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Started by Nightcrawler, December 30, 2005, 08:48:19 PM

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I'm new to the forum, my name is Tommaso, from Turin (Italy), 25 years old studying IT Engineering and working as web&app developer. I'm studying Assembly and I hope to have some help or find resources to learn more about retro consoles (I'm trying to get some assembly working on GB/GBC in particular).  ;D



I am a beginning ROM Hacker looking for some projects to get started on.

I am still working on my skills for other aspects of ROM Hacking, so as the title suggests, I can pretty much only beta test at this point. Please keep in mind I have not devoted my life to ROM Hacking so I cannot dedicate an unlimited amount of time.

If you are interested just reply to this post or PM me.


Hi, I'm new to this site (obviously), 38 from Canada.  I came here because of the far east of eden zero translation project on the snes

Lazy Bastard

Not sure if I had an account many years ago and didn't use it for so long that it got purged, or if I never had an account and have always been a mere lurker, but I'm Lazy Bastard and I'm addicted to game hacking  ;)

I'm also the founder/owner of, and an admin at (which I'm currently working on resurrecting - feel free to drop by the new Discord server - ).

Anyway, glad to be here.


I'm from Latin America, designer, and I love videogames, I've been a player since I was 5 years old (1988), thanks to all people who make this page possible.


Hey guys! I've been hanging around the Discord server for a while and figured it was time I made an actual forum account.

I'm still pretty new to ROM hacking. I started studying SNES programming about a year ago, and so far I have managed to put together a few very basic ASM programs. My main interest lies in SNES development, but I've always been super intrigued by the fan translation scene so hopefully I can learn some new skills for all sorts of retro game hacking.

Outside of that, I am a professional 3D artist / indie game developer. Hope you see you around!


Hy to all! My Name is Bumpfi from Austria. My Goal is to create a view Ger/Eng playable Sets.


I... actually joined this site awhile back! But, hi! I'm more of a lurker than anything, and I thought I should at least post something here. :D I also like playing hacks, but I am a bit shy about leaving reviews...  :-\

Otherwise, I'm pretty new(ish) to hacking in general. My interests generally are in RPGs and graphic modding--if I'm specific, pixel art and the likes. :)

Dr. Warmsoda

Yo. I'm a 35 year old who has been romhacking since the late 90s (mostly for fun). I have been hacking Super Mario World, in particular, since 2013 and am presently deep into a full length hack called Ganymede, featuring original content and story.


Hi, I'm Andy. I guess you could say that I'm new to the rom hacking scene. My favorite games growing up were SNES RPGs, especially from Square and Enix. When I was kid, I wanted to work for Square! I write a lot of music, but as something of a dream fulfillment, I began working on a re-translation of Woolsey's FF3 script.

My goal with it is to make the dialogue immersive and natural. Some lines have remained intact - as a fan of Woolsey's work, I have a newfound appreciation for the work he put into his localizations. However, probably due to space, I noticed over the years that the dialogue between characters has always been stilted and one-sided. Almost as if each character were speaking to themselves, but not to each other. So, I've been working to change that - it's a labor of love, really.

Now, I've translated the game up through two and a half out of the three "the party splits up after the battle with Ultros on Lete River". But, today, I just ran into a major problem, which I'll be posting about in a moment. I just wanted to introduce myself. The work I've done so far has turned out well above my own expectations, so I hope not all is lost...




Hi. My name's Lucio. I'm an En>Es Argentinian professional translator. I'm taking my first steps into videogame localization and translation, so I decided to join this community to acquire extra experience on translating and localizing.
Like many of you, my first experiences with videogames were SNES RPGs and adventure games. I've been playing those genres since I was 7 without realizing how exciting working on games would be. So that's pretty much all I can say as my introduction. I hope I can join a great team and learn all kind of skills while getting to know you. Bye!


