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Author Topic: Crowdsourcing, Kickstarter, or direct hiring for wishlisted translations  (Read 1594 times)


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1st time post. I did a forum search prior to posting and didn't see an obvious answer.

There are a few Japanese console games that I would love to buy if they were translated into English. The problem is that the publishers haven't bothered with localization and have indicated that they don't plan to start. My favorite examples are Sega Ages Phantasy Star Generation 1 and Phantasy Star Generation 2 for the PS2.

Has anyone with a passion for JRPGs but no Japanese literacy ever tried to light a creative fire by setting up a crowd-sourcing project or hiring a technical translator? Assuming for a moment that money were no object, I imagine that the translation project would go something like this.

1) Purchase the game to be translated. For example, buy the PS2 discs of PS-Gen 1 & 2 on EBay.
2) Agree with the translators on a delivery schedule, including interim demos. Also agree on when and how much to pay for the work.
3) Hand the physical media to the translator(s) and let the work begin.
4) Once the work is complete and tested, upload to RHDN for free distribution within the community.

Does anyone have experience with managing this sort of project, hiring reliable translators, and estimating the costs?


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Re: Crowdsourcing, Kickstarter, or direct hiring for wishlisted translations
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2013, 01:50:01 am »
Any type of site like Kickstarter etc. is not going to allow such a project to be funded simply because it's not legal when the parties involved don't own the rights or have a licensing agreement with the rights holder. Generally the bigger the company, the less likely they are to work with you. Pretty much anything by Nintendo is out of the question, and good luck trying to get Square-Enix to respond especially if you have nothing established etc.

If you could get past the rights stuff, then such a project might be worthwhile.


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Re: Crowdsourcing, Kickstarter, or direct hiring for wishlisted translations
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2013, 08:18:48 am »
Of course, enough money will make the rights problem disappear. Anyone would agree to give away a game for free to the world if there is enough money in return.