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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Hello RHDN,

I go by Jively. I have been watching content creators on YouTube and Twitch play Super Mario romhacks for a while. I loved them so much I want to join the romhacking community in general - so here I am.  :)

My favorite genre is RPG and I enjoy all other genres as well. I think it would be fun someday (don't know how soon yet) to try my hand at making a romhack of an RPG I enjoy such as Super Mario RPG, or one of the Final Fantasies (1-3 US, 1,4,6 JP), or even Fire Emblem.

I am also a (very) new streamer and content creator myself and have been doing so consistently for about a month now. You can find my new Twitch channel by the same name: JivelyGames, where I am currently playing vanilla FFVI and FFIV: The Darkness Within from this site (really enjoying it). Please feel free to drop by and say hello - I started streaming because I enjoy chatting while playing the games I play.  :)

I plan to visit RHDN often - I've already seen I can help maintain pages, leave reviews, maybe start a romhack of my own, and of course stream the ones I play as well as make edited versions of those streams for YouTube.

I hope the community is welcoming and I can jump in and start contributing. Thanks for reading.  :thumbsup:


I've been a lurker for the past while. Originally came across this website while looking for a Swordcraft Story 3 translation, and ended up browsing weekly, looking at projects new and old.

Ended up making me want to hack ROMs, though my grasp on code is, politely, garbage. Still, I'd like to see what I can do with what I've got, and I've got my eyes on PilotWings for the SNES. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with something worthy of a release.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one.



I've been coming to this site for about 5 years now, revisiting old classics with new twists and finding new experiences through the translations.

I've been on again/off again with my desire to make ROM hacks, but I decided that enough was enough and that I would just get started. I've decided that, as a goal for myself, I'd like to challenge myself to creating a complete ROM hack by the time I go back to school in August. Nothing big, because I know I'd be doomed to failure, but maybe something simple like sprite, palette, or even level editing.

As for stuff about me, there's not much to say. I love just about everything Nintendo, and I love to collect all sorts of console variations when I find something that piques my interest. My favorite video game franchises include The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and The Elder Scrolls, and my favorite of each of those is The Wind Waker, Aria of Sorrow, and Oblivion, respectively. When I'm not playing video games, I find myself doodling or writing for fun.

I hope that, in time, I can become a frequent member of this community and contribute something of value that people can enjoy.

Thanks for reading!


Hello all! I decided to join this forum after I found myself having visited this site quite frequently for releases and updates. I'm excited to explore everything the boards have to offer.


Hey there, just registered here because i've been working on a fantranslation of a japanese computer program that allows you to make SHMUPS, and it was used for certain doujin shmups like Graze Counter, Revolgear, etc.

Wish me luck!


I am Jax and I love helping people my best ability.
I am however.... a "newb"! Am willing to grow and learn and expand from Hard Modding/Soft Modding to more intricate scripting and such.

That being said!
Scoopjohn I am interested in the SHMUPS (as you put it.) "Frantranslation"....So if you could post or message me the outcome or how it's going. I just love SHMUPS, to see somebody working on a program that make's SHMUPS....Is "Awesome"!

Thank You for the welcoming and reading my post. ;)

Edit;How do I add a avatar to my profile?



Hello! Nice to meet you. Meow. :3

I'm just an enthusiast of ROM hacks and an addict to emulated games.

I enjoy the expanded features that a hacked game can offer to either extend its replay value or appreciate the appearance that had gone missing from the beginning.

I'm also happy to see English fan translation projects that happen on various famous RPGs.

I started retro gaming since the 16-bit SEGA home console and emulated gaming since the release of Windows 98.



I'm posting here because I wanted to send my appreciation for the efforts of the people behind the Tengai Makyou Zero translation project. I thought I'd drop in here to say hi first. So, hi!

There are plenty of fan translations I've only been able to play thanks to this site. I think it's a wonderful community and a real force for good in the world.


hi it's me SlanDome i've been looking a gbs version of super mario 4 and also i'm new at this forum btw. :thumbsup:


Hello! I'm here! The name is Nozomi-Future the Object Thingy.

Where you can get translations and hacks from my Google Drive. Don't miss it!


