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So, shmups... A dying genre?

Started by granz, December 12, 2012, 07:06:12 PM

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I wouldn't say shmups are dead, just that they are a niche genre like metroid/vania/man X.

You still see stuff from Cave, Neo Geo Team, and those bullet hell games on PC.
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SHMUPS are my favorite game genre.  I find bullet patterns fun to look at. ;*) .

As a programmer, SHMUPS are the game genre I code the most.  I agree that the number of SHMUP titles are few and far between but I just code a SHMUP if I need a particular style of gameplay. ;*)


Just purchased Under Defeat HD for my PS3 and I am loving it quite a lot =)


This list might be of interest to shoot-'em-up fans.
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