Final Fantasy 6 Rippler bug patch corrupts ROM

Started by HunterKiller_, February 08, 2013, 04:21:46 PM

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Hello Forum,

Not sure if this issue is well known already but I discovered this during my recent return to emulation.

Using Higan version 0.92 I've discovered that the Rippler bug patch for FF6 causes some sort of fatal error.
When entering a battle encounter, the game would hang at the black transition screen while the background music continued to play.

This occurs on the first encounter of a new game. If patched mid-game then the error occurs after a few random encounters.

ROM used is clean, US region version 1.1, patched with Lunar IPS v1.0.


My bet is that it's yet another header / no-header issue.
Check the documentation of the patch, and whether your ROM have or lacks a header.


Ah, the ROM does not have a header.
I'll see if I can find one with the header and replicate the test.

EDIT: You nailed it. I added a header with Tush and it seems to be fixed.