Hi everyone,

You can call me CrouchingMouse. I like translating Japanese for fun and I want to break into the video game industry someday, so I thought I'd join up here to see if I could be of some use to the fan translation side of the ROM hacking scene and maybe learn a few things about game code in the process. I truly admire and appreciate the fan translators who allowed me to play Japan-only games in English before I knew any Japanese, and hope I'm able to contribute something of my own to the community.

I love Nintendo games above all, and Zelda and JRPGs in particular.

Nice to meet you all, hope to see you around! =)


I'm trying to change whats inside a chest, but + doesn't seem to change the item in it. Do I click on the chest and than press+? I did that but its says I can't add anymore chests.


Hello everyone, I am Polargames. I have been a gamer for a long time. I really enjoy this web site because I like seeing all of the cool hacks that are made. I am currently working on one of my own as well, I hope to get it done soon.


Hey, I'm The(Stolen)Battenberg!

I'm 21, from the UK and I've been creeping on the rom hacking world, and this community in particular since I was about 11.

I've been a programming since I was 10, developing terrible games and software, few of which I've actually released. It was only recently I got into properly hacking games, aside from a few applications I made to rip/view assets, and texture replacements.

My favourite console software to tinker with is PlayStation, since I didn't grow up in the 8-bit or 16-bit era I just don't have much interest in anything from that time, though I've certainly played games from those times and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I'm probably the biggest fan of FromSoftware you'll meet around here, and I've been playing there games since I was 7, starting with King's Field IV (Ancient City), and then then the other three. Wasn't a big fan of Echo Night though. The translation of the first King's Field by John Osborne is definitively why I love hacking games so much, and his work is a massive inspiration to me.

I'm a musician and I can play guitar, I play in a band writing our own material. My favourite styles to play are Thrash Metal, Jazz, Blues and Alt Rock. I like pretty much any music though, my favourite artists are Megadeth (Mostly the first two albums, with Chris & Gar), Muse, Damien Rice, Radiohead, System of a Down and Little People.

That's about it, probably a bit too much but it's too late now! :3 I'm pretty damn friendly and always like talking and theorizing with people, so if any of that clicks with you, feel free to contact me; I'll reply. :)

Hope to see you all around,


Hi everyone!

Really looking forward to learning some ROM stuff on the forums.

I'm a big fan of retro games and the megaman series



Looking forward to learning as much as I can from this community. I am an experienced developer but these days I am a fulltime musician and sound engineer. Always open to interesting projects...

Nice to mee you all,



Hi everyone! I have been into emulation for 15 years now, since 2003, I think, and into ROM hacking just as long, the first one I ever used was the RPGe translation (NOT the final version, I accidentally was using a buggy earlier version off some ROM site) of Final Fantasy V to play it in English. Then I found this site which had the latest version of that patch which worked MUCH better. And had a lot of other great patches too!

I am really into translation patches to play Japanese games in English, and even retranslation patches for games that were released in English where people try to do a better translation. I am also into bugfix patches, I really like those. A ton of people have made individual bugfix patches for Final Fantasy VI, ridiculous numbers of individual ones. I used to have my own project to try to combine them together into a mega-bugfix patch which I hosted on my own website. Some other people posting on a website called Slick Productions started working on mega-bugfix patches too collaboratively, the FF6 Improvement Project by ShadedMagus and some of them even noticed my patch after they had been independently working on theirs for a couple months, theirs ended up being a lot better than mine so I discontinued my project since theirs is better, theirs included all the bugfixes mine had plus more. Now some other people have done even better work than that in the years since then, there are some really excellent patches from the last few years that I have recently noticed, some of which are actively being developed. I would like to give feedback on some of those so that is one of the main reasons I am joining.

I really am obsessed a bit with fonts. I came up with my own 8x8 pixel font over a decade ago which I like better than any other 8x8 pixel font, it was based on various other 8x8 pixel fonts but I carefully edited each letter until it looked perfect. It was originally based on an alternate serif font used in a version prior to the final one of the J2E translation patch for Final Fantasy IV. At one point I hacked a whole bunch of different games to all use my font, NES games, SNES games, all sorts of games, from Super Mario Brothers to you name it. It was rather excessive, but a lot of old NES games use ugly fonts, I got too obsessed with that for awhile. Not sure if I still have those files around anywhere. My font includes all the uppercase and lowercase letters as well as all the symbols used commonly in retro console games, but I would like to complete it, to make it at the very least include all the characters in the DOS code page 437 and the Windows code page 1252, and have it both as a real font file as well as something that can be used in tile editors to replace tiles for the characters of a fixed-width 8x8 font in a ROM.

