Interworks weird SNES / Wii Pro controller is real...

Started by WeebeeGeebee, January 05, 2013, 10:22:50 AM

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Too bad they decided to make it some crazy hybrid thing though, then I might have been able to plug it into my wireless Mayflash CC to USB adapter and used that instead of my old flatties with their frighteningly weak zL and zR buttons (got save state and load state mapped to those buttons in Joy2Key and I'm always paranoid of using so much force I'll break 'em. Srsly Ninty, Y U NO USE RUBBER CONTACTS?) From what I've gathered it doesn't even work as a Wii U Pro controller, it's more or less another fused Wii-Mote and Classic Controller combo like the Datel "Retro Controller."

Personally I'd rather have seen them make something like this, lol....
(shields at maximum, photon torpedoes armed and ready)

It certainly would have been cheaper to make on account of no speakers, no gyrometer,
no infrared sensor and less plastic. And call me stone-age, but I still like flat gamepads.


I apologize, I did not know there was already a thread about it.