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Random Star Wars Games

Started by Spooniest, January 08, 2013, 01:46:08 AM

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Somehow or other, a couple of Star Wars games for the PC came into my possession. I've never heard of them, and wondered if any of you had played them. I COULD, of course, google them and see what I find, but I trust your opinion over that of the rest of the internet.

They're a game version of The Phantom Menace and something called Rebel Assault II.

Any good? Worth installing?


I haven't played either but I've heard some good things about Rebel Assault II.  Then again, those good things I heard were in reviews I read in 1995.  The only truly good Star Wars game I played that year would have been Star Wars: Dark Forces.  That was the first FPS that actually sucked me in and made me love the genre, and have hope for its potential.  But you didn't list that game so I'm digressing.


Rebel Assault I and II are very, very old games dating back to the early multimedia era.  I understand they are something akin to the motorcycling stage in Full Throttle.  Can't say I ever got around to playing them, though.

The Phantom Menace game is something I never really heard very much about at all.
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If that TPM game is the same one that got ported to the PSX, it's not worth playing at all. Unless you like repetition and Jar Jar Binks.


I'm not a big FPS fan, but Dark Forces was awesome.  One of the few I've played through.
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