing videogames since the NES and right now I'm on a nostalgia trip. It suddenly came to my mind the idea of editing games so that my characters are on them, and my curiosity brought me here. Thought some greetings were due. See you around!


Hello, my name is Jason. I like Pizza, long walks on the beach, and Contra. I came to this forum because I'm about to undertake a huge project and I know that the knowledge of the members here would be my greatest asset. It's another Contra hack, but I want to change more than just layouts. I'm gonna try to get some screenshots posted sometime.


Ridley here. Got my first Gameboy back when I was 5 and since then I collect games and consoles. Currently I am very addicted to all sorts of randomizers.


Hi i am SkyLizardGirl i am new here and i am just learning how to submit hacks here.
I made my first-ever hack and finished Blaster Master (Wastelands) .
-Zelda Classic Game Designer,  Developer of Zelda (Mystical Harps)
-Messing with Metroid Planets,  -Messing with Mega Man Maker,
-Blaster Master Hacker Etc.*  -Insane Futurist Comics Novel Artist.


I'm yamina.
I have been frequenting the site as a guest for years and thought that it's about time I actually sign up.  ;)


Hi, I am new as well. Greetings to everybody! I am recommending you these guides they are for both new and old players who wants to be better ate the games.


Hi, I am Arkonviox.

I am a huge fan of the Ecco the Dolphin series and will be working on a
game engine for a related project.

I am in the process of reverse engineering Ecco 2: The Tides of Time,
and am currently working on an Ecco Text generator.

I know over a dozen programming languages and at least two forms of assembly
language. I have written programs for the web, and small
standalone apps for a variety of operating systems.

I am here primary to share my work.

If you are on twitter you can follow me at
(I would have put this in my signature but I can't upload an avatar or create a signature.)


Hello, I love when this site posts new English translations.  I view them as new games that just came out for an old console.  A huge thank you to everyone that puts in all of the hard work that goes into translating them.


Greetings everyone. I'm PirateMan. Joined because I'd an avid user of Fan Translations and ROMHacks for maybe over 20 years. Only problem with using these for so long I'm needing to recheck which I have regarding ROMs and ISOs.
The systems I use both for are:

Some Sega.
A bit of PlayStation 1 and 2. (Especially the highly accurate fan translation for Symphony of the Night which uses the Japanese dialog audio and goes with the original stuff. Haven't played it in awhile.)