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Author Topic: I need a little help with some Fire Red script.  (Read 3602 times)


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I need a little help with some Fire Red script.
« on: February 04, 2013, 08:19:14 pm »
ok, ive been working on a hack for fire red for a little while now, its honestly nearly done...

I just need to do 2 things...
1, impliment a mew
2, make all 3 mystical dogs show up

lets start with the easy one...
im sure making all the mystical dogs show up will be quite simple... if only I could find the offset to decompile... I just cant find em anywhere... I searched thru all logical events and have had no luck... so if anyone knows the offsets for that please let me know...
its the offset that actually releases the dog, not the offset to his data... it will have some sort of compare 0x4031 0x(0-2) that checks which pokemon you chose as a starter...

similar to how rival gets his fighting lineup:
compare 0x4031 0x2
if == call 0x8162B1E ' Equal To
compare 0x4031 0x1
if == call 0x8162B31 ' Equal To
compare 0x4031 0x0
if == call 0x8162B44 ' Equal To

but instead of calling those offsets itll call the offset to release each dog... all alter each of those 3 offsets so itll release all 3 dogs, so no matter which you choose youll get all 3 ;)

or if that cant be done ill redirect it to simply call a new offset that releases all 3 dogs, not even giving it the choice to compare 0x4031

lastly is the real challange... getting mew to have a 1 time only event like mewtwo or the mystical birds...
Ive got a script that works, ive got a map script that works... but they seem to make a lil glitch...
I was hoping someone has possibly solved this glich or had any expierience that could help.

my mew event is similar to the mewtwo or birds events.
#org 0x871CEF9
compare LASTRESULT 0x2
if == jump 0x81A7AE0 ' Equal To
cry MEW 0x2
message 0x8177F9F ' Mew!
pause 0x14
playsound 0x156 0x0
battle MEW 7 NONE
setflag 0x807
clearflag 0x807
special2 LASTRESULT 0xB4
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if == jump 0x874005E ' Equal To
compare LASTRESULT 0x4
if == jump 0x871A334 ' Equal To
compare LASTRESULT 0x5
if == jump 0x871A334 ' Equal To
setflag 0x1FE

#org 0x81A7AE0

#org 0x874005E
setflag 0x1FE
jump 0x81A922D

#org 0x81A922D
fadescreen FADEOUT_BLACK
disappear LASTTALKED
fadescreen FADEIN_BLACK

#org 0x871A334
setvar 0x8004 0x97
jump 0x81A9236

#org 0x81A9236
fadescreen FADEOUT_BLACK
disappear LASTTALKED
fadescreen FADEIN_BLACK
storepokemon 0x0 0x8004
msgbox 0x81A63C4 ' The \v\h02 flew away...
callstd MSG_NOCLOSE ' Non-closing message
     ' Release commands close any open messages

#org 0x8177F9F
= Mew!

#org 0x81A63C4
= The \v\h02 flew away!

and my map script is very similar to the "map mewtwo or moltres is on"s map script

#org 0x34EE61
#raw 0x05
#dword 0x81624C9
#raw 0x03
#dword 0x8456735
#raw 0x00

#org 0x81624C9
checkflag 0x807
if true call 0x81624D3 ' Flag is set

#org 0x81624D3
special2 LASTRESULT 0xB4
compare LASTRESULT 0x7
if != jump 0x81A77A9 ' Not Equal To
disappear LASTTALKED

#org 0x81A77A9

#org 0x8456735
checkflag 0x1FE
if false call 0x8456745 ' Flag is unset

#org 0x8456745
clearflag 0x1FF

here is the deal...

they work fine... mew shows up... you fight him... and he dissapears, never to be seen again (best as I can tell, i have not checked 100% of everything but logic says he should not return again)

but I get a small glitch:


when you try to use an HM you get a wierd text box... idk y? can anyone help me fix this?

and return it to its normal textbox:

February 06, 2013, 06:31:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
if anyone is wondering... the roaming mystical dog is NOT released when you beat the elite four...

it is released after you are allowed to trade with R/S/E... so if anyone is ever looking for it, its a Special 0x129 code

and I got the mew working aswell without that wierd dotted issue...
i think some of my mew overwrote something important... cause when i put it in a dew offset (on a new rom) after doing some other work (implementing the dogs) it worked fine.
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