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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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Long time viewer, first time caller. Enjoyed many a patch and hack over the years. Spent time with Family Basic, love game boy camera. Adept with a soldering iron and well versed in Sega and Nintendo.New to tl866 and neo geo. Built a few arcade sticks. Live and die by shoot em ups.Looking forward to adding reviews.


First time here. Didn't played many hacks, but I like the whole concept of game-making/editing so here I am :)


hey, name's slither, nice to meet you all. came here mostly to put up a project somewhere populated, but it'd be fun to get involved in the romhacking community in other ways too! i'll have to see what kind of stuff i can contribute. mostly i enjoy coding and drawing.

also, i figure you guys probably get this question a lot, but i couldn't find a solution: how am i able to change my avatar? do i need a certain post count/time registered to get the option to show up? (edit: ah, guess i just needed to submit a post for the stuff to appear haha)


Wow. I did not know I had to post here the first time I logged in here. Wish I'd realized that. *facepalms and sighs*

And I was a bit shy to post here, but I'm doing it anyways, so...

The name's SwagAssMustafa, and I happen to be both a Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island hacker (well, actually, I'm kinda practicing YI hacking...).

I definitely hope I feel welcome here as long as I'm here!  :)


Why hello.

The name's Decoy. I took a break from SMW hacking for awhile but now I'm back. Right now I want to learn ASM, Mode 7 and all that other goodness, but I'm stuck with a Mac computer at the moment so I gotta wait until I can dual boot Windows on this thing before I can hack again.


Hello there ROMhacking community, I am from Barcelona, and I´m glad to join this forum.

Like to ask for somebody to help me to find the way to get the  KONAMI Snes games " GANBARE GOEMON ", AKA " LEGEND OF THE MYSTICAL NINJA ", translated to english.

Thanks team, :thumbsup:


Hello there, RHN community. Long-time user, first-time forum joiner as of today. I'm a huge Koei game fan, so always happy to talk about Koei games. Also working on making a blog about fan translations and stuff, so thought I'd say hi.  :)


Hi. I registered hoping to learn how to make coding changes to a NES game. This sounds like a reach for me because I know it must be nearly impossible to recode running/jumping mechanics and screen transitions in Kid Kool. Anyhow, I thought I would at least stick my toes in the water to see if anything sticks.   :D


Now, is there a way to see NES code written out like a programming language or is it all going to be editing hex tables?


For what ever reason, I never bothered to post here until now.

To those who don't know me, hi!
I go by togemet2 around the net. I'm mostly into the preservation side of retro gaming and coding stupid little programs for the NES.


Hello. I've been using the site for some time, finally decided to register cuz I am in need of assitance (go figure). Nice to meet you all.


Hello all, Names Jay. Decided to give retropie a twirl. Figured I'd follow suite and Introduce myself. I'll be asking a lot of questions, only way I'll learn. Glad to be here.


I've been here for years. But, I figured I'd say hi.

... Hi.


Hello. I've been lurking the forums for some time now, it's an interesting community you all have here. Also, Datacrystal is awesome.

Slifer Skarmory

Hello people, my name's Slifer, not my real name, but whatever, I've been reading tutorials from here for a looong time (like 2-3 years) I want to thank all members who have asked/answered questions and posted documents, utilities etc.
English isn't my first language i learned through playing lots and lots of games. I've some skills at c# programming and HTML, uhnn I like to use ROM corruption as a method to find things in ROM's, I love tactical rpgs like Yggdra Union, Blaze Union, Gloria Union,
Fire Emblem etc. BTW i've gone until each ending of each game like 10x each. Well that's pretty much all i have to say.
O ancient wyrm, enshrouded in a blazing aura... Thy flames shall unleash the fury of Hell.


Hi all,

Aclectico here. I'm an emulation enthusiast and have a solid amount of graphic design experience. I've had a couple of projects that have tried to merge the two interests for a while now to varying degrees of success. In my opinion, the only thing better than a well done piece of art, is an interactive piece of art.

My favorite game of all time is still Super Metroid and I'll probably feel that way when I'm a crotchety old man (maybe I've already reached that point and just don't know it yet). Rather than yelling at kids to "get off my lawn" in my golden years, I'll probably be having a senile argument with a red snowblower that video games are a legitimate form of art, Super Metroid is not the most overrated game of all time, and the blasphemous "Other M" entry never actually happened. I'm really looking forward to it.


I am new to the community, greetings to all, I love to contribute with my hacks in the games of Dragon Ball;-)


Hello to all ROMhacking community !!
I'am hubee, i'm 45, i live in France and i enjoy playing retro and classic games.
I love to discover new games thanks to translations you guyz provides us !!
Playing with Coregrafx, Megadrive, MVS Slot, Saturn and Dreamcast !!



I am new to this forum.  I was previously part of the Dragon Force 2 [Saturn] translation team.  I wrote a tool to dump all of the text and re-insert the translated text back into the data files.  Anyways, I'm starting work on another jrpg on Saturn now and I plan to make all of my tools available on github :)  Wish me luck!


Hello everyone , I'd like to greet all users and mods  :beer:

I registered with a few requests..and ofc feedbacks. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegowina have a great day all , it's a beatufiul sunny day today!

Btw..I'm 28 cheers.