Hi, I'm Ken. I drifted away from gaming for several years. Xbox 360 was my last console. I found out about the Dreamcast scene and games being brought back online so I'm very excited about that. Sega Saturn is another system I'm interested in. I haven't touched it in 15 years and now there are translations of a few great games I always wanted to play. I am looking forward to Princess Crown finally being translated. I was disappointed when the PSP version didn't get a Western release. I never got a PSP, but I would have.

I'd like to learn how to extract and inject textures etc. from Dreamcast games so I can do some mods. Maybe more someday.

Thanks for this great resource!


Hi everyone, my name is Nelson. I`m from Brazil, and very interested in the Genesis/Mega Drive rom hack scene. In the past I`ve changed Daytona USA (Dreamcast Edition) voices, translating to become Daytona Brazil ... lol, there`s an youtube vid of this.  ::)

I don`t know deeply the romhacking art , as tables, pointers, or hexadecimals.
But I`ve doing somethings like translating a text that I can actually see on a rom (no the complicated ones), changed some of the voices of Streets of Rage 2 with MDV Sound Editor and now using Hivepal, updated the great Super Monaco GP, that I`m posting on Personal Projects. 8)

I`m not only Sega fan, just love every console made to date, since Atari in 1984!!!  :thumbsup:

Thanks if you accept me as a contributor to the scene,
Nelson  :)

Ps: I`m just a noob, that don`t find where to change avatar, please help! Lol  :banghead:
Super Monaco GP... It garnered an at-the-time unprecedented 10–10–9–9 rating from Electronic Gaming Monthly's Review and wasn`t a F Indy title.


Hello all,
I'm korn16ftl3 and I enjoy game console modify and emulation, the idea of 1 console to rule them all with complete rom sets has always been something I enjoyed.

Secondly what u would like to learn at this point in time is how to modify the region free sega saturn bios, but im completely unsure where to learn that from, I came here to get in contact with a member here (gc8tech) that has dabbled in what I want too accomplish but I don't think had any luck playing with the actual bios to modify the save storage space on the system



Hiya !!! I'm an American high school student who's new to this trade. I've decided to pick up Romhacking because there are a few Japanese visnovs that my best friend is dying to play, and it doesn't seem like anyone else is going to patch them for English. If I don't, then who will, y'know? The road ahead will be hard, but I'm looking forward to learning. Once I've grasped the basics, you all can expect to see a new topic in the Personal Projects section about how things are going!!!


I'm ShadyRounds. I've toyed with various developments I've been passionate about before. Pretty committed to following, less so to involvement but still long enough until it dies of natural causes. One of those things includes Megaman Legends (including 3).

In that regard, I'm not going to sugar coat this for you; I am likely only visiting to get some documentation about what's going on with my attempts at using PS1 debuggers which I'm likely not experienced enough with coding or related material to operate properly. I'll also probably dump my project here if/when I complete it. I may not be a terribly active member myself.

Glad these forums still hold together some commons for the far reaches of the internet to commute for the topic of retro game modding. It's a really important topic and an investment to the gaming community as a whole.
Apathetic, yet Helpful. :beer:
Project: Megaman Legends Remix

Mystery Hacks

I am new to all this, but I am here to learn about so many ways of Rom Hacking.

My main territory for Rom Hacking is in modifying Characters in Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle.


Hello there, The names Cameron, but I go by Spaghetti. I've rather little experience with Rom Hacking in the slightest, but I do work adeptly in GML (gamemaker language). Rather recently I've improved my sprite-making skills, and basic coding skills. I don't really claim to be a good gamemaker yet, but someday I hope to transfer the knowledge I gain from Rom hacking to a big RPG I've had in the works for quite some time.
What do I plan on rom hacking? Likely I'll start out simple and make two or more Rom-hacks that are actually playable.
I hope to meet other people here and be good code wizards and langmages in training.


Hey everyone been coming to this site since it opened but didn't register until last year. Want to thank everyone here for making this site possible! I've enjoyed many of the hacks and translations that have been released over the years on here and hope to enjoy many more!