Sony patents system to block second hand game sales

Started by Garoth Moulinoski, January 04, 2013, 10:35:26 AM

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I must be batshit insane then because I bought Genji and Blazing Angels.   :crazy:

Garoth Moulinoski

I kinda still want Gundam Crossfire... >_> <_< Also, humor article?
Who will quote me next?
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I have Genji, as well.  Not as good as the PS2 one.  I miss Game Republic.
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I wouldn't mind something like this if it was just a timed lock-out, like for 30 or 60 days after release it's locked to a console, but after that you can resell it if you like. That gives the game enough time to achieve 90% of its sales, while allowing the user to resell it at some point.

I worked at a game store for a few years and the amount of people who would trade in their old shit to be able to afford a brand new release they wanted was like 2/3 of the business, the people that would walk in and throw down $60 for a new game were definitely in the minority. I agree that blocking those people out is just going to hurt Sony in the long run, I don't think your average consumer in Best Buy is going to pay $60 for a title they know they can't resell if it sucks/is really short/etc.


More reason to not buy consoles in the future.  Soon they'll be registering to brainchips or some such idiocy.  The future is now and it's pretty fucking bureaucratic and annoying, if not downright miserable.


Joke is this would probably promote piracy in the end.  Disk dumps and hacked consoles would be the norm. 
With a large surge in piracy affecting the console, fewer companies would produce disk games.  Disks disappear from Europe.  Sheer bulk of PSn^x and steambox downloads crash all of Britain's internet servers.  Cat gifs with amusing taglines disappear from Tumblr.  Social and economic strife follow.

Sony has just unwittingly unleashed WWIII and this time it isn't a mmorpg.  It's real life.


Just because they've patented an idea, doesn't mean they're going to actually use it.  ::)
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