Although I have some programming ability in higher level languages and at one point studied x86 assembly and wrote some simple DOS programs in assembly I mostly just know higher-level languages, so programming in the assembly code used by the processors of consoles, the code that is in ROMs, would be super difficult for me to learn. I can use a tile editor though and I am good at using ucon64 and other utilities. I don't know any other language besides English fluently enough to translate things accurately, I do know varying amounts of Spanish, German, Latin, Hungarian, and Japanese, but my primary language is English and I am pretty terrible at all other languages. And I am illiterate at non-Latin scripts such as the 3 scripts used in Japanese, or Cyrillic, or Hebrew, or Arabic, or even the Greek alphabet despite using a few of the Greek letters such as pi in math class.

About the only truly original ROM hack or patch I have done that I think I should post here is one to patch Final Fantasy V for the SNES to have different graphics for the Mute/Silence spell. Existing translations of that game do not patch the graphic for that spell, which is also sometimes automatically cast by various weapons such as the Mage Masher. The original graphic displays a gigantic Japanese character that means Mute or Silence, inside a circle, but English speakers cannot read this. So I made a new graphic using a tile editor, with the word "MUTE" inside a circle of the same size and shape, for English speakers to be able to understand that. I will see if I can find it, it is on an old hard drive from a computer I don't use anymore, but it ought to work. I'll see if I can recover my work and test it and maybe post it on here as a ROM hack. Oh right, and I did all my tile editing using Tile Molester by Snowbro although nowadays I would at the very least upgrade to the latest Tile Molester Mod by Mewster. And also ucon64 is a super useful ROM utility I used too. I wonder what other software is good to use for ROM hacking. I have not researched that in quite some time. My skills are maybe a little rusty but I think I might be able to start patching together various patches for games one of these days. But without ASM hacking skills or Japanese language skills about all I can do is tile editing and combing together other patches, probably. Oh wait some games have script or level editors or things like that, I guess there are other things I could do without ASM hacking skills. Yes, I will hack some stuff, hopefully. This is going to be fun! If I get any ROM hack done that is ready for prime time and worth sharing with other people I will share it and upload it here.

And yes, I have even made silly hacks for my own amusement, like ones where I made naked sprites for characters so they went around naked all the time. Never released those publicly, mostly because I suck at drawing tiny pixellated naked people and it is nowhere near as good as the original graphics. The main way it is not as good is, it uses less colors and I did not figure out how to edit palettes. When someone has clothing on the clothing has different colors from the skin but naked, with the skin all the same color, not as colorful unless I edit the palette so I can add some kind of gradient or dithering or shadow effect or something because having an entire sprite be pretty much all the same exact color looks boring. My artistic abilities are not that good although maybe I could improve them. Plus it is a ridiculous idea that I only did because I thought it would be funny. Definitely not ready for prime time, in fact I deleted all that sort of thing years ago, if I make something really awful like that I delete it. I would only ever upload quality work to a site like this. I am just mentioning this as an example of the kind of stuff I have experimented with in ROM hacking myself. The real reason I was doing that was just to learn how to edit character sprites in a ROM as a beginner, of course. A skill which I could put to use in actual good hacks in the future (a good hack would make things look better, not worse, obviously).

Thanks for reading!


I beg you people on, never necropost. If you post something on a old topic that has no new information has issued for a while, you'll get a warning. Don't do it!


Hello, I have been into ROM hacks, fan translations of Japan-only games, and ROM hacking for a while, and I am interested in taking a crack at ROM hacking. I am a buff for Japanese games, especially Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Capcom, Namco, Data East, Taito, Hudson Soft, Techno Soft, and Arc System Works.

B. Rex

I'm new here, to the forums.
I came here via registration.
I will follow rules here. Just don't make any bad moves that will get me upset.
This site could use a blog...