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Lost virtual boy game found

Started by StranglingManiac, January 06, 2013, 12:27:37 PM

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This is awesome. I still dont get how nintendo isnt putting some od the cool vb games on the 3ds like wario land and mario clash. I also still think the vb had a better overall 3d esperience or it looked more real because the whole view was in 3drather than asmall screen that has to be held at a specific angle and has tearing effects. I am actually considering to get the cartrige for $100 of this game and hunt down a vb and properly beat wario land while im at it. Vb emulators kind of suck.

Speaking of this game, it actually appears to be basic 3D. At least it doesnt appear entirely sprite based. Maybe the virtual boy actually did have some potential when it comes ro graphics besides etereoscopic 3D that were never yet realized back then?